Friday, December 22, 2006


Despite a big effort with eating clean last weekend and keeping up my cardio and weights, my loss this week was miniscule at .1 kg and 3cms. So I didnt make my goal of 67kgs (would have been happy with 67.5 or 67.6) The Tanitas did say my body fat had dropped from 31.?% to 28.8% but I know they are not very accurate so I dont put a lot of trust in that reading. Am I disappointed? I'd be lying if I said I wasnt. A .5 kg loss at the minimum would have been excellent. Oh well such is life, or should I say, such is dieting.

This will be my last blog til the new year I think. We have a busy Saturday with my folks before flying to Brissie on Sunday for a week. I'm relaxing my diet over this period but will try to keep the dirty food in moderation. I plan to train tomorrow and Sunday before we leave but that will depend on how well organised I am today etc.

To all that have followed my blog this year, left comments of support and encouragement and helped me get on this positive track I say a big thank you. Knowing you are out there showing interest and providing help when I need it means a lot to me. Wishing all a happy holiday period and fantastic 2007.

Cheers from


Thursday, December 21, 2006


Last night I had that wonderful "in the zone" feeling when teaching my step class. I started off quite tired and flat as 45 mins earlier I had finished a hard back session. My arms felt like lead and I was counting the minutes. Then as my routine came together and a couple of really great songs came on, I had a surge of energy like a mighty second wind and I really powered through to the end. It was a great feeling.

This morning on my run I was feeling a bit better than usual so on the home stretch down my street I picked up my pace and ran the last bit harder than usual. I trimmed a minute off my time (doesnt sound like much I know) and was really puffing as I came into my front yard. All this in almost 30 degree heat before 6am too!!

I'm having another "hungry day" and I'm starting to see a pattern. It seems that if I've done a particularly hard session the night before (one focussing on large muscle groups!!) and run in the morning, then I'm getting really hungry the next day. This is good as it suggests I'm probably training hard enough.

Work is well and truly winding down now. I've been able to get out and buy myself a Xmas present and finish off a range of odds and ends. Chrissie shopping is done and there's just Central Market tomorrow for fresh turkey, cold meats and seafood. Oh and DESERT. I'm salivating at the thought of having a sweet on Saturday night. Its been so long!!

Cheers to all. I'm hoping to get in one more blog tomorrow before I sign off til the new year.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yesterday I spent the day in a constant state of hunger. Had my usual (very filling) breakfast and tummy was rumbling at 9am. Despite having my morning snack, it was rumbling again well before 12 and that was the pattern for the entire day. My colleague and I were dreaming and comparing notes about all the foods we felt like eating (she was suffering major hunger pangs too and is also trying to lose weight). None of them clean or even remotely healthy. It was quite comical really because I knew I wouldnt give in.

I also spent the day feeling nervous about my chest/shoulder session that night. You see on 1 of the chest exercises I had to increase my weight (considerably) to a level I have never managed before. I spent the day doubting myself and whether I would manage the lift or at worst, hurt myself. When it came time for the session, I mustered all the positive affirmations I could think of and then gave it my best shot. My weight was a little under what Josh had programmed (I train at home so have to load plates onto bars of different weights), but still higher than what I knew I could lift. I'm pleased to say I made the minimum of 8 reps for 2 sets so I was very pleased with that. Lesson learned: the mind is the most powerful training tool. This is a new way of thinking for me but I'm going to have to do a lot more of it over the next 40 or so weeks if I want to be good enough to get up on that "figure" stage and not embarass myself.

Today I have mild DOMS in my quads which confirms how much harder legs were this week from last. Its a good feeling. Funnily I dont feel abnormally hungry today. It must have been the drain of legs Monday night and the run on Tuesday morning kicking my metabolism into top gear (one can only hope). This afternoon I have back and ab training and then my 2 fave classes so its a big session which really takes it out of me but then all weights are done for the week and no more classes til next year. Yay!

I hope to keep blogging until the weekend when the Xmas festivities kick in and I get to enjoy some of the foods I've been dreaming about...oh and lets not forget about the bubbly and wine too :-))

Cheers to all


Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm getting more and more excited and nervous as Xmas draws closer. Excited because its one of my fave times of year but nervous as I'm on such a positive role with my training and nutrition that I'm scared I'm going to lose it all and then struggle to get back on track. Chill out Magda and try to go with the flow!!!

My leg session tonight was notably harder than last week. They feel quite tired now so I hope I feel ok on tomorrow's run. Nothing worse than trying to run with "lead legs" when they feel really heavy and hard to move. Believe me I know what that feels like!!

I'm looking forward to having a break from work even though I've only been back there since late October. It'll be nice to go back to Brissie and feel like an ex local and not just a visitor that doesnt know the place at all. Plus seeing family is always a bonus.

Well I better say goodnight as I have things to organise before I hit the sack for some well-earned sleep. Bring on the weekend!!

Cheers all


Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well my determination to eat clean, stay off the alcohol and maintain my training this weekend has succeeded. I have survived my office Xmas lunch, Xmas drinks at a friends place Friday night and more friends over for a BBQ last night, without any alcohol. For me, this is a HUUUUUUGE achievement. I am surprising even myself.

I'm also sensing that WH is starting to appreciate that I'm taking this seriously. He even told our friends last night what I was planning to do. Sounds like he's slowly coming on board. This makes me happy. Mind you I'm starting to get nervous about Xmas itself as I have given myself permission to relax a bit and enjoy it. I'm just a bit nervous about how well I'll get back on track. Especially as we'll be away until the 30th of Dec and when we get back we'll have my sister-in-law and her partner here. More temptation to eat and drink off plan. I just hope I can muster this same amout of determination then too.

I'm expecting a busy week leading up to Xmas, but I'm determined to make my training a priority and as for the eats, well they're under control til I have a splurge on Saturday night. Oh and I mustnt forget to send Josh photos before the "Xmas bloat" :-)

Cheers all Magda

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I clocked up another 1.5kg loss (4.5kgs in total so far) and another 10cms off 6 sites. This is amazing as I fully expected to have only a tiny loss (if any) after last weeks excellent result. I have trained hard and been consistent so this is like the icing on the cake after a week of good effort on my part. This achievement gives me even more motivation to stay focussed and not blow out over the next few days where I'll have lots of social occassions to deal with.

My next mini goal of 67kgs may JUST be achievable before Christmas. I'm 68.1 now with fingers crossed, running shoes at the door and weight lifting gloves within reach.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I had the day off today to catch up on some pre-Christmas necessities. I did my weights session after breakfast. My program was to increase my back weights by 5lbs but the lat machine and seated cable row weight stacks only went up in 10lb lots and the plates are so small you cant even throw an extra plate or DB on. So I increased my weights by 10lbs. Holy moly. I made it but felt totally shagged afterwards.

Then it was off to get nails done (yes I'm an acrylic nail princess) and why not throw in a pedicure too. Footsies have to look nice too. A little shopping for some odds and ends Xmas pressies and a little something for me as I had yet to treat myself for reaching mini goal #1. I bought a pair of dress shorts for work. Now dont think I'm getting carried away with myself because they do reach my knees but they look quite smart and they were a size 10 so I'm grinning from ear to ear. (I dont care how big the sizing is in the store I bought them from!!)

Then home to get carpets cleaned, lunch and pressie wrapping and card writing. It was a busy and productive day. The one downer towards the end of the day was having to do 3 classes again. Not happy about it but couldnt let the gym down. As compensation I'm not running early tomorrow morning as I've done that cardio session tonight and will benefit more from a decent rest.

Over the next few days I face several challenges where I'll be faced with the likelihood of eating off plan or getting stuck into the alcohol so I will be trying to focus my energies into handling each situation with lots of restraint and determination to do the right thing. God give me strength to get through this tough time without slipping back into bad old habits.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This arvo at work I was just about falling asleep. It doesnt help that I'm not overly busy at the moment and I'm up at 5 am on 4 mornings so the afternoons are a very flat time for me. I'm eating well and having all my protein so its not a blood sugar thing. I suspect its half psychological too as there's nothing worse than trying to look busy when you're quite obviously not........ Just remind me of this post when things get rolling and I'm flat out like a lizard drinking :-)

Feeling this way made me realise why I've always chucked in the early morning cardio after a week or so and therefore never actually made the progress I was hoping for. So this time I'm working through it. Tomorrow is not a 5am start which I will relish. Then I have to do it for 2 more days before its the weekend. This is manageable. One step/day at a time.

Weight training at home is better this week. Great leg session last night. I luuuuurve when the glutes hurt afterwards. I think "tight tush" and thats enough to make me :-) Chest/shoulders tonight was another tough session and my arms are all weird as I sit here typing. Eats are on track. All's good.

Cheers til next time

Monday, December 11, 2006


... can it be 40 degrees + one day and the next it drops down to the low 20s. This morning it was darned cold and windy out (what a contrast to Saturday) so I rode the exercise bike for cardio. Sadly I never work as hard so I extended the workout to 43 minutes and worked up a sweat but I could tell my heartrate still wasnt very high. Probably a welcome break after a big cardio week.

Its leg night tonight and there have been a few (welcome) changes to my program. I'm still dreading doing the extensions and curls as my bench isnt very comfy and ends up hurting my legs a bit. I think I'll eventaully look into doing legs in a gym too but will try to defer this as long as possible. Really looking forward to chest and shoulders tomorrow!

Eats are going good. There are a lot of little temptations coming my way over the next week but I'm devising my plan to stay on track and will pick one event at which to have a small splurge (with Josh's ok of course). Today I put up my "Countdown to Comp" chart. Its right in front of my desk on my divider partition. 42 weeks and counting.

Well not much else to report so will sign off til next time.



Sunday, December 10, 2006


What a busy weekend its been here since Saturday morning. Go, go go and scorching hot to boot. Note! thats a comment and not a complaint as I'm a summer girl at heart and it has to be very very hot for a long time before you hear complaints coming from this camp. Mind you running in temps in the HIGH 30s on Saturday morning was a bit tough but I kept thinking that its only for half an hour and then its over. It was very hard nevertheless.

Training is up to date and eats have been good, even with dinner out in a pub last night. I orfdered the "safest"choice (poached cocnut chicken salad with asian coleslaw) and got such a tiny serve I was hanging out for for my pre-bedtime snack BIG TIME!!

Today we took BS to the beach for a little while and decided to walk rather than camp and play. Well doesnt soft sand just kill your legs (especially after 2 classes that morning + 9 cardio sessions over the last week). I can feel my calves getting sore again even from the short time we were on the soft stuff instead of the hard and wet.

Looking forward to a week of slightly different weight training and more cardio. Phew I'll be buggered by the time Xmas rolls around.

Cheers to all


Friday, December 08, 2006


I have completed week 1 of my program and I'm writing this on Friday night with NO ALCOHOL IN MY SYSTEM. WH is amazed!! Here's how my week went:

Total kg loss = 3
Total cm loss = 12 measured over 6 sites. Some were big losses, some were tiny. A lot of this loss is just bloat but its good to have it gone.
Cardio sessions = 9 (5 early morn runs + 4 classes)
Weight sessions = 4 (as per my program)
Eats = about 95% on track. I missed a snack due to work commitments and not being prepared with other food options.

I have felt good this week knowing that I'm feeding my body well and asking it to give back through the cardio and weight training. Its cooperating at this stage. Mentally I have been focussed and determined. I have resisted the tasting plate at a fantastic looking donut shop in the city, taken my own morning tea to avoid eating all the junk we normally get put on every Friday and I havent had any alcohol. Small steps along a lengthy journey.

As we get closer to Xmas the challenges will increase but I think I'm prepared for them. I've set a standard that I want to follow until Xmas, then relax a little to enjoy the festivities and then hop right back on track again.

Week 2 starts with a very busy and hot day (forecast is for 41 degrees here folks!!). Just a few weight training issues to iron out at home and all should be good. Tomorrow night we are off to see Bond, James Bond and have dinner out after. I will enjoy a warm chook salad with low cal dressing and a couple of wines :-))

Enjoy the weekend all


Thursday, December 07, 2006


My first goal was to get back under 70kgs and I'm pleased to say that this morning I stepped on the scale and 69.6 flashed back at me. This is a 3kg loss from my 72.6kgg start but I know its not all fat. About 2 kgs is just bloat from living the good life. I'm really pleased though as some of my measurements have gone down quite a bit and I'm wearing pants today that I could not have squeezed into a week ago.

Oooooh I do love being sore too. Today the abs are just starting to remind me that they still exist. The hammies are just starting to hurt too. You know you've trained well when you get such "rewards". On that note, I've knocked off all my weight training for the week so tonight I'll be cruising around wondering what to do.....I wish!!!!

I think a little reward is in order so will choose a suitable (non-food) indulgence and treat myself. Now the trick is to keep focussed coming into the weekend and all through it til Monday. After a good week like this I've previously "relaxed" considerably and found that at least 1/2 of my loss came straight back. Aaaaargh I dont want that to happen again!

Next mini goal is 67kgs. Bring it on!

Cheers all


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Today I snuck out of work early and hit the gym before it got busy, to do my back training. Although I'm doing most of my weight training at home, Josh has asked me to do my back training in the gym so I can take advantage of more varied equipment. I'm cool with this. Today worked well.

So I did back and abs for a total of about 30 mins and then had a 45 min break (and snack time) before teaching a 45 min step class and a 45 min hi/lo aerobic class. Mega tired after but thats good. Today I have sore pecs, sore biceps and sore quads :-) Tomorrow I'll have sore hammies and sore abs too :-))

Eats are going well and I feel like I'm getting smaller (albeit slightly!!)

Cruising along happily.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


to a Diet Coke :-) Did you think I was going to chuck it all in already??!!

Its been a busy time hence the lack of posts. I started my program on Saturday after a very decadent "last supper" on Friday night. Going for my first run for about 1 1/2 weeks on Saturday morning I felt like a baby elephant trying to be a cheetah. I thought I would register on the richter scale ... whoa whats that earth tremor??!! :-) Eating was good and did my arm training. The next day they were sore...happy, happy.

Sunday: good too. Just classes no weights but right on track with the eating. Going well.

Monday: up at 5am :-( out for another 30 min jog. Felt great after :-) Eating was good except I got stuck out at a site meeting in the arvo, no food and meeting ran over time. Missed my arvo snack and therefore didnt eat from 12.15 to 6.30 :-(( Need to be better prepared with snack options for these times which are part of my job. Trained legs last night. Not the best session, trying to get everything right with equipment at home.

How am I feeling? Mixed feelings!!
1. I have a really annoying headache that has been with me since Saturday afternoon. I worked out yesterday that its a lack of caffeine as I havent had a coffee or a Diet Coke. You see I'm a bit of a coffee snob. No instant for me BUT I only like weak cappucinos preferably with skim soy. GJs are my favourite and I havent indulged since I started my program. Hence the title today that I'm going to have a Diet Coke to get rid of this headache.
2. I started on Saturday with an extra 2kgs as a result of a week of eating whatever I wanted and drinking alcohol when I felt like it. Well that 2kgs is already gone and I'm feeling pretty good. Its amazing what a difference a good clean diet and regular training can make even over a few days.
3. I like my nutrition program and I will master my weights program. Cardio is great!!

So I'm signing off so I can get back to work...after I've had that Diet Coke :-))

Cheers to all


Friday, December 01, 2006


Tomorrow I start my journey to the figure bodybuilding stage. ETA is late September 07 (the 30th I think). My itinerary looks like this now but it will certainly change along the way:

What: Competition prep for body building competition (figure division): introductory phase

When: Start 2 December 06. Competition likely to be 30th September 07.

How: With the expert guidance and support from Josh and the PE team. I will trust Josh to provide me with the programs I will need to achieve my goals. I'm relying on the PE team (and the wonderful ladies I've met in blogland) to help me through the ups and downs I know I will encounter. But most importantly, I'm training my mind to reprogram for success.

Who: Me of-course. At the end of the day, I'm the only person who can make this happen. I'm the one who has to train regularly, eat clean and put in the hard yards.

Why: The most important factor!! I've battled yoyo dieting all my life (and I've been around for 40+ years so I should know better) and I confess that I eat for all the wrong reasons so keeping my weight in check has been one long battle. I've listed my motivators for taking on this challenge. These are in no particular order:

1. When I teach my classes at the gym, I want to feel slim and toned and not fat, podgy and embarassed about my shape.
2. This February I want to wear my "Brissie dress" (bright fluro orange jersey that clings and shows every sin) and look good in it. I don't want to shop for a suitable "tent".
3. I want to wear my skinny black pants and the 2nd smaller pair of jeans I have. I'm sick of just looking at them in my wardrobe and only wearing the few larger sized clothes I have.
4. I want to enjoy shopping for extra (office) clothes. I don't want to be dreading having to buy larger sizes.
5. I just want to feel good about my body knowing I'm doing my best to improve it instead of treating it badly and then feeling like crap.
6. I want to eat well so that I have energy and not have the bloats from too much food or alcohol.
7. I want to exercise regularly to make it a habit once again. I don't want to turn into a couch potato.
8. I want to get back on the right track to prove to myself (and those close to me) that I can do it. I want to be winner, not a loser.
9. I dont want to procrastinate any longer. I'm ready to take action.
10. I want to start on the road to competing in a bodybuilding competition next year. I'm focussed on this goal even though I'm so far away from it now.

So how am I feeling at this time?
1. A bit bloated and boozy. I've been eating and drinking what I fancy, knowing that when I start I will give it my 100% effort.
2. A little tired (late night, early morning, a day spent Xmas shopping...its gotta be done)
3. Excited
4. Nervous (a little)
5. Determined and motivated.

Let the ride begin!!


PS I saw Kylie in concert last night. What an absolutely brilliant show that was. What a remarkable person she is and an outstanding entertainer. I had tears in my eyes when she first appeared on stage and stood their quietly for some moments, taking in the enormity of the whole event. I'm a tragically emotional cancerian for which I make no aplogies!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It was loaded on the website today and I was a naughty girl because I logged on at work and quickly checked it out. I couldnt help myself.

I'm impressed with how thorough it is and there are some things in it which I NEVER would have thought to do before. But I trust the Master (Josh) and I'll follow it precisely after all my questions have been answered so I'm a bit more clued up on some issues.

I'm planning to start on Saturday as that gives me time to prepare physically (get all the right foods in), mentally (mind on the matter) and emotionally (take stock of the journey ahead and how to travel it). I'm looking forward to it, especially being able to share my ups and downs with all in blogland.

I have my dreadful before photos :-( now its time to transform!!


Sunday, November 26, 2006



thanks to Lia for slapping me out of my "woe is me" mindset. Lia, I cant imagine you with an extra 17kgs just like right now its hard to imagine me with 15 less. I guess time and a lot of blood, sweat and a few tears will tell how it will be for me as I work towards my goal. I know the journey will be really tough at times and I've just learnt some more news which impacts on my decision to compete. My sister-in-law who I get along really well with is moving back to Adelaide from Sydney early next year. So thats more socialising, eating, drinking opportunities to manage. God give me strength!! But I've made up my mind to do it in 07 and if I put it off again I know I'll just be so disappointed in myself.

Right now I'm in a bit of a treading water mode while I wait for my program from Josh (who I know has had his plate full with getting his website back on track after a very unfortunate incident on Friday night). So I'm enjoying a few drinks, dinner out last night and a bit more of what I fancy instead of what I should be eating.

But I know that when I start my program, I'll be giving it my best shot with a 100% effort. I'm not going let myself down, nor my WH, nor the PE team.



Friday, November 24, 2006


Hi all,

yes another disappointing encounter with the tape measure and scales this morning has left me feeling a bit low and doubting myself. "Will I ever be good enough to get on stage?" "Will I ever last the distance and keep going when the going gets tough?" "Will I..." It goes on and on.

Maybe I'm expecting too much and not really putting in enough effort but hey, I do have quite a few kilos to lose and it shouldnt be this hard so early on. Yes I expect the last 5 to be damn hard to get off but I have 10 kilos to lose before I get to that point.

So here I am feeling a bit sorry for myself and a bit fed up too. Slap me out of this for god's sake!!


Thursday, November 23, 2006


Does the fact that I love cardio mean I'm not a serious bodybuilding/figure contender?

After several weeks of being stuffed around at my gym and having to do all sorts of classes that I dont like or I'm not good at, I'm finally back doing my 2 permanent and favourite classes. Last night I had an absolute ball and worked my butt off, with heart rate soaring and sweat pouring off me...BLISS!!! I was on such a cardio high that I even set my alarm early this morn and went for a 30 minute run/jog. I NEVER do that after teaching on Wednesday night but you couldnt hold me back today.

Eating is good again as I'm back on track after Tuesday night. Tomorrow is weigh and measure day but I dont feel like I've lost anything yet again. A bit frustrating but I'm not losing sleep over it. It wont be long before I get my program from Josh so that should shake things up a bit and hopefully get the kgs and centimetres melting away.

I've been giving some thought to how I'll juggle all my commitments when I up my training and its a bit daunting. It may take a little while to work out an ideal system (if there even is one) but I guess its all a part of the fun you have along the journey. Please remind me of that comment when I feel like I'm knocking on death's door as my training intensity increases :-))

Cheers all. Back to work for me.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yes last night I was the victim of disorganisation. In a nutshell, chiro appointment late very late, no time to pop into shops to get something that could be prepared quickly for dinner, I still have an errand to run and its well after 6. WH rings to check whats for dinner so I offer to pick up a bbq chook and some salad. He asks if I want to go out. Of course I do as that means so much less work and stress for me.

We hit our local little cafe (with a limited menu) and all resolve to stay on track goes out the window. Hoo wee did I eat off plan or what!! As I'm stuffing in another mouthful of forbidden food WH says "so, how are you going to handle these situations when you're on your new training program?" Hmmm BY BEING FAR BETTER ORGANISED IN THE FIRST PLACE SO I DONT EVEN GET IN THESE SITUATIONS. It was a delicious meal though and I enjoyed every mouthful :-)

No cardio this morning as I was quite tired too but I have my usual 2 classes tonight so that'll be a good workout. And although I've been pining for more crap food today, I've been strong and resisted it all. So all is not lost.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Well the weights session didnt happen last night as we got home from work quite late, had dinner, put BS (beautiful son) to bed and then I spent the rest of the evening doing domestic chores and filling out the pre-program questionaire from Josh (which took ages by the way!!).

However cardio is still on track as I was up at 5.10 and out by 5.22 doing my walk with my 10kg backpack. 36 mins today as I accidentally took a bit of a short cut as I was right into the groove of the walk and my music and turned off earlier than usual. It was a hot morning with a strong northerly blowing. So Adelaide. Oh and lets not forget the pesky flies that just stick to you like glue. The arms got a workout just shooing the buggers.

I went out for chinese lunch today with friend from Tassie and girls from work. Here's my effort at choosing wisely and "being good": 1 glass of wine, beef and veges in oyster sauce. No entree, no fried rice, no desert etc. Some of you may look at that lunch and think bad bad but this is me we're talking about and it was pretty good.

After lunch I had a massive craving for an apricot and almond biscuit from the shop across the road (I had to go there to get change for a number of things happening at BS's school) BUT I bought a Diet Coke and nothing else. Small battles won all add up to win the war.

Will be leaving work soon as I have that chiro appointment and then a night spent ironing and watching Dancing With the Stars...tragic I know but I just love that show.

Cheers all


Monday, November 20, 2006


Wow what an exciting time. Here's a little snapshot of the last few days for all the stuff I missed writing about.

On Friday my dear and trusted friend at the gym took my before photos on my ancient point and click camera. I got them developed that day and hid them in my bag until I knew what was happening. They are awful but you've got to start somewhere.

I had a wonderful time out on Saturday night catching up with another dear friend who lives in Tassie now. We had a nice Thai dinner and then the rest of the group went out dancing which I gave a miss due to my sore leg/groin. On Sunday morning I taught my classes but found the high impact work too painful towards the end of the almost 2 hours. I decided that some rest was in order and although I got a lot of domestic stuff done at home, I still took it pretty easy.

This morning I walked for 40 mins with the 10kg backpack which is good for getting the heart rate up higher than just a regular power walk. Eating has been quite good and I kept the alcohol consumption quite low ever the weekend.

I'm planning to do the backpack walks this week and some basic weights to tide me over until I get my program from Josh. I'm really looking forward to that as I feel like I'm flailing a bit at the moment. Especially with the eating (trying to eat healthy and clean but not be too strict) and weight training for which I dont have a set system.

I also have a chiro appointment tomorrow as I feel my back is well overdue for a bit of maintenance. Hopefully that'll help my leg/groin probelm too. I need to have everything in good working order and I'm sick of being in pain and hobbling around.

Well thats my little update of all the stuff of the last few days. I have a weights session tonight, a small but tasty dinner of chook and veges and then walk tomorrow morning. Manageable until lunch time when we go out for Chinese with Tassie friend and girls from work. That'll be a test.

Cheers to all


Sunday, November 19, 2006


Tonight WH agreed to me signing up with Josh Dickinson from Physique Essentials to train for the figure division of the SA INBA show in October next year. This is a huuuge step forward in so many ways and I'm excited and nervous and scared and hopeful all in one.

I cant express how much this means to me as I've really struggled trying to go it alone. Thats not to say it'll be easy now but I know that with the right support and guidance, I'll have the best possible chance of succeeding.

I have so much more that I want to blog about but I must call it a night as its quite late and I want to be up at 5 to do cardio tomorrow morning (if my injury will let me). The leg/groin is still sore so I'm playing it by ear as to whether I jog or walk with the 10kg backpack. And I still have to plan out my weekly training until I get my program from the Master.

Bidding g'night to all


Saturday, November 18, 2006


Firstly a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who drop by to read my blog and leave comments of encouragement and support.

Alicia: I so hear you on the social life issue!! We lived in Brisbane for 2 years in what was like a social desert for us as we made hardly any new friends. Even then, WH and I made our own fun and always had Friday night drinks, Saturday night drinks and Sunday...yeah you guessed it. Now we're back in Adelaide the social life has picked up and is an even bigger challenge. Yes, I'm trying to prepare myself for the time when in order to succeed, I've got to really cut back. Thats when I'll be reminding myself daily about why I'm doing this. I sooooooo want to get upon that stage!

Jodi: thank you for sharing your insight about acknowledging struggles. As I'm not really in the "figure world" yet, its too easy for me to assume that all the girls who have already competed did so with little or no mental struggle. I've always assumed that they were great looking girls who just had to work a bit harder to achieve a competition standard. Now that I'm learning that this wasnt the case for many of them, I feel there's some hope for me too.

Sparty: wise words those about building the better body one day at a time. I have a checklist too but have shoved it aside again :-( Perhaps its time to resurrect it and strive to tick all the boxes on a daily basis...and not just from Monday to Thursday.

Yesterday I overslept and missed my mornning run so I did it today and all training for the week is done. However my back was quite sore as I took off but it eased up and I ran for the whole 30 minutes. I did extra stretching wfater my run and I think I've strained my right hip flexor/groin. After a period of sitting I cant put weight on my right leg and I limp like mad until it eases up and then I just have a slight limp. Its very sore too.

I have a friend visiting from Tassie and there is a massive GNO (girls'night out) planned with dinner first and then a night of dancing til dawn but I think I'll just go to the Thai dinner and then hobble home. Sad really but I just dont feel up to boogying when I'm this sore AND I have work tomorrow morning (1 step class and 1 60 minute combo class).

Eating has been good though. I did have a couple of reds last night but kept the food reasonably healthy and have been right on track today. I know I wont overeat tonight and I wont be drinking much as I'll be driving.

Yesterday I got my friend from the gym to do some "before"photos to (hopefully) send to Josh.
Luckily I've got a strong stomach, hope Josh has too :-) Anyway I'm tackling that one tomorrow night so stay tuned for the outcome.

Cheers all


Friday, November 17, 2006


How do we measure success? Is it by the number on the scales or by the numbers on the tape measure? Or is it by how much effort we've put into our training by completing our prescribed exercise and keeping our diet as clean as possible?

I've always been the kind of person who measures success by kilos or centimetres lost. After a week or whatever of slogging it out I want to be rewarded with a loss on the scales or on the tape measure. That didnt happen this week.

I weighed and measured and to my dismay there was no loss (I wont even go into the fact there was even a small gain!!). All sorts of thoughts went through my mind, the overriding one being how disappointed I was. I instantly felt like chucking this whole thing in yet again. I ate my oats for breakfast (which I normally love) and every mouthful tasted like sh**. I practically gagged on it but forced it down. I so wanted to be eating toasted spicy fruit muffins with melted butter swimming all over them.

But in there back of my mind I started having a conversation with myself about how success can be measured. Will I let the scales and tape maesure rule my life and will I give them the power to ruin my day. DAMN IT!! I WONT!!!

So I told myself in the firmest inner voice I could muster that I did well this week. Maybe last weekend where I wasnt so disciplined did more damage than I realised. Whatever??!! Its past, its gone and there is no point mulling over it.

I turned my thoughts around and so far have had a good day. BS (beautiful son) and I went shopping and we did our usual visit to GJs with Muffin Break next door. I resisted having a bran muffin and just had my coffee. At lunch time I chose healthy again and stayed on track. Small battles won awill eventually see me winning the war. And I dont doubt that I'll fight over 1000 battles before I win this war. I might not win each one but if I stay ahead and keeppositive and focussed I'll be happy with the result.

I realise I have 2 choices and each 1 has a consequence.
Choice 1: I can admit this is all too hard, chuck it all in and eat and drink whatever I want and do there bare minimum of exercise. Consequence: I'll get fatter, more unfit and a lot more miserable.
Choice 2: I can keep up my training and watching what I eat. There'll be times when it is hard and the motivation wont be so good. Its time then to reach deep and find that little bit extra in there somewhere. Consequence: I'll get leaner, stronger, fitter and "stageworthy". I'll achive my goal and I'll just feel like I won the lottery.

So how hard is that choice??


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yes I'm getting in early as I expect I'll have little/no time tonight.

I had the morning off today which was nice. My last weights circuit for the week is tonight. At least my back wont be as sore as it is first thing in the morning. I have a cardio session to do tomorrow morning and then all training for the week (bar Sunday's classes) is done and dusted :-)

Eating has been good. I'll weigh and measure tomorrow as its an addiction for me. I know it shouldnt be but it just is!

I have the day off tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to. I have a friend lined up to do some "before photos" to send to Josh. I'm excited and nervous as things arent how I want them just yet. This is a really difficult issue for me and it continues to worry me.

Anyway on a happier and more positive note, I'm feeling good about my efforts this week. I just need to stay positive and focussed over the next 3 days to maintain this momentum.

Well I better finish there as its nearly home time. So cheers to all.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Alarm went off at 5am. Rule # 1: Do not stop and think about whether you want to get up. JUST DO IT. It was cold, the wind was howling and it was trying to rain. But luck was on my side as I had another weights circuit scheduled.

Problem # 1: Early morning weights are not good for my chronic back injury. I just cant move through the full range on some exercises without pain and therefore worry. So I ditched the barbell deadrows and lightened right up to some dumbells which didnt work me nearly as hard. Verdict # 1: Better than doing nothing.

Problem # 2: Boss from gym called wanting me to fill in classes other than my own (again). This means I miss doing my favourite class and have to finish really late. Verdict # 2: NOT HAPPY. Ready to spit the dummy actually. So I gave myself 2 hours to calm down and return message left on my voice mail. I stated my case and my feelings firmly but politely. We compromised for this week. I'm assured I wont be asked again. Verdict # 3: Happy again.

Eating good again today. A plate of leftover sanwiches and cakes did the rounds of our office today. I firmly said no thanks without even looking away from my computer screen...just in case I saw something that was jumping out at me screaming "Eat me! Eat me!" :-)

I'm looking forward to my sleep in til 6am tomorrow. Yippee!! I have weights in the evening though which works much better for me. Oh and in true cancerian fashion I'm ignoring the issue I have to resolve at thats not true, I'm waiting for the right time to tackle it.

G'night all. Its late and I'm tired.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm really excited about the future and the goals I have defined for myself. Today I took a step closer to making them a reality and it was quite exhilerating. I do however have some major hurdles to overcome on the home front and this is causing me some worry. Right now I'm just mulling over what would be my best approach. I cant leave it too long but I dont want to rush in and do it wrong. Perhaps after a few more days of thought, things will become clearer.

On a positive note though, I once again achieved my training targets even though I had a sore lower back when I started running. I just took it slower to begin with and it did ease as I got warmer. No training tonight as I'm dedicating Tuesday nights to ironing and watching Dancing With the Stars. Tragic I know but I just love this show and I dont care how pathetic people think I am.

Eating was good today too so I'm a happy chappy on those accounts. Double training again tomorrow: weights circuit in the morning and cardio classes in the evening. And then hump day is over and we're charging towards the weekend again. YAY!!



Monday, November 13, 2006


Plan for today: achieved!!

I even ran in light rain this morning. Normally the first drop would have had me heading back for home but even though I'd just set out, I pushed on and ignored it. Finished my run at 6am feeling good.

Food today: very good (I think). I actually have about 1000 questions about nutrition nitty gritty so when I have a bit of time I'll have to consultant the experienced experts. In the meantime I'll keep doing what I think is right.

Weight training: Ahh the dreaded weights. Always the first to suffer when motivation wanes. So I hit my home exercise room with MP3 firing all my fave tunes and did 3 x full-body circuits with med-heavy weights for 15 reps on each muscle group (except 50 reps for abs). I love this workout cause its fast, it gets my heart rate up and its great for working up a sweat. (All things I love).

Yes I'm a bit of a closet cardio junkie. Always have been. Thats not to say that I dont like doing weights (I'm great once I get started), but cardio is my first true love.

So g'night all and roll on Tuesday.



Sunday, November 12, 2006


My plan this week is to tighten my nutrition up a bit. So my rough food plan is:

Breakfast: 1/3 cup oats, 1T bran, 2t phyto-soy LSA, 2T Nature's Way soy protein powder (this one cooks up really well), about 1T lite soy milk, green tea with lemon

Lunch: sweet potato + chicken salad (also has eggplant, tomatoes, red onion, rocket and a bit of balsamic vinegar).

Dinner: will vary but have various lean proteins + salad or veges ready to go.

Snacks: will vary but usually fruit + small handful almonds or corn cakes + low fat cottage cheese, protein bar when on the run, maybe low fat sugar-free yogurt + fruit.

Lots of water etc etc

Cardio: Mon am, Tues am, Thur am (could be ambitious): 30 mins run + classes Wednesday night.

Weights (oh yes these are the first to suffer when I get out of sorts) Mon pm, Wed am, Fri am: circuit style training.

Anything that gets missed I can make up on Saturday as I'm hoping to have Friday off and will therefore be up todate with chores and domestics.

So thats my plan for a good week, eating wise, training wise and for staying positive. Wish me luck.



Saturday, November 11, 2006


I had so many positive things to post which I will but I must write about this "need to please".

Here's the story: BBQ at mum and dad's tonight. A few nibbles (nothing too bad). 1 1/2 glasses of red. Going ok. A couple of small pieces of garlic bread. Probably could have done without these. Chook kebabs and chevaps are pretty good meat options. Lots of fresh veges in the salad with just a touch of oil/vinegar dressing:-) Didnt overeat!!

Then mum says "I made a really nice desert". I'm thinking "thats cool, WH will hoe in and I'll just have a little bit". When its time for desert, mum brings out this platter full of home made (hungarian) walnut slice. Well....after my outright favourite of her home made vanilla slice, this is right up there with the best. And to make matters worse, WH has 1 piece and confesses that its not a favourite of his and has no more...WHAT THE???!!!! So hence the title.....and I have 2 pieces (it really is to die for!!) and feel quite stuffed and a bit eeewk afterwards. Yes I'm weak on both accounts. I love this cake and I didnt want to hurt mum's feelings by saying no, although give me credit for refusing to take extra home.

This morning I went walking with a 10kg backpack. I got this idea from a friend who trained for Kokoda and as she was walking long distances with a heavy load, she actually lost quite a bit of weight. So as an alternative to running, this is what I'll do. Plain walking isnt very effective for me but I found my heart rate went up quickly and my legs felt quite sore from the extra weight. Yes the shoulders hurt a bit but better them than to do too much running and have all sorts of other leg/back problems.

I was so pleased with myself this arvo. I was out at the local shops running a quick errand when I found myself thinking of what I could "grab" as a treat. I even stood at the counter at Brumbys staring at all the cakes before I (proverbially) slapped myself and quickly got in my car and went home. Thats a win for me and I'm :-)

Well thats it for today. We have a big day tomorrow. Teaching in the morning and then at my friend's place for her son's 6th birthday party. I think a big meditation before we go will be in order.

G'night all


Friday, November 10, 2006


I slept badly this morning, waking after 3 and then again at 4 and not getting back to sleep. So I was up at 5 and started my run in the semi-darkness. I felt really good today, right in that "happy zone". I kept my pace fairly constant (a little quicker than my usual Cliff-Young-shuffle) and ran for 25 minutes (5 more than Wednesday). I could have kept on going but dont want to overdo it too early. Goal for next week is 3 x 30 minute early morning runs. Legs and bum are a bit sore which just makes me :-)

I have a love/hate relationship with Fridays. It is one of the most difficult days to stay focussed on healthy eating. My mind sends all these messages like "you've been good all week, so indulge yourself today" or "you deserve a few drinks and nibbles today, they wont hurt" or "what the hell, enjoy yourself, you only live once" etc etc. I'm sure you all get my drift. I have meditated to help me to stay focussed and so far I have:
1. Had a healthy breakfast.
2. Resisted the junk at the shared morning tea at work.
3. Had a healthy lunch.
4. Resisted the many wonderful temptations at the Adelaide Central Market (read that: Foodie's Paradise Extreme!!). In fact my visit was very brief as I wasnt sure how long I'd last before I had "just one as it wouldnt hurt".

I still have to get through Friday night at home with WH (wonderful husband) but mentally I've set a limit and I'll be happy if I stick within it. I wont even start on the weekend and what's in store there. God give me strength!!

Cheers to all


Thursday, November 09, 2006


I was so annoyed with myself as I really overslept which is very unusual for me. I'm normally a light sleeper and I wake up easily so I must have been really tired. It meant I didnt have time for breakfast at home and just grabbed a meal from the freezer for lunch (at least its healthy - brown rice, tofu and veges). So faced with choices for breakfast (all bad of course) I decided to eat some almonds, a pear and a large skim cappuccino. Gold star for me for resisting the muffins, croissants etc that the local shops offer!!

Teaching was really hard last night. I took the wrong shoes (runners instead of X trainers with my orthotics in them). My feet started hurting really early and by 1/2 way through the first class the balls of my feet were burning badly. To make things even harder, the last class had only 3 people. My energy levels were a bit lower too so I was getting flatter and flatter as time went by. I kept resolving that from now on I would only teach my two (early) classes, I would do them really well and I would NOT take on extra classes in the one night. If I cant give my best for the class then I dont want to be forced into doing a poor job.

I weighed this morning and was pleasantly surprised that my weight hadnt crept as high as I thought it had. My body fat % was up though (as expected!!) but I'm revising my goal to be under 67kgs by Xmas and not 68. Whats 1 kg you might think!! But its only a short time so I think this is reasonable and achievable. It will still require a good effort but I know that when I'm around 67 I actually look and feel ok. Thats my goal for the short term!

So today I have an early lunch and head out of the office for a site visit this afternoon which will get me moving around a bit (I hate being desk bound!). Tonight I'm off to an invitation only discount night at a friend's jewellery shop. I'm looking forward to catching up with a few friends there but will go easy on the champagne and even easier on the nibbles!! 67 HERE I COME!!

Cheers all


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes my alarm went off at 5.30 and I was pounding the pavement by 5.40. It was very windy and cool, not nice at all but I only had 20 minutes so made the most of it. Lungs felt it. The mild burn feels like they're saying..."whoa, not high intensity!!" but they had to comply or else!!

Did a little meditation again last night t o keep the mind positive and strong. Am eating well and tonight I have 3 classes to teach (all aerobic/cardio style) so that'll get a bit more fat burning!! Am getting the water in too so thats good. Tum still feels a little bloated and sore, but heaps better than yesterday.

The next thing I need to get in order is my weight training. I'm planning to do a 3 week rotational program of:
Week 1: Higher rep full body circuit training. This is good for getting the heart rate up and burning fat. I like the faster pace too. No rest between sets, just straight onto the next body part.
Week 2: Heavy weights for 10 reps and 4 sets. 2 muscle groups/session. This guarantees great DOMS, especially as I've neglected doing weights for a couple of weeks again.
Week 3: Medium weights, higher reps etc. Cant remember what else was required as I havent trained this way for some time so will have to revisit my program.

Cardio will be scheduled for early mornings (except Wednesday night and Sunday morning teaching commitments). I've still got to work out how much/when/what is achievable.

Next week I want to tighten up my nutrition so that its geared more towards fat loss and is a bit cleaner. I have some long days at work (where I'm travelling) that will present some challenges but....ooops.....not challenges...just lifestyle that needs to be managed. But I'm feeling so much better that I'm sure I'll do well. And if I slip up, I wont beat myself up over it.

Cheers for now


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


To further aid me in my quest to move towards that better body, the body I have now told me in no uncertain terms today that "enough was enough". I had a constant stomach ache for most of the day today. I was also extremely bloated and therefore very uncomfortable. I know its my body telling me "dont treat me that badly again".

So I'll listen to my body and treat it with respect and kindness (good food, regular training) from now on. I will remind myself regularly that Ideserve it, I'm worth it!!

I've got the exercise gear ready to go early tomorrow morn. I'm planning a short run as I have little time between it being light enough to go out and having to be back in time to get ready for work. Something is better than nothing.

I checked the calendar to find there are 6 1/2 weeks to Xmas. Not enough time to fit into my "brissie dress" (more about that when I finally do get to wear it again) but enough to make a difference. My goal is to get under 68kgs by Xmas so I better get cracking as I'm guessing that I'm in the low 70s now (I'm 5 foot 7 or 171cms). Will have to eat well and train hard to get there but thats where I'm heading.

Off to meditate again so g'night to all.




Yes earlier this year I tried hypnotherapy for weight loss. I found it excellent for tuning my mind into a positive frame where making healthy choices and choosing to not over-eat became "second nature". But I didnt practice the "self-hypnosis" (which is really just a form of meditation) very consistently and so it became ineffective. Well yesterday I found an article on the net about meditation and was reminded how effective it had been for me previously.

So.....last night I did a little meditation at bed time and then again when I woke up this morning. And I'm feeling so much happier, calmer, in control and stronger. I havent over-eaten today (the first time in about 2 weeks, I'm ashamed to say) and even out at lunch with the girls from my office I made the healthiest choice possible and didnt feel like I was being hard done by.

Small steps I know but I'm just rapt that I'm moving forward. I've also drawn some inspiration from another blog which I read late September but only now did her post hit home with me as I could well have written about 80% of it myself. Thanks Shar from IBO for your moving post on 27th September. It really helped to bring it all home for me.


Monday, November 06, 2006


My head is clearly not in "positive achieving" mode right now. Challenges faced today were not conquered. I have a bit of a different plan for tomorrow but will write about it after I've initiated it.

Funnily I know that I can get through these hard times its just that when you're stuck in the middle of them, they feel overwhelming. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who've left comments of support. These have lifted me up at this difficult time.

Just wait til I'm up and firing on all cylinders and charging towards my goals...I'll be invincible!! Bring it on.


Sunday, November 05, 2006


But a start nevertheless. Was going well until late arvo when WH (wonderful husband.....NOT!!) stopped to have a beer and I caved and had a glass of bubbles, a few chips and some unsalted peanuts. I will be stronger tomorrow and do a few days of detox properly, headache and all!

Training today was my classes as expected. Worked reasonably hard but always wane a bit through the circuit portion, I just hate it. Nevertheless I had a good sweat and got the heart rate up.

Feelings and emotions are all over the place today. Have had a few very low times when I felt quite teary and "woe is me" (and I said I wouldnt!!). I'm just finding it hard to accept that I have YET AGAIN regained the weight I worked so hard to lose in the last few weeks. I know its only 2-3kgs but it yoyos off and on like clockwork. Grrrrr

I have so many issues and thoughts that I'd like to write about but its very late and I better get off to sleep so I'm not dead tired and therefore cold and therefore starving hungry all day tomorrow. Been there, done that. It made for a bad day.

G'night all


Saturday, November 04, 2006


Yes its time for a fresh start. No point lamenting and crying "woe is me" over the last 2 weeks. Whats done is done and cant be changed. However tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity for a new beginning.
Positive headset.
Determination to succeed.
I will do everything to be the best I can be.

Here's the rough plan:
1. Detox time. I've done it before and its time to bite the bullet again. Ban the alcohol, caffeine, wheat/gluten, red meat, dairy and ALL JUNK!! Aaaargh my body wont know what hit it :-)
2. Training: teaching classes: 45 minute basic step and 1 hour combo (mix of aerobics and circuit). If I apply myself these are a good cardio workout.
3. Catch up with domestic chores and get nails done (if at all possible)

Tomorrow night I'll post a rough plan for the following week. I'll also write about my motivators and goals. Looking forward to a productive day.


Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm finding it hard to keep up the blogging. I'm also finding to hard to get back on track this week. My morning cardio isnt possible as with the start of daylight saving, 5am is actually 4am - read that "pitch black like the middle of the night" as I found out Monday morning :-( I got the week off to such a bad start with that 5am rising that I was dead tired, freezing cold and starving hungry all day. Recipe for disaster!! And I've felt cr***y all week. On Wednesday I had to teach 4 classes again but this time I was mega tired and really flat. Man it was 1 HUUUUUGE struggle. I know its 90% my fault because I havent been eating well so I dont feel good. God give me strength to get back on track again!!

On a positive note though, I've enjoyed being back at work. I actually need just a little more to do but that'll come. Tomorrow I'm having my first paid day off in about 2 years. Yippee!!

I'll have to force myself back into the clean eating/regular training routine again so I'm thinking of how bet to best tackle it in light of the very dark mornings. Ah the challenges that life throws us!!


Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wow, my last post was 5 days ago. What a busy time its been in between with another major change happening within my life and a whole new set of circumstances to get used to and learn to work with. Things have certainly been out of whack this week as you'll read below.

Sunday: taught my usual classes and worked reasonably hard, about 6.5 / 10. Ok so thats not very hard at all. The motivation was a bit low. Then we had our welcome back party in the afternoon.
Eating: 1/10 (poor effort!!) too much white junk, alcohol, and not a piece of fruit within cooee.
Exercise: as above
Had a great time though and so did everyone who came along. Its so good to be back!

Monday: First day back at work as a project manager. I laddered 2 pairs of pantyhose but wore the 2nd pair all day. Havent done that for 2 years! Also, heels all day...weird again. I spent Monday night finishing cleaning up after Sunday's party.
Exercise: none
Eating: helped to finish off some left-overs so not really on program. Drank wine (also left over from Sunday). BUT didnt overeat so thats a bonus.

Tuesday: Travelled to a country school with my boss. Worked an 11 1/2 hour day, including travel time. Had lunch at 3.30 after breakfast at 7am with nothing but water in between. Had a bit more wine with (late) dinner and some more left-overs. BUT didnt overeat again so thats good.
Exercise: Did a walk/jog (but very little jogging) in the morning for about 40 minutes. Effort wasnt great. I was in one of those "well at least I'm out here moods" and I was enjoying the gloriously mild morning we were having.

Wednesday: Things are starting to settle down a bit.
Exercise: 1 hour hi/low aerobics style class + 45 mins step class.
Eating: better today. No alcohol and better food choices.
I am mustering all my strength to stay out of the food shops around work!!

Thursday: Looking forward to the end of the week but grateful that I finally have time to get on the computer to answer emails, read blogs and update my own.
Eating: OK but I did have a glass of wine with dinner and a spicy thai chook kebab which wasnt exactly "clean food" but was there to be finished up.
Exercise: none.

So after seeing all that I know I need to get organised. I havent done any weights this week and not enough effective cardio. I also know that I need to stop eating whatever is around and make sure my meals are clean and a bit more regular. In effect I've had a week off from Ness' program but I felt that I needed it after the huge changes that have happened.

Here's my plan for the following week:

1. Morning cardio (running/walking with 10kg backpack) on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
2. Weights: Mon, Tues, Thur evenings and hopefully 1 session on the weekend.
3. Eating: get it as clean as possible and more regular.

Really I just need to tighten up where I've slackened off a bit lately. Not sure if I'll weigh and measure tomorrow as I'm expecting a rise again, so whats the point of ruining my day and my positive outlook. BUUUUUUUT my goal will be to get back down to 68.7 kgs by the following Friday.

Will try to keep blog up to date to help keep me on track!!



Saturday, October 21, 2006


Yes thats my plight tonight. WH is watching the cricket or soccer or something with balls??!! And here I am reading blogs and posting my own when I'd rather be...... yeah the list is endless. Today I got my hair cut by Natalie who is undoubtedly one of the best hairdressers in the world. We put in a splash of brown highlights and my new do looks superfab. The cut isnt hugely different but the colour makes a fantastic statement. Even WH liked it!! So now that I'm looking so hot the last place I want to be is stuck at home.

I probably should have called this post "If I have too many more weekends like this one, I'll never reach my goal". I'm struggling to stay on track when the weekend rolls around and I know this will really sabotage my weight loss efforts. Yaeh I know all about the "free day" but I seem to be having 2 or 3 of them each weekend which isnt good. After a bit of an indulgent day yesterday I should have gotten right back on the strict track today but I didnt and tomorrow with the welcome back party...well....its not looking too positive. I also found that I didnt work as hard in the circuit classes this morning so didnt get as good a cardio workout either. At least I will tomorrow. I'll just have to be very focussed next week!!

WH and I talked about "5 year goals" over dinner tonight. I had given mine some thought and had listed my fitness goals, travel goals, advancement goals and personal/relationship goals. I was quite pleased with what I came up with. Interestingly WH said one of HIS goals was to see me lead a more balanced life somewhere in between being obsessed with and being totally slack about my weight. Am I THAT bad?? He has known me for 16+ years. He is an intelligent man who's opinion I respect very much. So I ask myself I THAT bad??

Having said that, tonight I purchased Josh Dickinson's Competition Prep manual so that I can read up on what my prep will entail. I'm also hoping it helps me stay focussed over the weekends so I dont sabotage the good work I've been putting in throughout the week. Its also highly likely that I will hire Josh as my trainer for the 2007 comps. I've been very impressed by his work with other clients who've achieved fantastic results.

Well I'm signing off so I can go and .....empty the dishwasher. We have a big busy day tomoorow so I should try and get as organised as possible. Ciao for now


Friday, October 20, 2006


....because of the following:

1. My body fat went down another 1.1% which translated to .6 of a kg
2. My measurements changed very little (up a total of 1/2 cm)
3. And last but most importantly...I feel good. I can tell I've lost some weight (2kgs of body fat actually) and thats whats important.

I've had a BIG social week with 4 days since I last weighed where I ate out and either chose to eat off plan or just ate too much of a good thing. Oh and lets not forget the alcohol :-) But I've kept up my training making sure I did all of the weights sessions on Ness' plan and at least the equivalent of the cardio on the plan. So what more could I want under these circumstances?

I trained shoulders and abs last night after posting. Worked really hard again. I have DOMS in triceps (fading now), glutes and hammies (still stiff and sore) and biceps. I guess I better get used to this in light of my impending comp prep.

Today I had lunch with my best friend and chose warm chook salad again. Typically I ate too much as the place we went to gives a free garlic bread roll with all mains and I was really hungry so I devoured it. Yes there is just a bit too much white junk still in my diet and thats something I have to improve on if I want to wear my Brissie dress at Xmas. My girlfriend also told me that she is having a birthday party for her little boy in the middle of November and I've set myself a mini goal to be under 67kgs by the time of the party. I'll be seeing a lot of people there who I dont see very often and I want to look as good as possible.

I had another little victory today in that BS and I went to GJs after doing our grocery shopping after lunch. Now I wasnt at all hungry but I did fancy something sweet and naughty. So there we were with me staring at the sweets cabinet, looking, looking trying to decide what to have when I realised that there was nothing there that I fancied and I wasnt going to have anything just for the sake of it. I had a small coffee with skim soy and was quite happy.

So I'm chalking up all these wonderful little positive changes in behaviour and feeling quite good about it all. God please let this postive roll continue. WH will be home soon and I plan to enjoy a nice relaxing evening with him with a few wines and dinner (to be decided).

Have a great weekend all.


Thursday, October 19, 2006


Yes a busy day with taking WH to work, kindy drop off, home to clean, clean, clean as my aunty and uncle were visiting in the arvo. Then kindy pick up and hosting afternoon coffee and cakes for the family. I also had to pick WH up later on so before I knew it, it was dinner time and the day was just about over.

I did a pre-weigh this morning to see how I've gone this week but tomorrow is official weigh day. I'm up .3 on last Friday but not overly upset as I've had a few days of not eating on plan so thats to be expected. Despite this increase, I stuck to my healthy, clean eating today and only indulged in BS's sandwich crusts when I was starving at lunch time. The things we do when we're desparate, hey??!! I made sure that all the cakes and biscuits I had for the family were chocolate so I wasnt at all tempted by them. I had my herbal tea and was quite happy.

As far as my training goes I have shoulders and 1 more ab workout to do and I'm all up to date :-)) I think I'll tackle them tonight while I watch RPA. Tomorrow morn I'm teaching a 1 hour fat burner (low-medium intensity class) so there's some extra cardio which isnt on Ness' program. Oh and lets not forget the 2 circuits on Saturday.

Its a nice feeling to sit here knowing that I am in control of my eating and that I'm getting a good balance of exercise thanks to teaching commitments and the convenience of being able to do weights at home. I havent felt this way for a long time. Although I've had days where I havent followed my eating plan properly, I've been very pleased that I didnt just chuck it all in and start binging for days after. Dare I say: "I'm making progress"

Tomorrow I'm lunching with my best friend (and BS) as its my last day of freedom. I also have a very busy day with lots to do so it'll just whizz by. Then I want to enjoy a nice evening with WH to lead into a busy but potentially great weekend. Oh and I'm getting my hair coloured (roots done) and cut on Saturday so I'm searching for a new do to signify the new me. So exciting!!

Well I have menus to plan, shopping lists to write, jobs for the day to list, herbal tea to drink and shoulders and abs to train so I'll say bye-bye til next time.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Well the title says it all really. Monday's craving for pasta came and went and yes I loved the indulgence but got right back on track again. In fact after my post I hit our "weights room" and did the chest/tris workout from this week's personal program. I pushed really hard and later in bed I could still feel my muscles twitching after a challenging session!!

On Tuesday my eating went back to being spot on clean and I did legs and abs. Worked hard again and now have serious DOMS throughout upper AND lower body. What a great feeling!! (I know.. what a sicko!!) I got my period on Tuesday so maybe thats why I craved pasta the day before?? Oh and I must mention that on Sunday/Monday and Tuesday we shifted all the furniture out of and then back into our lounge, study and master bedroom. Big deal you might think but some of the pieces were made by my dad and they are mega heavy (even removalists have previously complained about how heavy and awkward some pieces are).

There was one piece in particular (the top section of a dressing table) that weighs a ton and is awkward to pick up. Well we had to lift it to around shoulder height so it was a huge test of shoulder/arm strength. WH didnt think I'd be able to do it but I was determined to prove him wrong and sure enough I managed it (albeit in 2 goes). WH was suitably impressed and I just strutted around doing bodybuilding poses like a (proud) goose :-)

Today I lunched with another friend but stuck to the warm chicken salad (nice dressing but not low fat) and just 1 glass of wine. Ate a bit more than the suggested serve of protein but hey I'm just normal that when there's delicious food in front of me, I eat it. No guilts though as it was teaching night and I always give 100% to my step class and then a good 70% to the aerobics class if I've got it in me. Its a great cardio workout and this week's program only has 2 cardio sessions anyway so my plan to do extra has been shelved.

I also did weights before my classes (back and bis) so all up it was a bit training day. I just have shoulders and 1 more ab session and all weights are done and dusted for this week. I'm on a roll which I'm relishing as next week will really test me (back to full-time work).

So I'm feeling good right now and enjoying my last few days of freedom before I'm chained to an office again. Never mind, at least I'll have a nice steady income to compensate for this new inconvenience in my life. BS seems to be enjoying his new kindy so we hope that continues and this Sunday we're having a welcome back party at our place to catch up with all our old friends again. Life really doesnt get much better :-)))


Monday, October 16, 2006


Today I'm feeling the effects of a few days of not so clean eating. Although yesterday was good, Friday and Saturday weren't and I even strayed off plan today as mum and I went out for the day and I had pasta for lunch in a cafe (read that: big serve, high in fat, super tasty!!). However I handled the rest of the day well with fruit for dinner and herbal tea after. On many occasions previously I would have continued to eat junk for the rest of the day so I'm pleased with my efforts to cut back for the rest of the day.

That said though, I'm feeling very blobby around the middle again and this is a bit depressing. I'm staying right away from the scales and tape measure until I get a few really good days under my belt. Speaking of which...I must do some weights as I'm falling behind on my program. Will try to fit in some decent cardio as well tomorrow (maybe even early morning!!).

Well I'll keep my post short tonight as WH is waiting for me to finish on the computer so he can empty the study as we are having new carpet being laid tomorrow. The house is in total disarray, not to mention the time spent emptying the rooms and then having to put everything back. Ah the challenges we get thrown to make it hard to exercise when you want/need to.

Til tomorrow


Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well its taken ages but I'm finally back into blogging. I've been away since the 7th of September which seems like a lifetime ago. There is just too much to cover since my last blog so I'll skim through the main bits:
1. The move went well.
2. BIG stress around settlements of both properties (not initiated by us I might add!!) but all ok in the end.
3. Moved into our new house all ok and are reasonably settled.
4. Have been catching up with friends, family etc :-)
5. Eating and training a bit all over the place until 1 week ago.

My friend Gordon (recently separated) came with me to the SA INBA body building show on 1 October. We had a ball checking out the competitors and getting a feel for the overall standard. I came away fired up and motivated to be up on stage next year. Man ... have I got a lot of work to do!!

So after some stuffing around I finally got my "10 Week Blitz" underway last Saturday the 7th of October. I started at just under 72kgs (yes I'd been having too much fun socialising and eating and drinking whatever I felt like) with measurements that were nothing to be proud of. I decided to do Ness' 6 week personal program for 1.5 times with the last week being my choice of training. I've got the tracker going and am trying to follow it as closely as possible but allowing for my teaching commitments that equal a great cardio workout.

So here's a snapshot of what I remember of the 1st week:

Saturday 7 Oct: Teach 2 circuits (total 90 mins) and use them to do a cardio workout. Effort = 7/10. Eating = 100%

Sunday 8 Oct: Teach a step class + a combo (aerobics/circuit) and get another great cardio workout (total 105 mins). Effort = 8-8.5/10. Eating = 100%. I also do a weights session before dinner which is a whole body circuit. Effort = 8/10. Going well.

Monday 9 Oct: No exercise as I'm up to date with cardio and have a rest day from weights. Eating = 100%

Tuesday 10 Oct: Weights first thing in the morning with the full body circuit again. Effort = 8/10
Eating = 90% as I have the girls over for (healthy!!) lunch but we have a glass of wine.

Wednesday 11 Oct: First "non-perfect" day. BS and I have lunch with WH (who is going away for the rest of the week). I eat a bit too much (grilled chook breast) and "indulge" in 3 tiny hot chips. I also have wine which I planned to do. I skip my afternoon snack (why eat when you're not hungry) and I'm feeling really good about handling this day so well. I teach my 2 killer classes (step and fat-burner) for a total of 90 mins and get an awesome cardio workout with a 9/10 effort. I have a light dinner after classes and am happy with the day.

Thursday 12 Oct: Eating all back on track and 100%. I decide to do BodyPump as my weights workout tonight. BIG MISTAKE!! I find the instructor dull, boring and uninspiring and struggle to put in a big effort. Effort = about 5-6/10. Not happy with this. Will know better next time.

Friday 13 Oct: Weigh day!! 3kgs lost and 14cms lost from 5 measurements. :-)) I am feeling FANTASTIC. Go out to lunch with BS and make a really bad choice of meal so once again will know better next time. No arvo snack and light dinner. The girls go out for a night on the town. I drink very little and manage to not stay out too late. When I assess this day I'm happy with how it all turned out except that I did a pathetic cardio workout (25 mins) at the gym which I will not bother with in future. The less said the better execpt...I'll know better next time.

Saturday 14 Oct: Free day. Ate what I wanted, had quite a few drinks and caught up with a very dear and long time friend. Life doesnt get any better really. Oh and WH came back from interstate :-) Used the 2 circuit classes to do a cardio workout with effort of about 6/10 today.

Sunday 15 Oct: Back on track with the eating which was about 90% (I have some greek yogurt which is not low fat with my swordfish for dinner...hey if this is the worst that it gets then I'm doing REALLY well!!) I get my cardio workout from my Sunday classes but with a little less effort this week (about 6.5-7/10) and I miss doing weights as we spend ages shifting furniture so we can have some new carpet laid on Tuesday. A pretty good day though.

So there's my summary of my progress so far. I have a very interesting week ahead:
1. BS starts at his new kindy tomorrow.
2. I'm taking my mum out for the day tomorrow.
3. Carpet going down Tuesday.
4. Have some repairs being done Wed morn and then lunch with another friend.
5. BS only in kindy for 1/2 the day on Thursday and then having rellies over in the afternoon.
6. No kindy for BS on Friday and my last day of being a lady of leisure before I go back to work the week after.

I also have a long list of things that I want/need to get done next week (including regular weight training!!) I've got a feeling that the week will just fly right by.

I look forward to blogging again, especially with more of my thoughts and feelings rather than just facts about what I've been doing. Please stay tuned and feel free to leave comments on blogger or by email.

G'night all