Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm really excited about the future and the goals I have defined for myself. Today I took a step closer to making them a reality and it was quite exhilerating. I do however have some major hurdles to overcome on the home front and this is causing me some worry. Right now I'm just mulling over what would be my best approach. I cant leave it too long but I dont want to rush in and do it wrong. Perhaps after a few more days of thought, things will become clearer.

On a positive note though, I once again achieved my training targets even though I had a sore lower back when I started running. I just took it slower to begin with and it did ease as I got warmer. No training tonight as I'm dedicating Tuesday nights to ironing and watching Dancing With the Stars. Tragic I know but I just love this show and I dont care how pathetic people think I am.

Eating was good today too so I'm a happy chappy on those accounts. Double training again tomorrow: weights circuit in the morning and cardio classes in the evening. And then hump day is over and we're charging towards the weekend again. YAY!!



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