Friday, November 17, 2006


How do we measure success? Is it by the number on the scales or by the numbers on the tape measure? Or is it by how much effort we've put into our training by completing our prescribed exercise and keeping our diet as clean as possible?

I've always been the kind of person who measures success by kilos or centimetres lost. After a week or whatever of slogging it out I want to be rewarded with a loss on the scales or on the tape measure. That didnt happen this week.

I weighed and measured and to my dismay there was no loss (I wont even go into the fact there was even a small gain!!). All sorts of thoughts went through my mind, the overriding one being how disappointed I was. I instantly felt like chucking this whole thing in yet again. I ate my oats for breakfast (which I normally love) and every mouthful tasted like sh**. I practically gagged on it but forced it down. I so wanted to be eating toasted spicy fruit muffins with melted butter swimming all over them.

But in there back of my mind I started having a conversation with myself about how success can be measured. Will I let the scales and tape maesure rule my life and will I give them the power to ruin my day. DAMN IT!! I WONT!!!

So I told myself in the firmest inner voice I could muster that I did well this week. Maybe last weekend where I wasnt so disciplined did more damage than I realised. Whatever??!! Its past, its gone and there is no point mulling over it.

I turned my thoughts around and so far have had a good day. BS (beautiful son) and I went shopping and we did our usual visit to GJs with Muffin Break next door. I resisted having a bran muffin and just had my coffee. At lunch time I chose healthy again and stayed on track. Small battles won awill eventually see me winning the war. And I dont doubt that I'll fight over 1000 battles before I win this war. I might not win each one but if I stay ahead and keeppositive and focussed I'll be happy with the result.

I realise I have 2 choices and each 1 has a consequence.
Choice 1: I can admit this is all too hard, chuck it all in and eat and drink whatever I want and do there bare minimum of exercise. Consequence: I'll get fatter, more unfit and a lot more miserable.
Choice 2: I can keep up my training and watching what I eat. There'll be times when it is hard and the motivation wont be so good. Its time then to reach deep and find that little bit extra in there somewhere. Consequence: I'll get leaner, stronger, fitter and "stageworthy". I'll achive my goal and I'll just feel like I won the lottery.

So how hard is that choice??



Alicia said...

Hi Magda,

I do hope you go with the second choice. There are times when it is bloody hard and you feel like giving up, but at the end of the day, you're going to feel and look better for it. I found it hard at first to give up my very active social life, but within a few weeks I was used to it. Sure I do go out now and then now that I'm in "off season" but no where nearly as much as I used to. Nights out have become a real "treat" now and I enjoy those nights out even more. Have a great weekend


Jodi said...

Have Madga, you ask any of the figuregirls who compete these days and many others women into fitness, you read their stories and it is similar to your own. They struggled for so long, going from diet to diet, fad to fad, slow and steady wins the race my dear. You are doing yourself a favour by admitting the lows you struggle with, what you know have to do is acknowledge them and move on quickly. Your a good person who deserves good things, you are doing this for yourself and your own body, that is what is important. You keep doing what is best for your body and you will never look back.

Your deserve a great great life and confidences within yourself, keep doing what is right and you will be proud of your efforts.

Chin up and keep smiling!

Spartze said...

I read your post today and you have the same battles as I do with my inner voice. I had to hide the scales during one of my preps because of the mental mind games that started due to the numbers on the do I measure success now, by the changes I see looking back at me in the mirror, and by the satisfaction of getting all the little boxes ticked each day regardless of what else is going on around me. I still have struggles, sometimes on a daily basis where I want to just eat. Just remind yourself why your doing it and the outcome that will result, it will happen just build that new body day by day xo