Friday, June 27, 2008


Psychologically my week ends on a Friday and my new week starts on a Saturday. So Monday is actually the 3rd day of the week, not the dreaded first. Does it help with Mondayitis?? Well if you employ the typical mindset of wanting to start a week well (you know ... start the diet on Monday, head off to the gym on Monday) then you'll do this on Saturday, follow it up on Sunday and by Monday ... hey you're feeling great. Hence no Mondayitis. Is that logic sound?? It works for me (especially if I've had a bit of an indulge on Friday - like my boss's birthday cake, home-made pizza for dinner and a couple of wines) so I'm sticking with it.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the weekend. Not a lot planned and WH is still crook with the winter lurgy so best if we take it easy. In fact, I've been warned that tomorrow night we are discussing goals. Apparently we dont have enough/the right/meaningful/various terms goals and its frustrating his little Virgo self to bits. I guess my personal competition goals are NOT what he means but hey ... I'm throwing them in there. Bring on the discussion.

Are you doing anything interesting on the weekend?



Thursday, June 26, 2008


Liz posed this question in her blog recently and I thought I'd draw on today's experience to answer it.

So what happened today? Well I travelled to the country for work again. But this time I went with another person from my office - a man in his early 40s. Single, smart, a bit of a larrikin (in a nice way) and a very grounded and happy person. Easy talker. The trip was pleasant and we had a very successful day workwise.

Now lets talk about the food. I picked him up at 8 oclock and off we headed. As we neared a major town about 90 minutes later he asked if we could stop for coffee. He told me that his breakfast had consisted of a coffee and some strawberries before he left home. I couldnt say no even though I always stop in that town but only to use the toilet. I dont buy food or drinks.

So we go into the cafe at the roadhouse and he orders a decaf latte and has a blueberry and custard danish with it. Hmmmm. The he says that he must get water for the trip, asks if I want one (I dont as I have a water bottle in the car) and buys a flavoured "vitamin water" or something equally bizarre. There's no plain H2O happening for him. Then to finish off his breakfast be buys a packet or Red Rock sweet chilli and sour cream chips. OMG I pass comment but dont want to make abig deal out of it. I AM GOBSMACKED!! Then he eats the chips in the car and the smell is just about making me puke. WTF??? I normally like those chips but something about them today - or maybe it was the fact that it was still somewhat early in the morning - just had my stomach turning.

Now lets get onto lunch. A toasted bacon and egg sandwich, a small ham and pineapple pizza, a small bottle of ginger beer and a slice of carrot and walnut cake. He was VERY hungry I was told.

Now how do you think this guy looks? (Remember he's over 40!!)

Well he's as lean as a guy in great shape. Flat abs, no love handles, just lean all over. I tell you THERE IS NO JUSTICE INN THIS WORLD!!!

So what does good health mean to me? It means a lot more than how you look. I believe that skinny (or lean) does NOT always mean good health. Imagine how his arteries would be and how his heart would cope with the clogging that his arteries would be building up.

Good health means eating well MOST OF THE TIME. You know things like fresh (or frozen) vegetables, fruit, good quality carbs and lean proteins. Treats are ok but in moderation.

Good health means being active for at least 3 days / week. Choose an activity you enjoy and just do it. There's no point in fretting about which exercise is the best. The best one is the one you enjoy doing because it means you'll stick with it.

Good health means choosing to be a positive and optimistic person. You know the glass can be half full just as easily as it can be half empty. Its your choice how you view it. I guarantee that a positive outlook will instantly have you walking taller, prouder and with a bounce to your step. Much better than dragging a miserable slumped frame around.

Good health is also about enough sleep, enough (waking) rest and leisure time and balance.

How healthy is your life?


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hmmmm chugging along.
Lovin and reading others very inspirational blogs.

Feeling ordinary as though I just havent found my groove this year. I know its all up to me to make it happen but to be honest I'm not sure what I want "to happen".

Will keep working towards running the City to Bay as its something I've always wanted to do. But am I passionate about it? Does it excite me?
Well I think you know my answer.

Perhaps I've fallen victim to the old "Too much thinking. Too much talking. Too little action." (If thats not a famous proverb already then I'm claiming it as mine)

Good night all


Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi all,

well another weekend has bitten the dust. Gee they come quickly and go even more quickly.

After my magnificent run on Saturday (of which I did walk some sections - I'm not fit enough to run for an hour non-stop yet) I caught up with a friend who was visiting Adelaide for the weekend. She is living in Whyalla (due to her WH's work) until August so it was nice to see her for a cup of tea and a chat. I actually wanted to take a bottle of bubbly over but thought better of it as we both could have ended up quite tipsy.

Dad's birthday dinner was lovely. WARNING!! to the All Females competitors: Put down your lean protein and salad or your black tea or coffee and move away from the computer screen NOW.

Ok to everyone's what we had: peppered ham in puff pastry (nibbles); home made chicken soup (my mum makes the best) with noodles and dumplings; veal schnitzel (yes veal!! a true schnitzel is NEVER made from beef); shallow fried gnocci; mushy peas (home made); crumbed cauliflower and some steamed veg. For dessert mum made a walnut torte and sweet cream cheese in puff pastry rolls. The food was divine and it took a lot of willpower to eat only a moderate portion :-)

We lazed around home on Sunday and just got the domestic chores done. Nothing exciting.

WH is home sick with the winter lurgy so circumstances made it impractical to go out for my morning exercise or to use the exercise room. Was this a problem?? No sirree (shaking head). I moved a set of heavy dumbbells and a set of light dumbbells into the study and did another circuit style workout of the following:

Squats x 15r (heavy)
Bent Over Rows x 12r (heavy)
Static Lunges x 15r (light)
Push-ups x 12r (from my knees - have lost a lot of fitness here)
Stiff Legged Deadlifts x 15r (heavy)
Lat Raises x 12r (light)

4 circuits completed and MOST body parts worked. Thats one for me :-)

Hope your week is shaping up to be a good one. Cheers all


Sunday, June 22, 2008


1.Where is your cell phone? kitchen bench top
2. Your significant other? lounge room
3. Your hair? looking daggy (I havent been out today)
4. Your mother? totally selfless
5. Your father? a year older as of last Tuesday
6. Your favorite thing? holidays
7. Your dream last night? dont think I had one - or if I did I cant remember it now
8. Your favorite drink? Cointreau on ice
9. Your dream/goal? to place in figure at the national level before I'm 50
10. The room you’re in? study
11. Your ex? approaching 50 and still living with his mother (again) - says it all doesnt it!!??
12. Your fear? being unloved
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy and at peace with myself
14. Where were you last night? at mum and dad's having dinner to celebrate dad's birthday
15. What you’re not? patient
16. Muffins? bran
17. One of your wish list items? holiday to the Greek Islands
18. Where you grew up? Adelaide
19. The last thing you did? made a cup of tea
20. What are you wearing? tracky dacks, sports top, sneakers
21. Your TV? on - WH is watching soccer
22. Your pets? big fat lazy moggy called Miss Moneypenny
23. Your computer? new
24. Your life? fortunate and blessed
25. Your mood? ok
26. Missing someone? no
27. Your car? Audi A3
28. Something you’re not wearing? make up (only coz I havent been out today)
29. Favorite store? anyone of the designer shops in Singapore at sale time
30. Your summer? too long ago to matter now
31. Like (love) someone? yes to both
32. Your favorite color? red
33. Last time you laughed? today
34. Last time you cried? about 2 weeks ago
35. Who will re-post this? surprise me



Ok this Bloglist thing sounds like its worth a go. I've looked it up and read about it but how do you set it up? I could find NOTHING that explained this to me.


Saturday, June 21, 2008


This morning it rained.
Then it cleared.
I headed out for my jog.
When I was at the first furthest point from home it started to rain.
So what did I do?
Did I whinge?
Did I get angry?
No I put a big smile on my face and gave thanks for:
  • the rain that would do all of our gardens good
  • having 2 good legs that allow me to go running
  • having enough money to buy an IPod and good running shoes
  • living in such a lovely area that I have lakes to run around and parks to run through
  • my BS safe and sheltered at home playing his X Box
  • my WH enjoying his coffee and reading the paper
  • the weekend after a busy week at work.

As I neared the one hour mark I was tired and was really shuffling. Then the remake of Need You Tonight by INXS came on my IPod and gave me a small burst of energy. But it didnt see me home so I hit the play again button and cranked it up LOUD. I thought F*CK THIS SHUFFLING, I'M FINISHING WITH A RUN and I dug in and found energy I didnt know I had and powered it on home and finished on a true runner's high.


Cheers all


Thursday, June 19, 2008


I started today with a 40 mins + steady state run - well it was a jog actually. I'd like to be able to say that I cruised through it but when you're carrying about 10 unwanted kilos, no run/jog feels like a cruise LOL. But I did it and was happy with my HRM reading.

Work was mega busy today and in fact its been like that all week and looks to stay that way til the end of the year. I love my job when its like this. I feel energized, alive and motivated. I havent heard further about my interview but the way I feel now, I wouldnt even be upset if I missed out.

One disadvantage of the busier schedule is that I wont make my PT session tomorrow. I'll have to do an improvised back, core and bis workout at home but thats ok. Another thing was that because I was so on the go today I found it impossible to eat every 3 hours like I normally do. But I kept my food clean and on track and within my "skin healing diet" guidelines. I ended up guzzling heaps of water in the evening as that had suffered too. Although I'm sure nobody is interested, I'll post what I had today (sorry if this bores you to tears)

5.05am: 1/2 WPI (pre-training)
7.00am: I slice wholemeal toast, 1 egg (whole), 2 small rashers of lean middle bacon, mushroom (all cooked in a non-stick pan)
11.45am: green veg with chicken (same as yesterday)
3.45pm: soy cappuccino + Slim Secrets bar (Binge Buster)
6.30pm: stirfried green veges (different to lunch-time) + chicken with a spicy coating (This was in the freezer so I'm not sure exactly what was in it).

I dont log my food in CalKing anymore so cant report the cals or macronutrient totals but I'm happier doing this now.

Yippee for Friday tomorrow. I've decided to skip the whole floor morning tea as with my diet restrictions I'm sure there will be NOTHING suitable for me bar some fruit. I've made myself a nice salad and will just have a small tin of tuna with it. And I'm looking at this as "I'm choosing to eat like this to heal my skin" and not "oh I'm missing out on all the foods I love". I will however, look forward to a wine or two in the evening but keep my dinner mainly lean and clean.

On Saturday we are having dinner at my mum and dad's as it was Dad's birthday on Tuesday. Mum is cooking up some lovely favourites so that'll be a "free meal" which I can and will enjoy now that I'm not killing myself trying to win my RRLA. My plan is to:

1. Not over-eat on anything
2. Make sure I stick to my "2 treat" rule
3. Relax and enjoy the evening.

I think thats all doable.

Cheers all (and I dont mind if you secretly wish me luck in avoiding a major weekend blowout.)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I feel so much better knowing that the pressure to lose a considerable amount of weight in a short time is off me. I'm so much happier and more relaxed and will introduce more (lean and clean) foods that I enjoy back into my regular diet. I want to eat in a way that can be maintained in the long term - make it a lifestyle - yet in a way that gets me lean and more importantly - KEEPS ME LEAN.

I've decided to make some dietary changes in order to help heal a skin condition that I've had previously and which has recently returned. Its a form of psoriasis and when I had a bad bout of it about 5 years ago, my Naturopath gave me an excellent topical cream and suggested some diet modifications. They were: cut out: red meat, dairy, white flour and alcohol (although we compromised on this by me reducing my alcohol intake as I really love a wine or two, once or twice a week). I was also to increase my intake of fatty fish. So I did this and sure enough the psoriasis cleared without me having to resort to many of the things the dermatologist had advised. I was a happy camper then and I'm expecting the same result now.

Mind you I'm a dairy lover as I regularly eat low fat cottage cheese, diet yogurt and have skim milk in my cappuccinos. I dont mind a soy cappuccino but wont go near soy yogurt anymore and will miss the cottage cheese. Oh and I love kangaroo meat, a good steak and just about anything made from mince :-( White flour isnt that appealing so I'm OK chucking that. Just a few more diet challenges to overcome.

Here's what I ate today:

5.05am: 1/2 serve WPI (pre-training)
6.00am: 1 serve WPI + small pear (post training)
7.00am: 2.5 egg whites + .5 whole egg with spinach and zucchini
10.00am: green salad with smoke flavoured tuna
11.00am: 55g salted peanuts (was really hungry and resorted to the charity box of treats)
1.00pm: Subway honey and oat 6 inch sub with ham, swiss cheese (oops should have skipped that) and tons of salad + lite mayo (I forgot to take my lunch today in the morning rush to get ready and out of the house. I dont normally buy my lunch and was out of the metro area then).
2.00pm 2-3 jelly snakes/babies (put out at the meeting I was attending. (At least I stopped at that small amount!)
No afternoon tea as I was travelling back to work and running late.
6.00pm: steamed green veg with chicken breast lightly flavoured with sugar and salt free cajun sprinkle.
8.00pm: Chai tea with vanilla and a splash of lite soy milk.
I drank close to my 3.5litre quota of water/green tea.

So not a BAD day but there's room for improvement.

Today I did an (almost) full body weights circuit which I just loved. It actually had an aerobic training effect too as my rest periods were short and I chose challenging exercises and weights. I've been quite slack with my weight training lately so this was a good step in the right direction AND it left me feeling really good too. Here's what I did:

DB Squats (quite deep) x 15r
BB Chest Press x 12r
Stiff Legged Deadlifts x 15r
DB Upright Rows x 10r
Walking Lunges x 20r
Dips (from bench) x 20r

I repeated it 4 times and all up it took about 40 minutes. Just perfect in the time I have available in the mornings.

Well its late so I'll be toddling off for my precious sleep. Cheers all


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


OK I'm a bit embarassed now coz I dont think I've explained things clearly and I'm sending the wrong message out. Here's my dilemma.

Some time ago I enetred into a Reverse Risk Leverage Agreement that went like this: My goal was to get under 65kgs by the All Females. If I didnt achieve my goal then I'd lose $500 of my own money + 1 month's use of the internet. I made this "deal" with my husband as I thought it'd motivate me to finally get serious about losing weight and not just yoyoing up and down from 67 - 70ish kgs. Its like an external motivator and after failing to lose weight for too long (since the beginning of this year) I thought this would be "the answer" for me.

Well I was wrong. I've had good periods. I've even had some GREAT periods but when I lapse I do so badly and take several steps backwards hence my lack of true progress. So at 3 1/2 weeks out I'm now in the position of "too much to lose, too little time". I'm eating well (again) and training too but can I / will I make the big loss that is required? HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

My guess is that I'd have to:

1. Eat virtually no carbs til then and have too low a caloric intake.

2. Do cardio twice a day.

3. Have no cheat meals/treats whatsoever.

4. Probably do a massive dehydrate the night before.

5. God knows what else. I've considered some other stuff but I just wont go there. Never have and never will.

So am I prepared to crash diet myself and flog myself physically to achieve this?

NO I'M NOT. I truly believe I'd do myself more harm than good and its just not worth it. (Weighing myself this morning gave me a definitive amount that I'd need to lose and I realised that it just wasnt feasible).

But having said all that I'm still working towards the sub 65 but I want to achieve it through healthy eating in a way that can be maintained as a lifestyle - not through a drastic crash diet that leaves me feeling like death on 2 legs and at risk of binging even worse than I now. So I may not make it by 11th July but if its week or 2 or a month later then I'll still be happy with my achievement.

As I shared with CG tonight - my utimate goal as I approach 45 is to be at peace with my body, at peace with my eating and at peace with myself. When I achieve that I'll have everything I ever wantedn :-)

So when you meet me at the All Females please dont judge me on my losing the deal with my WH. If I succeed in eating well, training regularly and feeling good about myself between now and then, I'll be considering myself to be a winner.

I havent responded to comments individually tonight as I hope this post does that. Thanks so much to Rae, Shar, Deb, Kek, CG and Pip for taking the time to comment and offer your support. It means a lot to me.



Monday, June 16, 2008


Well despite going bananas at my own Pity Party yesterday, today I just got on with it and did it. Did what you may ask? I ate clean. I followed Lindy Olsen's 7 Rules for Success adding 1 more excellent rule thanks to the ever wise and helpful Combat Girl (big thanks going out to you CG). Yep Rule # 8 is the "2 treats" rule that says: "If you're having a treat, always limit it to 2 of anything" (such as 2 glasses of wine, 2 biscuits etc ... of course with some things one is more than enough but you get the drift, I'm sure). Not that I had any treats today but I've decided to adopt that rule for myself in future.

So today was lots of lean protein with either veges or salad, mainly green although I havent committed to do the Green Detox in full. Tomorrow I'll make my ultimate decision about whether I'm prepared to give it my all to reach my sub 65 goal by the All Females or whether I've just left it too late. The number on the scales will be the deciding factor. I'm a bit hungry as I type this but thats just me having to get used to eating less after a few indulgent days.

I've been keeping up with my favourite blogs but I havent been commenting much due to lack of time. Like many others I enjoy going onto and find that it takes hours to keep up to date on all the posts there. Oh so much to do, so little time.

Cheers all and tomorrow I'll blog my ultimate decision so please come back again


Sunday, June 15, 2008


So whats been happening with me since I last posted?

I spent Thursday night prepping for my interview on Friday. WH gave me some hypothetical questions and I prepared for them plus I got a heap of info off the net (thank GOd for Google).

Friday was a madly busy day. I had it all worked out as to what I'd do when but when it rolled around I ended up cancelling my PT session :-( as it was all getting too rushed and I knew that the pressure would freak me out even more. My interview was that afternoon and I didnt want to arrive feeling like I'd been through the wringer. I knew I would LEAVE feeling like that and that was enough.

So how did it go?

I'd be surprised if I got called back for round 2. I thought I did ok until the last question which I clearly didnt answer well. They helped me a little and the prompting allowed me to talk about the issue to some extent but not enough in my opinion. I've also spent about 3 hours over the weekend doing a written exercise that also forms part of the selection process. What will be, will be.

On Friday night I went out with the girls to see Sex and the City again. I loved it just as much the 2nd time around. Sadly some of the others werent as keen to kick on and my "big night out" fizzled after one drink after the movie :-( (I know who WONT be invited next time!!).

On Saturday I had a rare sleep in til 10am which is just unheard of for me. Sadly this meant that I missed my training. Saturday is my favourite training day coz I do a one hour cardio session. Today wasnt much better with just a brief walk to the shops and back. Yep things havent been great on the training front for me and that also means ..... yep diet :-(

I was going really well for almost 3 weeks but when I slipped up it felt like I was back at square one. What is it with square one that I feel compelled to return there over and over again? Its like I'm on a great positive roll. All is going well. I'm in the zone and doing everything right. And then BANG that switch is flicked and I'm doing everything wrong. The headset just does this about face and its like the old fat girl just takes hold again and I'm tired of battling with her over and over again.

I have 3 1/2 weeks before Melbourne and I dont know where to draw my strength from to beat the fat b*tch down and get myself back on track again.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Firstly thank you to everyone who left me wishes to get well soon.

I had an early night as planned and with an extra blanket over the quilt I got to sleep at 9pm and slept through til 6 this morning. I know I sweated as fair bit and woke up with the headache still. Stayed in bed for most of the morning. Endured a couple more sweat-fests and then it eased up. Drank heaps of water and now just have the remains of a mild headache. Not 100% yet but MUCH better than this time last night.

Being home to recuperate gave me time to think about things and work some stuff out about me.

Its becoming more and more obvious that for me bad food = bad health. I believe that both of my recent illnesses can be attributed to poor nutrition just prior to me getting sick. Normally I'm very healthy and strong and I could tolerate bad food with no real ill effects. This seems to no longer be the case. What I considered to be "treats" are foods that if eaten too often or in larger quantities, will actually make me sick. Sadly my "treat foods" are also foods that I find hard to have in moderation. So what's the message there??

If I want to stay healthy, strong and sane then eating well is absolutely essential. This needs to be at least 90% of the time and not just when I think "sh*t I need to lose a bit of weight". I also need to mentally redefine what "treats" are.

3 or more glasses of wine? Maybe not.
Benedictine (a winter favourite) once or twice a week? Shaking head.
Cakes/biscuits/ice cream? Hmmm better to not even start on them.
Nibbly foods before dinner? Danger. Danger. Will Robinson.
Bread and butter? Just say "no" Magda.
Pasta? Choose the protein option Magda.

As I said in a previous post, I'm a work in progress and the path I need to travel just became even clearer and more obvious.

Cheers all


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Its 8.30 and I'm soon to head off to bed. I've had a headache all day which has been depressing. Now I'm feeling really cold even though we have the heating on and I have a spencer (yeah NOT sexy I know!!), a wincheater and a big woolly cardy on. I ache all over my back (not from training) and my eyes are burning. Please oh please let me shake this as I dont want to go from one illness headfirst into another. But I'm feeling like crap there's no doubt about that.

Good night guys and fingers crossed all is back to good tomorrow.

:-( Magda

Sunday, June 08, 2008


As you may know (coz I've blogged about it before) my WH and I work in the same place. Not just the same building but in the same unit with the same boss. However its a big unit with 4 or 5 sections and then smaller teams within those sections. My WH manages one of the sections and I work in a different section. Our paths dont often cross although if I stood up at my desk and turned around, I'd see his desk. We're both OK with this.

But "this" is likely to change some time soon and its looking like my WH will actually manage the section in which I work (insert screwed up frowning face). I wont go into the reasons why this doesnt sit well with me just to say that I feel its inappropriate and some-one has to go. Seeing his career there is looking positive and promising and mine .... well lets just say that I havent been firing on all cylinders on the work front ..... so I've decided "its time to go .... Magda".

I've worked in this unit since 1997 or 1998 and its comfortable. I know the people. I know the work. I know the ups and downs but I've been actively looking for other jobs recently and a couple of weeks ago I wrote a quick application for one in another government department. WH read it and told me not to be upset but based on what I wrote, I wouldnt get an interview.

Well what does he know??!! They rang on Friday and told me I have an interview next Friday. So the mind boggles!!

Am I ready to step out of my comfort zone and tackle something really different?

Do I have enough self confidence to believe that I can take on something new, learn it and do it well?

Can I put my fear of the unknown behind me and jump into a new adventure with enthusiasm and passion?

Could this job be a new beginning which finally sees me moving out of the work rut I've felt stuck in for a long time now?

I guess at the end of the day it all boils down to me.

I have to go into that interview and "wow 'em" and sell myself as "the" person for that job. And if I'm successful then I have no reason to doubt myself, to lack confidence, to be scared or to stay in the negative rut.

Hence its scary but its exciting too. Friday 13th is I day so we'll see what it brings.

Cheers guys


Friday, June 06, 2008


OK I was doing really well with my eating and then on Wednesday I slipped up a bit and followed it up by eating 10,000 cals (it felt like it) on Thursday. Then lo and behold it was TTOM today (slapping forehead with palm of hand)

Now I've always insisted that any binges I have do NOT result from TTOM as I would binge at all different stages of my cycle. But on this occassion it was right before and I dont even know if this is the (usually) high risk time. Maybe, just maybe this binge was due to the effects of TTOM. If it was I'd be REALLY HAPPY (wierd I know) as I'd know when I was in the danger zone and I could plan accordingly.

Although today's eating wasnt "clean", at least I stuck to the usual meal and snack times and ate a normal amount of food with a couple of wines and nibbles at/before dinner time. Whilst its always hard putting a binge behind you and committing to getting back on track, I know that this is what I will do - no ifs or buts. Just do it and do it tomorrow :-)

I had some news today that is both scary and exciting but I'll post about it over the weekend when its not so late and I'm not as tired. As I was up several times last night I need to get a good night's sleep so I'll bid good night to all and say hello to my awaiting bed.

Enjoy the long weekend guys and visit again to read my news and what goes with it.



Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Ladies tonight I’m off to the SAFM premier of Sex and the City. My beautiful SIL works for Austereo and she has scored tickets which is amazing as it’d have to be THE most popular movie premier this year. I cant wait!! I was a huge SATC fan and I’ve been hanging out for the movie version for ages (like everyone else).

So which SATC girl do you most resemble?

I’m blonde and older like Samantha. But I missed out on her sex life LOL.
I’m a working mum like Miranda. But I’m not nearly as career driven.
I’m a hopeless romantic like Carrie. But I have MUCH better taste in men. (No love rats for me thank you!! And if Aidan had been my boyfriend I NEVER would have risked that relationship)
I’m twice married like Charlotte. But I’m nowhere near as demure.

In the end … I’m me and I’m happy with that. Its just fun to see where I’d fit in the foursome.

Cheers all


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


There’s nothing like a decent sleep to make one feel a whole lot better the next day. It may have only been about 7 hours but it was pretty much uninterrupted and I woke up feeling good.

Today’s training was running which I hadn’t done for about 9 days when I was sick last week. I surprised myself with some sprint repeats after setting out to do one song walk / one song jog but found that too easy going. The whole session was just over 40 minutes and I felt fantastic when I got home.

I’m really aware that I’m now in my “danger zone” as far as my diet goes. This is my 3rd week of eating lean and clean with a view to losing body fat and traditionally this is the time that I fall of the wagon in some form or another. Its usually because I’m disappointed with my progress (not the case now), bored (trying to enjoy a variety of yummy foods this time) or I just get into that I’ve-been- depriving-myself-for-a-while-now-so-I-deserve-a-treat mindset. Previously I have been my own worst enemy literally talking myself into bad choices with the reasoning that “I’ll get back into it tomorrow / next week / whenever”. This time I’m on top of it as Operation Sub 65 is foremost in my mind.

So on that note I’ll wrap up today’s post and get stuck back into what I’m paid to do here. Hope you’re all having a good day.



Monday, June 02, 2008


Well I think the aftereffects of the weekend have hit me BIG TIME. I am very tired with absolutely no energy and a dull headache that has settled in since about 5pm. (I'm not dehydrated as I've had lots of water / herbal tea today).

It was around 11pm when I went to bed last night as I was cleaning up after the dinner. Then I was up at 5 to train and there's also not enough sleep from the night before compounding the issue.

But despite this I've stayed on track with my food today and I havent resorted to anything junky to make me feel better like I've done on countless occassions before. I've eaten my planned meals knowing that rest and sleep are what I need - not a sweet muffin, yeasty bun or toasted foccaccia.

So on that note I'm getting my running gear ready for tomorrow morning and then I'm hitting the sack for that much needed sleep. Will catch up with blogs tomorrow.

Good night all


Sunday, June 01, 2008


Phew what a busy day. Here's the abridged version coz its late and I SHOULD try to sleep.

Up just after 7 (BS needed feeding) and got stuck into my training - in my pyjamas LOL!! Did chest, shoulders, tris and a little bis and 30 mins moderate intensity cardio.

After food, shower, more food and getting washing underway it was time to hit the kitchen. BLISS!! I luuuurve cooking :-)

The dinner was a success. I prepared an antipasto platter with prosciutto, smoked ham, a couple of cheeses, olives, toast fingers with cream cheese, smoked trout and avocado, prosciutto and spinach frittata and meatballs in spicy tomato sauce. We then had slow roasted lamb shanks with white bean puree and caramelised onions however my lamb shanks didnt turn out quite like they should have so they will be on the menu again before winter is over. Dessert was a moderate fat version of tiramasu. So how did I handle tonight??

Drink in moderation - tick
Stop eating before I felt stuffed - tick
Enjoy dessert without guilt - tick
Clean away leftovers without stuffing more food in - tick
Happy with how I handled tonight - tick
In the right frame of mind to get straight back into clean eating tomorrow - tick.

Good night all. This happy camper is off to bed.