Thursday, June 19, 2008


I started today with a 40 mins + steady state run - well it was a jog actually. I'd like to be able to say that I cruised through it but when you're carrying about 10 unwanted kilos, no run/jog feels like a cruise LOL. But I did it and was happy with my HRM reading.

Work was mega busy today and in fact its been like that all week and looks to stay that way til the end of the year. I love my job when its like this. I feel energized, alive and motivated. I havent heard further about my interview but the way I feel now, I wouldnt even be upset if I missed out.

One disadvantage of the busier schedule is that I wont make my PT session tomorrow. I'll have to do an improvised back, core and bis workout at home but thats ok. Another thing was that because I was so on the go today I found it impossible to eat every 3 hours like I normally do. But I kept my food clean and on track and within my "skin healing diet" guidelines. I ended up guzzling heaps of water in the evening as that had suffered too. Although I'm sure nobody is interested, I'll post what I had today (sorry if this bores you to tears)

5.05am: 1/2 WPI (pre-training)
7.00am: I slice wholemeal toast, 1 egg (whole), 2 small rashers of lean middle bacon, mushroom (all cooked in a non-stick pan)
11.45am: green veg with chicken (same as yesterday)
3.45pm: soy cappuccino + Slim Secrets bar (Binge Buster)
6.30pm: stirfried green veges (different to lunch-time) + chicken with a spicy coating (This was in the freezer so I'm not sure exactly what was in it).

I dont log my food in CalKing anymore so cant report the cals or macronutrient totals but I'm happier doing this now.

Yippee for Friday tomorrow. I've decided to skip the whole floor morning tea as with my diet restrictions I'm sure there will be NOTHING suitable for me bar some fruit. I've made myself a nice salad and will just have a small tin of tuna with it. And I'm looking at this as "I'm choosing to eat like this to heal my skin" and not "oh I'm missing out on all the foods I love". I will however, look forward to a wine or two in the evening but keep my dinner mainly lean and clean.

On Saturday we are having dinner at my mum and dad's as it was Dad's birthday on Tuesday. Mum is cooking up some lovely favourites so that'll be a "free meal" which I can and will enjoy now that I'm not killing myself trying to win my RRLA. My plan is to:

1. Not over-eat on anything
2. Make sure I stick to my "2 treat" rule
3. Relax and enjoy the evening.

I think thats all doable.

Cheers all (and I dont mind if you secretly wish me luck in avoiding a major weekend blowout.)



Combat Girl said...

Hey Magda,

You don't need luck if that is what you want to achieve. You just need to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth.

Alcohol tends to make people more laid back and they tend to allow a few more calories to pass through their lips.

So as long as you know what your goals are for the weekend, you just need to suck it up and achieve them.

I always say in Combat, never drop your guard. No matter what it is for, always protect yourself. This includes goals with food.

Stay alert, stay focused and you will achieve.


Kek said...

Gotta agree on the alcohol - I've dropped it altogether for now, because I find it too hard to "just have one or two". Besides, once I pass the 2-glass mark, ANY food seems like a great idea. :o(

You can manage meals when you're busy or out of the office - I'm sure you've done it successfully in the past. Dig out that cooler bag.... I used to be on the road all day for work, and I never missed a meal. ME? Miss out on food? LOL.

You can do it Magda, but you have to believe that you can.

Magda said...

Thanks CG, good advice again!

Kek I also ditched the alcohol when I was prepping for comps last year. Better safe than sorry!!
Would you believe, I dont own a cooler bag. Never used one last year and still dont. (Maybe I should get one)