Thursday, June 26, 2008


Liz posed this question in her blog recently and I thought I'd draw on today's experience to answer it.

So what happened today? Well I travelled to the country for work again. But this time I went with another person from my office - a man in his early 40s. Single, smart, a bit of a larrikin (in a nice way) and a very grounded and happy person. Easy talker. The trip was pleasant and we had a very successful day workwise.

Now lets talk about the food. I picked him up at 8 oclock and off we headed. As we neared a major town about 90 minutes later he asked if we could stop for coffee. He told me that his breakfast had consisted of a coffee and some strawberries before he left home. I couldnt say no even though I always stop in that town but only to use the toilet. I dont buy food or drinks.

So we go into the cafe at the roadhouse and he orders a decaf latte and has a blueberry and custard danish with it. Hmmmm. The he says that he must get water for the trip, asks if I want one (I dont as I have a water bottle in the car) and buys a flavoured "vitamin water" or something equally bizarre. There's no plain H2O happening for him. Then to finish off his breakfast be buys a packet or Red Rock sweet chilli and sour cream chips. OMG I pass comment but dont want to make abig deal out of it. I AM GOBSMACKED!! Then he eats the chips in the car and the smell is just about making me puke. WTF??? I normally like those chips but something about them today - or maybe it was the fact that it was still somewhat early in the morning - just had my stomach turning.

Now lets get onto lunch. A toasted bacon and egg sandwich, a small ham and pineapple pizza, a small bottle of ginger beer and a slice of carrot and walnut cake. He was VERY hungry I was told.

Now how do you think this guy looks? (Remember he's over 40!!)

Well he's as lean as a guy in great shape. Flat abs, no love handles, just lean all over. I tell you THERE IS NO JUSTICE INN THIS WORLD!!!

So what does good health mean to me? It means a lot more than how you look. I believe that skinny (or lean) does NOT always mean good health. Imagine how his arteries would be and how his heart would cope with the clogging that his arteries would be building up.

Good health means eating well MOST OF THE TIME. You know things like fresh (or frozen) vegetables, fruit, good quality carbs and lean proteins. Treats are ok but in moderation.

Good health means being active for at least 3 days / week. Choose an activity you enjoy and just do it. There's no point in fretting about which exercise is the best. The best one is the one you enjoy doing because it means you'll stick with it.

Good health means choosing to be a positive and optimistic person. You know the glass can be half full just as easily as it can be half empty. Its your choice how you view it. I guarantee that a positive outlook will instantly have you walking taller, prouder and with a bounce to your step. Much better than dragging a miserable slumped frame around.

Good health is also about enough sleep, enough (waking) rest and leisure time and balance.

How healthy is your life?



Hilary said...

Must have been the day for driving! I drove to Toowoomba yesterday with my boss - and he sounds the total opposite of your driving companion! This one eats only one piece of fruit for the ENTIRE DAY! And that's not my idea of healthy either. (and he's certainly not fit or healthy looking!)

Hope you have a great weekend.

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Yes thats 2 extremes isnt it Hilary. I could NEVER survive on 1 piece of fruit. I'd be famished and at risk of collapsing (the Drama Queen I am). Hope your weekend is good too.



Kristy said...

Yes Magda I agree healthy to me. is how you live your life, not necesarily how you look...A relaxed, happy nature, eating well, exercising and living well...

Magda said...

Yep Kristy. Agree.


Kek said...

I'm endlessly fascinated by what other people eat, and how their health, physique and energy levels are affected.

I saw a boy in school uniform, walking to school the other day at about 8:45am. He'd have been 16 or so and he was smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of "V". Ugh. I felt sorry for him and disturbed about the future that lies in wait for him. :o(