Monday, June 02, 2008


Well I think the aftereffects of the weekend have hit me BIG TIME. I am very tired with absolutely no energy and a dull headache that has settled in since about 5pm. (I'm not dehydrated as I've had lots of water / herbal tea today).

It was around 11pm when I went to bed last night as I was cleaning up after the dinner. Then I was up at 5 to train and there's also not enough sleep from the night before compounding the issue.

But despite this I've stayed on track with my food today and I havent resorted to anything junky to make me feel better like I've done on countless occassions before. I've eaten my planned meals knowing that rest and sleep are what I need - not a sweet muffin, yeasty bun or toasted foccaccia.

So on that note I'm getting my running gear ready for tomorrow morning and then I'm hitting the sack for that much needed sleep. Will catch up with blogs tomorrow.

Good night all


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