Tuesday, June 03, 2008


There’s nothing like a decent sleep to make one feel a whole lot better the next day. It may have only been about 7 hours but it was pretty much uninterrupted and I woke up feeling good.

Today’s training was running which I hadn’t done for about 9 days when I was sick last week. I surprised myself with some sprint repeats after setting out to do one song walk / one song jog but found that too easy going. The whole session was just over 40 minutes and I felt fantastic when I got home.

I’m really aware that I’m now in my “danger zone” as far as my diet goes. This is my 3rd week of eating lean and clean with a view to losing body fat and traditionally this is the time that I fall of the wagon in some form or another. Its usually because I’m disappointed with my progress (not the case now), bored (trying to enjoy a variety of yummy foods this time) or I just get into that I’ve-been- depriving-myself-for-a-while-now-so-I-deserve-a-treat mindset. Previously I have been my own worst enemy literally talking myself into bad choices with the reasoning that “I’ll get back into it tomorrow / next week / whenever”. This time I’m on top of it as Operation Sub 65 is foremost in my mind.

So on that note I’ll wrap up today’s post and get stuck back into what I’m paid to do here. Hope you’re all having a good day.




About Me - Shar said...

HI Magda
Put that 3 week timeline you have for yourself in the bin!! As you are finding now, you can move through it and continue on the progress path you are travelling.

38 days to go!! See ya there at sub 65!
Shar x

Magda said...

Hi Shar,

yeah it'd be great to bin it once and for all. I'm working on it but I have a few weekend challenges to overcome first.

Gee 38 days isnt a lot is it!!??