Sunday, June 01, 2008


Phew what a busy day. Here's the abridged version coz its late and I SHOULD try to sleep.

Up just after 7 (BS needed feeding) and got stuck into my training - in my pyjamas LOL!! Did chest, shoulders, tris and a little bis and 30 mins moderate intensity cardio.

After food, shower, more food and getting washing underway it was time to hit the kitchen. BLISS!! I luuuurve cooking :-)

The dinner was a success. I prepared an antipasto platter with prosciutto, smoked ham, a couple of cheeses, olives, toast fingers with cream cheese, smoked trout and avocado, prosciutto and spinach frittata and meatballs in spicy tomato sauce. We then had slow roasted lamb shanks with white bean puree and caramelised onions however my lamb shanks didnt turn out quite like they should have so they will be on the menu again before winter is over. Dessert was a moderate fat version of tiramasu. So how did I handle tonight??

Drink in moderation - tick
Stop eating before I felt stuffed - tick
Enjoy dessert without guilt - tick
Clean away leftovers without stuffing more food in - tick
Happy with how I handled tonight - tick
In the right frame of mind to get straight back into clean eating tomorrow - tick.

Good night all. This happy camper is off to bed.




Shar said...

WOW Magda, your dinner sounded DELISH!!!!
Well done for keeping the Moderation in order, I'm looking forward to meeing you at the All Females and following your sub 65 journey to the date.
PS - Thanks for your e mail on the WNBF
Shar x

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Magda, I know how it feels to get all ticks - one word describes it all!



Magda said...

Hey Shar, I'm really looking forward to the All Females too. Watched the DVD of last year's comp to get me even more revved up. Felt a little sad I wasnt competing this year but then enjoyed some "off plan food" and felt better.

WAHOOOOO indeed Doris!!



Irene said...

I usually train in my pyjamas on the weekend too! lol hubby thinks i'm mad. Your dinner sounds devine, you must be a great cook :)

Magda said...

Thanks Irene. I love cooking for my family especially as its not the usual lean protein and steamed veges. Its nice to have treat meals every now and then.