Friday, June 06, 2008


OK I was doing really well with my eating and then on Wednesday I slipped up a bit and followed it up by eating 10,000 cals (it felt like it) on Thursday. Then lo and behold it was TTOM today (slapping forehead with palm of hand)

Now I've always insisted that any binges I have do NOT result from TTOM as I would binge at all different stages of my cycle. But on this occassion it was right before and I dont even know if this is the (usually) high risk time. Maybe, just maybe this binge was due to the effects of TTOM. If it was I'd be REALLY HAPPY (wierd I know) as I'd know when I was in the danger zone and I could plan accordingly.

Although today's eating wasnt "clean", at least I stuck to the usual meal and snack times and ate a normal amount of food with a couple of wines and nibbles at/before dinner time. Whilst its always hard putting a binge behind you and committing to getting back on track, I know that this is what I will do - no ifs or buts. Just do it and do it tomorrow :-)

I had some news today that is both scary and exciting but I'll post about it over the weekend when its not so late and I'm not as tired. As I was up several times last night I need to get a good night's sleep so I'll bid good night to all and say hello to my awaiting bed.

Enjoy the long weekend guys and visit again to read my news and what goes with it.




Charlotte Orr said...

Hey Magda, thanks for your comment. Yes, just before and sometimes at the start of TTOM is when your body needs the extra calories because of the extra metabolic activity and blood loss. If you are going to be eating extra food that's the best time. I have no such excuse, LOL. Hope you've slept well and look forward to hearing your news. C

Magda said...

Hi Charlotte,

yep I'll be more aware and better prepared next time around.