Sunday, June 15, 2008


So whats been happening with me since I last posted?

I spent Thursday night prepping for my interview on Friday. WH gave me some hypothetical questions and I prepared for them plus I got a heap of info off the net (thank GOd for Google).

Friday was a madly busy day. I had it all worked out as to what I'd do when but when it rolled around I ended up cancelling my PT session :-( as it was all getting too rushed and I knew that the pressure would freak me out even more. My interview was that afternoon and I didnt want to arrive feeling like I'd been through the wringer. I knew I would LEAVE feeling like that and that was enough.

So how did it go?

I'd be surprised if I got called back for round 2. I thought I did ok until the last question which I clearly didnt answer well. They helped me a little and the prompting allowed me to talk about the issue to some extent but not enough in my opinion. I've also spent about 3 hours over the weekend doing a written exercise that also forms part of the selection process. What will be, will be.

On Friday night I went out with the girls to see Sex and the City again. I loved it just as much the 2nd time around. Sadly some of the others werent as keen to kick on and my "big night out" fizzled after one drink after the movie :-( (I know who WONT be invited next time!!).

On Saturday I had a rare sleep in til 10am which is just unheard of for me. Sadly this meant that I missed my training. Saturday is my favourite training day coz I do a one hour cardio session. Today wasnt much better with just a brief walk to the shops and back. Yep things havent been great on the training front for me and that also means ..... yep diet :-(

I was going really well for almost 3 weeks but when I slipped up it felt like I was back at square one. What is it with square one that I feel compelled to return there over and over again? Its like I'm on a great positive roll. All is going well. I'm in the zone and doing everything right. And then BANG that switch is flicked and I'm doing everything wrong. The headset just does this about face and its like the old fat girl just takes hold again and I'm tired of battling with her over and over again.

I have 3 1/2 weeks before Melbourne and I dont know where to draw my strength from to beat the fat b*tch down and get myself back on track again.



Pip said...

Ya know Magda, I'm so with you. I can relate with feeling unstoppable, being on a roll that is liveable for life, feeling like I'm striving ahead, very strong minded and in control and even a little arrogant and cocky!

But I do the same, Seems that one thing leads to another when outta the zone till we give ourselves that BIG shove again!

Only solution I see to combat this permanently is prob what we know, - mental toughness with some non negotiable behaviour, - we can do it lots of the time but just guess we need to always do it, override our emotions and make controlled choices we are happy with always! (I'm still struggling and am saying this in regard to myself!)

You have had some GREAT accomplishments, have it in ya to do what you want so DON'T give up and lets see what targets attain which you set for yourself! I know you are very driven!!

But won't give up!


Magda said...

Thanks Pip,

those kind and helpful words mean a lot to me.

:-) Magda

Pip said...

I can see I sound so CRAIG HARPER here LOL, - I am just needing to make sure I transfer his ideas to my life so I am keeping on going over them LOL!!!!