Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Its hard to believe that its already the end of February. Time is going so fast. Some time ago I had set myself a mini-goal of being a certain weight by the end of Feb which I havent achieved but I'm totally ok with that as I did have a very (sinful) week off for my Sydney trip. I have since reviewed that mini-goal and am doing my best to achieve it - Operation 65/74 by March 23rd. One thing Sydney did for me is to give my weight loss a bit of a jolt and break through a barrier thats always been hard to achieve. So no regrets about indulging that week.

So what will March bring?

  • Another trip to Sydney with friends this time, to celebrate our anniversaries. Thats happening on the 23rd.
  • My SIL and her fiancee are moving to Adelaide and will be living quite close to us. In one way this is great as we'll be able to see them quite often but it does mean that there will be so much more temptataion to slip off my nutrition plan when we socialise with them. That'll really test me.
  • A big effort to achieve my Operation 65/74. This means taking the stairs at work, adding more sprints to my cardio and making sure that my nutrition is 95% on track. When my mindset is positive (like it is now) this is all quite easy but should the tide turn (as it always does), I will be tested yet again.

With all my weights sessions done for this week, I was slothing it on the couch last night watching DWTS, guilt free. What an indulgent evening. Today's cardio is my evening classes so it was just one lot of stairs on the way in to work this morning. How cruisy!! But I'm planning to give my all tonight and really belt out 2 great classes for a fantastic cardio workout.

Cheers all


Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Feeling all revved and raring to go this week. Yesterday I chucked in a second stair climb in the afternoon as I find that I get quite sluggish sitting at my desk for most of the day. Thats 2 out of the planned 4 already done. Eats have been good.

I havent worked today as I had to take BS for a speech session and it ran very late. So I put the day to very fruitful use by hitting the gym for a double weights session (back/abs and shoulders / tris). For some reason today, my strength on the curl grip pulldowns just wasnt there. I still managed 10 reps for 3 sets but that was the hardest its ever been and I've been on this weight for a few weeks now. Then to totally blow me away, the seated cable rows were easier than usual which is the opposite to every other back session I've done. Go figure!! I have some new tri exercises which is always interesting as we get used to a new routine and work our way up with the weights.

With all this training and other commitments today I found that I missed eating my lunch. Woops!! Not intentional but just how things panned out with the timing of training and PWO shake + fruit etc. Otherwise nutrition has been good.

Today's cardio was intervals of 15 secs each: walk/jog/run for about 20 mins (or 4 laps of my sprinting oval) then another 10 or so mins of ss run so that I'm at it for 30 mins. I must say I enjoy my cardio despite that its at 5.30 in the morning AND out in the dark and despite now doing sprints of some sort for a few sessions each week. When I first started sprinting it terrified me and my legs were soooo sore but now its just another cardio session that I look forward to.

Today WH asked me how I can run in the dark and expressed some concern about the safety aspect (thats why he's a WH :-) ) Well I can only say that I'm as careful as one can be. I only run where its well lit (or just very briefly in short dark spots) and habitated. If its a bit desserted or isolated I give it a big miss. Plus I always take my phone with me just in case and I dont go too far from home. My 50 and 100m sprints are done just at the end of my street so I always feel quite safe. Plus what other option do I have?? Not many with my schedule and circumstances.

So thats me in a nutshell. Chugging along ticking all the boxes (well just about all), taking 1 day at a time. Is there any other way??

Cheers all


Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm an honest and open person so last Friday I reported in to the Boss (Josh) that I'd had a CBB (cant be bothered) moment and didnt do the stairs at work even though I had planned to. Needless to say that Josh was not very impressed with this attitude and I concede that HE IS RIGHT. So from now on I vow to have no more CBB moments. Even though the stairs arent actually part of my training program (YET!!), if I decide to do them then I should do them and not have this slack CBB attitude.

So I have told Josh that I will do the stairs 4 times this week and I will. Number 1 was this morning. For cardio today I set out to do 20 x 50m sprints/50m recovery nana jogs + 6 x 100m sprints/recovery walks. Then I decided to up the 100m sprints to 8. No more CBB attitude. I was so buggered that the last 3 100m laps were a bit slower but I did it and then ran home. I felt great when it was done.

The weekend was good. Apart from a bit of wine on Saturday night (more to keep the peace with WH than for really wanting to drink wine) the diet was good. I didnt do my classes on Sunday as I took BS to a birthday party but I did fit in a short sharp 18 minute run despite the schedule being quite tight.

My Countdown to Comp chart now tells me I have 30 weeks to go to Sep 29th. On one hand it seems like ages but on the other I know it'll go so quickly. Plus I'd really like to be much leaner when I officially start prep. Never having done it before and not knowing exactly what to expect I'm just mindful of not making it harder than it has to be.

Ok enough waffling now. Time to sign off and do what I'm here to do.

Cheers all


Saturday, February 24, 2007


...yes I've just got to get this BMW off my chest. I am sick of being surrounded by tempting, crappy (but delicious!) food all day. Every Friday my floor has a big morning tea for everyone. There is always a range of the usual junky things and some fruit of which I have a few mouthfuls. But yesterday the table was groaning under cakes, biscuits, sausage rolls, corn chips, crackers, dips and more and not a piece of fruit in sight. Thats M1 off my chest.

Now for M2: Usually the stuff goes pretty quickly and the fruit lingers around for the day. So why was it that yesterday this huge plate of what looked like anzac biscuits lasted ALL DAY. Along with an assortment of the other junk it was there teasing me ALL DAY.

Ready for M3??!! I dont know how many catered meetings were held in the conference room on our floor but there was also a steady stream of even more cakes and pastries coming out as left-overs from the meetings. It just seemed never ending. Cakes, more cakes and even more cakes.

Oh and to put the icing on the cake I had to go to the Central Market (the greatest food place ever in Adelaide) and with a bit of time on my hands wanted to have a look around before I bought something for WH's dinner. Yep you guessed it cakes, breads, pastries and every delectable morsel you can imagine.

It took all my strength to resist this never ending stream of temptations but I did it.

To end on a happy note, I had a wonderful night out with the girls (quite impromptu) going to a concert and then out for coffee (or peppermint tea for me) afterwards. Oh and there wasnt a cake in sight at our table :-)..

Cheers all


Friday, February 23, 2007


Yes I too could have a BMW session today (thanks for this gem Liz) but will refrain. There has been so much going on, all of it putting pressures on my time, my sense of calm and my ability to stay focussed on my goals. On many occassions this week I could easily have slipped back into some very bad, but very comfortable old habits. It really has felt like a long hard slog at times.

But I'm pleased to say that I have stayed on track with both nutrition and training. I can now take comfort in the fact that I wasnt beaten, I was strong enough to stick to my plan, even when things got tough. Having said that, it wasnt all bad but I'm looking forward to a more "normal" time next week, whatever that may be.

I did a SS run this morning, increasing my distance but did it in my usual time. Thats 1 for me! Aerobically I felt great but my legs were quite tired and heavy (must be from yesterday's sprints which were harder than before). I pushed on nevertheless. I was planning to do the 200+ stairs as well but had a CBB (cant be bothered) moment at the last minute and took the lift instead. Justification: My legs are tired and I want them to be fresh for tomorrow's weights session. Thats 1 for the sloth. Some you win, some you dont.

After a pretty ordinary weekend last weekend, WH is itching to go out so we're heading out to a new local family bistro as BS will be with us too. Lets hope they have food suitable for me to eat and its not all something-or-other with chips. I'm looking forward to having a little wine too :-)



Thursday, February 22, 2007


What started as a high for being able to get my skinny skirt on, zipped up and buttoned up ended in a major stranglement by the end of my work day.

Note to self: A skirt that is snug (polite term) at the start of the day will, without doubt, get snugger as the day progresses. All that food and water takes up space which is forced to squeeze into the snug skirt. If one doesnt want to be strangled by one's skirt, one should only wear skirts that have a little more room than zero.

Needless to say, today I have a very stylish black dress on that has no waistband. It has a DKNY label and looks fantastic, making me feel that way too.

I had another night of bad sleep, despite being very tired from having slept badly every night since last Sunday. I woke up somewhere between 1 and 1.30 despite trying so hard to not wake up. I had a little bite on my left arm and ended up scratching it which then really had me awake and imagining spiders crawling around in my bedroom and biting me in my sleep. I know I was awake for at least 2 hours so am struggling a bit this morning.

Last night's classes were just awesome again. I had incredible energy and really put it out there. Trained back and abs too which was another good session. Although I have no posing ability whatsoever (yet!) I'm trying to check my progress with my muscle development but I swear I have no lats and this is of some concern. Must bring it up with Josh at next set of photos. And even though I was dead tired this morning, I got up and did another sprint session and then took the 200+ stairs at work.

Have a good one guys, til tomorrow


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hoowee, what a day it was yesterday. Issues at work had my stress levels climbing, some private stuff was pushing them up even further and I was exchanging "venting emails" with WH (who was NOT the cause of any of the stress, by the way). Previously, days like that would have me virtually cleaning out the charity junk food box before heading to the local snack bars for further "comfort". But I'm so pleased to say that yesterday was different and although I had a few extra sugar free lollies, there was no other slip in my resolve. Thats one for me!

Later in the afternoon WH and I had an appointment that ran soooo late that we got home much later than usual. Then its time to prepare dinner and I have 3 different dinners to make. Thats not a complaint, just a statement of how I choose to manage my and my family's nutrition. Its all under control. The "evening schedule" seems to take for ever its almost 8.30 before I have "me time". Now its crunch time! Do I flop in front of the TV to watch the rest of DWTS justifying it with "well its been a long, hard day so I deserve this" or do I bite the bullet and train?

Yes I chose to train. Moved my weights to the family room, put the TV on in the exercise room, didnt miss a step on DWTS (well not many anyway) and did shoulders and tris. Blitzed shoulders too with weight increases, rep increases and improvements in form. Was sooooo proud that I did it. I did get to bed a bit later than what I would have liked but I also knew that even if I had gone earlier, I wouldnt have gotten to sleep quickly. Sleeping is not the greatest at the moment but it'll pass.

Today I have one of my "skinny skirts" on. Its still a little tight but because its lined, it looks ok. I'm just so glad that I'm in it. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and it wouldnt do up so I now have cold hard evidence of progress :-)

Bring on the next weigh and measure!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


With no weight training scheduled for last night I was wandering around the house like a bit of a lost soul. BS was tucked safely into bed, WH was watering the crispy plants outside (its been very hot and dry here) and me...well I was waiting for Desperate Housewives to begin. That was the highlight of my evening. Sad hey??!!

I was up at my usual time this morning and 2 minutes before setting out for my run, it started raining. WTF!!! I just couldnt face the exercise bike in the hot and stuffy exercise room so I braved the rain. Plus I was convinced it wouldnt last. Well I didnt get too far before I woosed out and made my way home to finish the cardio session on the dreaded bike. I cant say that today's cardio inspired me or left me feeling great, but I guess I wont always have those awesome sessions. The main thing is that I did cardio despite adverse conditions, whereas in the past the rain would have been reason enough to chuck it in for that day. Oh and let me not forget that I took the 206 stairs up to my floor at work to compensate for the earlier session. Just a little bit of extra cardio to boost the day's total.

Well its finally back!! The new series of Dancing With The Stars starts tonight and I cant wait. Luckily tonight is shoulders and tris which is my shortest session so it'll fit nicely around the show. You might question where my priorities lie, but I just call it multi-tasking :-)



Monday, February 19, 2007


That's me on the left and my beautiful SIL on the right. Yes we have matching "I love the night life" T-shirts lol.
On Saturday we had a family BBQ at my parents' place. I said no to the wine, the nibbles - including mum's to-die-for-cheese-scones, sausages, potato salad, garlic bread and even desert - mum's to-die-for-caramel-slice. I drank gallons of soda water with lime and had about the right portion of the best available proteins and tons of tossed salad. I talked my way through desert. I went there really determined to not pig out and I was really pleased that I didnt. Cant say the same about my poor mum. She looked quite disappointed that I wasnt tucking in (like I usually do!!)
I also had an excellent weekend training wise. Just moderate intensity cardio on Saturday as I did legs later that morning. Great session, every rep felt effective :-). Then on Sunday I taught my classes and was so in the zone through step that I got to the stage where I just wasnt getting enough O2. Had to get off the step, walk around to recover and then hop back on. Woops!! I tell you, I was on fire!! I even managed to do chest and bis later on Sunday even though I was quite tired after after the morning's classes. On my push-ups (from feet/hands on low bench) I managed 20 reps in my 2nd set. Was very pleased with that!! What an awesome weekend that was.
So cause I'm firing on all cylinders I pushed out a tough cardio session this morning. I jogged to my sprint tracks (just down the road) then did 6 x 180m sprints with 100m recover walks; 6 x 100m sprints with short recovery walks; 2 x 50m sprints; run home. The 180m sprints really take it out of me so by the time I was up to the 50m ones I hardly had anything left in the tank. The run home finished me off nicely :-)
I weighed and measured on the weekend too. I cant believe that after a few days home and eating clean and training again I weigh less than what I did before I went to Sydney. WTF!! I expected at least 2 kilos back on. So I'm sitting just over 67 kgs but I know I need to work my butt off to break under this weight. So my "Operation 65/74" still wont be a walk in the park.
Well bring it on. This time I'm doing it!!

Friday, February 16, 2007


After reading Lia's and Katie's blogs I've decided to hop on the "Opertation..." bandwagon. Mine is Operation 65/74": 65 kilos OR 74cms waist measurement by 23rd March. Its a pretty ambitious goal but I'm determined to give it my best shot. On that weekend, WH and I are going to Sydney with my best friend and her husband. We'll all be celebrating our anniversaries there (ours is on the 26th so its perfect timing) and I want to look good for that trip. As for my reward, I just want to be able to wear some of my beautiful thin clothes that have sat in my wardrobe since I've been heavy again. That will be a huge treat for me :-)

So I'm focussing on my positive mindset and drawing strength from my desire to succeed (thanks for this insight Liz). I have yet to weigh and measure to check where I'm starting from but will do this shortly. So its clean eats, minimal alcohol and training with passion and determination for the next 5 weeks. I know the going will get tough at times but this is a good chance to show what I'm made of.

We have a bbq at my parents' place tomorrow with some of my family. No alcohol for me and I'm going to sit as far away from the nibbles as possible. Mum usually does some nice chicken and a tossed salad so eats should be ok. Saying no to desert will test me though. I'm planning to train legs on Saturday and I have a new program which I'm looking forward to trying. If all goes well, I'll even do chest/bis on Sunday which gives me a great headstart on my weight training for the week. Its going to be a scorching weekend so I'll decide which cardio is best at the time on Saturday. Sunday will be my classes. I need to clock up a few really good days to get me on a strong start.

So thats it for me. Have a great weekend all.


Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wow, what a fantastic trip. There's something about being in holiday mode that just lifts your spirits and lets you leave your cares behind. And I certainly did just that. I've had just under a week of being totally off program. I dont dare weigh or measure for at least a week as I can feel every extra gram and added centimetre. I guess there's always a price to pay for such an indulgence.

Whilst in Sydney we went to see Priscilla (the stage show) and made a big night of it with drinks first, then dinner, the show and then more drinks after the show. The show was absolutely magnificent. Excellent music (yes I'm an 80s tragic!!), fantastic costumes and Nick Hardcastle who played Felicia (played by Guy Pearce in the original movie) was hot, hot, hot!!! God, did he have great legs. I was so jealous :-) I cant recommend it highly enough if you have 1/2 a chance to see it, make sure you do. You wont be sorry.

SIL had a wonderful time too. We also mozied around Darling Harbour quite a bit and she took us to the Lindt Cafe. OMG!! Even though I'm not a great chocolate lover I had the world's best hot chocolate ever. Picture this: a pot of melted lindt chocolate and a small pitcher of hot, frothed milk and an empty cup and saucer. You mix it together yourself and its absolutely divine. Most of the cakes/biscuits were way too chocolatey for my liking but I did manage a little morsel that was essentially a vanilla cake with a bit of white chocolate in it and rasberry chips on the top. Nice!

So I could rave on and on about the whole Sydney thing but I wont bore you all with the details. I have spent the morning catching up on everyone's blogs which is a daily "must do task". Lia, thanks so much for posting your "Honesty is the Best Policy" blog entry. I really needed to read about your struggles with this whole dieting thing. Its comforting to know that I dont struggle alone. I swear I have this Jeckyl andf Hyde thing happening. I can rack up several days or even weeks of being right on track and doing all the right things and then out of the blue I transform into a sloth and I eat crap and dont train at all. Years ago my WH bought me a birthday card with a little badge on it that reads "sin now, pray later" and it so sums me up.

OK now thatI've got all that off my chest I will just have to Jeckyl back into "Magda, Figure Competitor" and get back on with the task of dieting, cardioing, weight training and positively reinforcing that I can do this, I will do this and I will succeed.

I'm on my way already. I did my classes last night, did a 30 minute steady state jog this morning AND took the stairs up to my office which is on LEVEL 11. Needless to say, my legs are screaming after the break from training and then to be hit like this in 12 or so hours.

Have a great day all


Friday, February 09, 2007


I dont know if its because I'm so tired, or if my system is out of whack after last weekend, or a myriad of other possibilities but I'm feeling down. I was really down in the dumps last night with no motivation to train. I forced myself to do chest/bis but my strength was down too and I dragged myself through the session. I couldnt wait to go to bed.

I slept ok but had another period of being awake after 3am. My alarm went off at 5.10 and I seriously didnt want to get up but I did. After having my shake, my hot lemon drink and dressing in my running gear, I lay on the sofa praying that I would fall back asleep and miss the cardio session. But that wasnt to be and I did the 20 x 20sec sprints/40sec recovery session. Cant say I felt much better when it was over.

I need to get out of this rut as tomorrow we leave for Sydney for 5 days. Its my wonderful sister-in-laws 40th birthday and its celebration time. I dont want to be moping around dragging down everyone's mood. And I dont want to feel depressed either. I want to be enjoying it all with her. Needless to say there will be a fair bit of eating off plan and enjoying a glass or several...and I dont mean water ..wink wink!!

Will be back to blog again middle of next week.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


I had no classes last night as WH and I attended a Parent Information night at BS's kindy/school. What an enlightening evening but as I lay in bed trying to get to sleep much later than usual my mind could only focus on my performance as a parent. Was I doing enough? Was I doing the right things? Was I doing things right? Was I making sure my son would develop into the well rounded person that we hope for. The questions were endless and they kept me awake for some time. Not sure that I had all the answers but I know this will spark some great discussion with WH.

As a result of this huge "think session" I got to sleep much later than my preferred 10pmish time :-( and am very tired today. This morning's cardio was a 30 min steady state run, which I now only do about once a week. After we get back from Sydney, my aim is to introduce 1 new cardio format every week. Whether its variety in the type of exercise or just playing around with different sprint combos, whatever, I just want to keep it varied and interesting.

Dinner was out last night at a nice Italian Cafe close to BS's school. I'm pleased to say that I resisted the huge urge to have pasta, garlic bread and a glass of red wine and chose the warm chook salad and had Diet Coke. Big achievement considering where I was at with food just a few days ago. I felt great afterwards, even though it was a very ordinary chook salad.

I have chest and bis to train tonight and then my weights are done and dusted for the week. Oh and lucky me, Josh has given me next week off training as I'll be holidaying in Sydney for 5 days with not much opportunity for any decent weight training. So its just cardio and trying to keep the eating under control...oh and lets not forget the biggest temptation...ALCOHOL. SIL is having her 40th so a drink or two is surely to be consumed.

Cheers all


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Firstly let me say that all is going well. I didnt need to train last night as I did a double weights session in the morning but I did some moderate intensity cardio in the afternoon. Eating was right on track too.

So why am I refelctive today? I try hard to not dwell on the past and all the mistakes that I have made but I think there is benefit in looking back on events and learning from them so you dont repeat the same mistakes over and over. Having said that I've been thinking about last weekend and how I totally lost the plot and lost control of my eating. I have planned some strategies to try if/when I feel like that again. Just little things to do to prevent such a negative blowout again. I have a big jar of pickled vegetables in my pantry, just perfect if I'm craving something salty, sour, crunchy etc. I also have some dried dates which are so sweet that just a few should satisfy a craving for sweets. Then there is always the option of just getting out of the kitchen/house and doing something right away from food. I know it may take all my strength to choose these options in future, but being able to do so will only help me get to the figure bb stage. Thats incentive enough....I hope.

I've been quite hungry today too. Its just meant that some of meals/snacks were a bit earlier than usual and luckily I had a busy afternoon so that took my mind off my rumbling tummy for a while. The thing I love most about eating clean is that there is some food on the menu every 3 or so hours. I mean how hard is it to stick to your plan when you're eating so often? And nice yuumy stuff too. I make a point of not having anything that I downright hate and luckily my nutrition plan is still flexible enough to allow me to do that :-)

Glutes are sore today which is a real bonus. Legs are getting stronger and capable of lifting heavier weights but there is only so much I can hold in DBs so I've been concerned about how effective my leg training is. Anyway the Master (aka Josh) has warned that I will really hate him after next week's legs session which he has changed. What makes him think that it'll take til next week for me to hate him :-)
. Just kidding! Love ya Josh :-))


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Reflecting on yesterday I can proudly say that it was a good day. I ate clean, I cardioed hard and my shoulder/tricpes session was great. All that aside, its the mental state that makes the biggest difference. When I'm feeling positive and empowered life breezes along. Challenges are faced and conquered and the result is that I feel even more positive. But if the tide turns, as it did last weekend I need to find strategies to deal with those negative times. I guess its all apart of the journey. Sometimes the road will be long but smooth and sometimes it'll be so bumpy that progress seems to slow right down.

I'm not at work today as I need to take care of some important personal maintenance. A visit to the chiro this morning has sorted out my very sore neck and I'm feeling much better. I used my free time before the chiro to hit the gym and did 2 sessions back to back: legs first and then straight into back/abs. Awesome! My strength on the curl grip pulldowns just gets better and better and today's back program was a really good one. Heavier on the curl grips and a bit lighter on the wide grip pulldowns so all my reps had good form :-).

I've also treated myself to the new gym gear I had planned when I reached my next mini goal. After checking out what all the fancy sports stores had and not being overly impressed with it, I ended up looking in Target and found some excellent pieces at a fraction of the price + got another 15% off. But thats not even the best bit! The 3/4 black pants I chose were a size 8 and they look fantastic. Now I know Target has quite generous sizing but I dont care. The number on the tag is an "8" and I'm happier than happy :-))

So thats my shallow little brag for the day. Now its time to go and clean out my pantry before a visit to the doctors for more personal maintenance.

Have a great day all


Monday, February 05, 2007


Well I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I had a "less than ideal" weekend in terms of my nutrition. In fact it was downright BAD!! It was like something clicked and I just wanted to eat everything in sight, and I dont mean lean protein and salad. It made me realise that old habits die hard and had me momentarily doubting whether I could do this. The mind is such a powerful thing and I cant afford to have it working against me.

So this morning I hit my cardio session hard. 6 x 180m sprints with 100m recovery walk in between, then 6 x 100m sprints with 15-20 sec recovery in between and 4 min jog warm-up and return home. All up 29 minutes and I felt sick when I got home :-) Hope it burned off a few of the extra calories.

Had a wonderful day off on Friday. Got heaps done and enjoyed the time spent with BS. On Saturday I did some fill in classes - 3 to be exact - including a BodyPump class to finish. On Josh's advice I worked it hard and in many tracks my muscles were screaming by the end. Later that afternoon I experienced major tiredness and knew that there would be no more weight training on the weekend for me. I did my usual cardio classes on Sunday in extreme heat - again. Although we have ac at the gym, I dont always feel the benefit of it if I'm doing full on cardio.

And as for Sunday, well I spent the day eating. Need I say more. Actually I prepared food for this week and took care of domestic chores so I did manage something productive. Today has gone well and even though I've been dreaming of foods I shouldnt be eating, I've stayed strong and kept the nutrition clean and on track.

Wish me luck to get over these backward steps and to find the strength to keep moving forward.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today's meeting with Tanita was a bit of a let down but I havent let it get me down. My measurements had dropped a little and I'm feeling better as each day goes by so its a big pfff to the scales which were telling me I'd gained .6. What would they know anyway!

Josh prescribed a different cardio sprint session for me today and it was great. I jogged to my local oval and did 20 sec sprint/40 sec recovery splits for 20 minutes, then jogged home. The whole session took 30 minutes and the time goes so much quicker than on a steady state run.

Last night I did back and abs at the gym and saw a little bit more improvement on some of the exercises. Curl grip pulldowns are my absolute favourites as I just feel so strong in that position. Shame I cant say the same about wide grips as well. Still struggling a bit with those. Then followed up with my classes but had lower than normal energy. My bet is that its just my legs being tired from the previous night's weights and the day before's sprints. The things we do to get into shape. If you'd have told me that I'd be doing sprint runs, heavy leg weights, 90 minute cardio sessions when I'm teaching and some "lighter cardio" (eg steady state runs) to fill in the other days, I'd have said "NO WAY! I CANT DO ALL THAT" But look at me! I'm doing it all and dare I say I'm even enjoying it...well some of the time :-)

I'm having the day off work tomorrow as its the last day before BS goes back to kindy. Cant wait to hang out with my gorgeous boy. Life is good :-)