Monday, February 05, 2007


Well I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I had a "less than ideal" weekend in terms of my nutrition. In fact it was downright BAD!! It was like something clicked and I just wanted to eat everything in sight, and I dont mean lean protein and salad. It made me realise that old habits die hard and had me momentarily doubting whether I could do this. The mind is such a powerful thing and I cant afford to have it working against me.

So this morning I hit my cardio session hard. 6 x 180m sprints with 100m recovery walk in between, then 6 x 100m sprints with 15-20 sec recovery in between and 4 min jog warm-up and return home. All up 29 minutes and I felt sick when I got home :-) Hope it burned off a few of the extra calories.

Had a wonderful day off on Friday. Got heaps done and enjoyed the time spent with BS. On Saturday I did some fill in classes - 3 to be exact - including a BodyPump class to finish. On Josh's advice I worked it hard and in many tracks my muscles were screaming by the end. Later that afternoon I experienced major tiredness and knew that there would be no more weight training on the weekend for me. I did my usual cardio classes on Sunday in extreme heat - again. Although we have ac at the gym, I dont always feel the benefit of it if I'm doing full on cardio.

And as for Sunday, well I spent the day eating. Need I say more. Actually I prepared food for this week and took care of domestic chores so I did manage something productive. Today has gone well and even though I've been dreaming of foods I shouldnt be eating, I've stayed strong and kept the nutrition clean and on track.

Wish me luck to get over these backward steps and to find the strength to keep moving forward.


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