Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm an honest and open person so last Friday I reported in to the Boss (Josh) that I'd had a CBB (cant be bothered) moment and didnt do the stairs at work even though I had planned to. Needless to say that Josh was not very impressed with this attitude and I concede that HE IS RIGHT. So from now on I vow to have no more CBB moments. Even though the stairs arent actually part of my training program (YET!!), if I decide to do them then I should do them and not have this slack CBB attitude.

So I have told Josh that I will do the stairs 4 times this week and I will. Number 1 was this morning. For cardio today I set out to do 20 x 50m sprints/50m recovery nana jogs + 6 x 100m sprints/recovery walks. Then I decided to up the 100m sprints to 8. No more CBB attitude. I was so buggered that the last 3 100m laps were a bit slower but I did it and then ran home. I felt great when it was done.

The weekend was good. Apart from a bit of wine on Saturday night (more to keep the peace with WH than for really wanting to drink wine) the diet was good. I didnt do my classes on Sunday as I took BS to a birthday party but I did fit in a short sharp 18 minute run despite the schedule being quite tight.

My Countdown to Comp chart now tells me I have 30 weeks to go to Sep 29th. On one hand it seems like ages but on the other I know it'll go so quickly. Plus I'd really like to be much leaner when I officially start prep. Never having done it before and not knowing exactly what to expect I'm just mindful of not making it harder than it has to be.

Ok enough waffling now. Time to sign off and do what I'm here to do.

Cheers all


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Splice said...

Hi Magda!
You have a great attitude towards your comp. Even though it's 30 weeks out, its best to be ahead of the game.
As for the CBB moments, I get them too, but I always get on with the cardio regardless because once you start, its all good. It's nowhere near as bad as you think it will be.
Keep going, your doing so well :-)