Thursday, February 08, 2007


I had no classes last night as WH and I attended a Parent Information night at BS's kindy/school. What an enlightening evening but as I lay in bed trying to get to sleep much later than usual my mind could only focus on my performance as a parent. Was I doing enough? Was I doing the right things? Was I doing things right? Was I making sure my son would develop into the well rounded person that we hope for. The questions were endless and they kept me awake for some time. Not sure that I had all the answers but I know this will spark some great discussion with WH.

As a result of this huge "think session" I got to sleep much later than my preferred 10pmish time :-( and am very tired today. This morning's cardio was a 30 min steady state run, which I now only do about once a week. After we get back from Sydney, my aim is to introduce 1 new cardio format every week. Whether its variety in the type of exercise or just playing around with different sprint combos, whatever, I just want to keep it varied and interesting.

Dinner was out last night at a nice Italian Cafe close to BS's school. I'm pleased to say that I resisted the huge urge to have pasta, garlic bread and a glass of red wine and chose the warm chook salad and had Diet Coke. Big achievement considering where I was at with food just a few days ago. I felt great afterwards, even though it was a very ordinary chook salad.

I have chest and bis to train tonight and then my weights are done and dusted for the week. Oh and lucky me, Josh has given me next week off training as I'll be holidaying in Sydney for 5 days with not much opportunity for any decent weight training. So its just cardio and trying to keep the eating under control...oh and lets not forget the biggest temptation...ALCOHOL. SIL is having her 40th so a drink or two is surely to be consumed.

Cheers all


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