Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hoowee, what a day it was yesterday. Issues at work had my stress levels climbing, some private stuff was pushing them up even further and I was exchanging "venting emails" with WH (who was NOT the cause of any of the stress, by the way). Previously, days like that would have me virtually cleaning out the charity junk food box before heading to the local snack bars for further "comfort". But I'm so pleased to say that yesterday was different and although I had a few extra sugar free lollies, there was no other slip in my resolve. Thats one for me!

Later in the afternoon WH and I had an appointment that ran soooo late that we got home much later than usual. Then its time to prepare dinner and I have 3 different dinners to make. Thats not a complaint, just a statement of how I choose to manage my and my family's nutrition. Its all under control. The "evening schedule" seems to take for ever its almost 8.30 before I have "me time". Now its crunch time! Do I flop in front of the TV to watch the rest of DWTS justifying it with "well its been a long, hard day so I deserve this" or do I bite the bullet and train?

Yes I chose to train. Moved my weights to the family room, put the TV on in the exercise room, didnt miss a step on DWTS (well not many anyway) and did shoulders and tris. Blitzed shoulders too with weight increases, rep increases and improvements in form. Was sooooo proud that I did it. I did get to bed a bit later than what I would have liked but I also knew that even if I had gone earlier, I wouldnt have gotten to sleep quickly. Sleeping is not the greatest at the moment but it'll pass.

Today I have one of my "skinny skirts" on. Its still a little tight but because its lined, it looks ok. I'm just so glad that I'm in it. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and it wouldnt do up so I now have cold hard evidence of progress :-)

Bring on the next weigh and measure!


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