Monday, February 19, 2007


That's me on the left and my beautiful SIL on the right. Yes we have matching "I love the night life" T-shirts lol.
On Saturday we had a family BBQ at my parents' place. I said no to the wine, the nibbles - including mum's to-die-for-cheese-scones, sausages, potato salad, garlic bread and even desert - mum's to-die-for-caramel-slice. I drank gallons of soda water with lime and had about the right portion of the best available proteins and tons of tossed salad. I talked my way through desert. I went there really determined to not pig out and I was really pleased that I didnt. Cant say the same about my poor mum. She looked quite disappointed that I wasnt tucking in (like I usually do!!)
I also had an excellent weekend training wise. Just moderate intensity cardio on Saturday as I did legs later that morning. Great session, every rep felt effective :-). Then on Sunday I taught my classes and was so in the zone through step that I got to the stage where I just wasnt getting enough O2. Had to get off the step, walk around to recover and then hop back on. Woops!! I tell you, I was on fire!! I even managed to do chest and bis later on Sunday even though I was quite tired after after the morning's classes. On my push-ups (from feet/hands on low bench) I managed 20 reps in my 2nd set. Was very pleased with that!! What an awesome weekend that was.
So cause I'm firing on all cylinders I pushed out a tough cardio session this morning. I jogged to my sprint tracks (just down the road) then did 6 x 180m sprints with 100m recover walks; 6 x 100m sprints with short recovery walks; 2 x 50m sprints; run home. The 180m sprints really take it out of me so by the time I was up to the 50m ones I hardly had anything left in the tank. The run home finished me off nicely :-)
I weighed and measured on the weekend too. I cant believe that after a few days home and eating clean and training again I weigh less than what I did before I went to Sydney. WTF!! I expected at least 2 kilos back on. So I'm sitting just over 67 kgs but I know I need to work my butt off to break under this weight. So my "Operation 65/74" still wont be a walk in the park.
Well bring it on. This time I'm doing it!!


Splice said...

I love the picture, especially the matching t-shirts, nice and bright lol ;-)
You are so good and im so happy you came back feeling so good about everything.
Well done Magda :-)

Magda said...

Thanks Splice,

I didnt feel so good first thing after getting back but I'm over that now. No point crying over spilt milk as they say. Onwards and upwards is the best philosophy.