Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Feeling all revved and raring to go this week. Yesterday I chucked in a second stair climb in the afternoon as I find that I get quite sluggish sitting at my desk for most of the day. Thats 2 out of the planned 4 already done. Eats have been good.

I havent worked today as I had to take BS for a speech session and it ran very late. So I put the day to very fruitful use by hitting the gym for a double weights session (back/abs and shoulders / tris). For some reason today, my strength on the curl grip pulldowns just wasnt there. I still managed 10 reps for 3 sets but that was the hardest its ever been and I've been on this weight for a few weeks now. Then to totally blow me away, the seated cable rows were easier than usual which is the opposite to every other back session I've done. Go figure!! I have some new tri exercises which is always interesting as we get used to a new routine and work our way up with the weights.

With all this training and other commitments today I found that I missed eating my lunch. Woops!! Not intentional but just how things panned out with the timing of training and PWO shake + fruit etc. Otherwise nutrition has been good.

Today's cardio was intervals of 15 secs each: walk/jog/run for about 20 mins (or 4 laps of my sprinting oval) then another 10 or so mins of ss run so that I'm at it for 30 mins. I must say I enjoy my cardio despite that its at 5.30 in the morning AND out in the dark and despite now doing sprints of some sort for a few sessions each week. When I first started sprinting it terrified me and my legs were soooo sore but now its just another cardio session that I look forward to.

Today WH asked me how I can run in the dark and expressed some concern about the safety aspect (thats why he's a WH :-) ) Well I can only say that I'm as careful as one can be. I only run where its well lit (or just very briefly in short dark spots) and habitated. If its a bit desserted or isolated I give it a big miss. Plus I always take my phone with me just in case and I dont go too far from home. My 50 and 100m sprints are done just at the end of my street so I always feel quite safe. Plus what other option do I have?? Not many with my schedule and circumstances.

So thats me in a nutshell. Chugging along ticking all the boxes (well just about all), taking 1 day at a time. Is there any other way??

Cheers all


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