Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wow, what a fantastic trip. There's something about being in holiday mode that just lifts your spirits and lets you leave your cares behind. And I certainly did just that. I've had just under a week of being totally off program. I dont dare weigh or measure for at least a week as I can feel every extra gram and added centimetre. I guess there's always a price to pay for such an indulgence.

Whilst in Sydney we went to see Priscilla (the stage show) and made a big night of it with drinks first, then dinner, the show and then more drinks after the show. The show was absolutely magnificent. Excellent music (yes I'm an 80s tragic!!), fantastic costumes and Nick Hardcastle who played Felicia (played by Guy Pearce in the original movie) was hot, hot, hot!!! God, did he have great legs. I was so jealous :-) I cant recommend it highly enough if you have 1/2 a chance to see it, make sure you do. You wont be sorry.

SIL had a wonderful time too. We also mozied around Darling Harbour quite a bit and she took us to the Lindt Cafe. OMG!! Even though I'm not a great chocolate lover I had the world's best hot chocolate ever. Picture this: a pot of melted lindt chocolate and a small pitcher of hot, frothed milk and an empty cup and saucer. You mix it together yourself and its absolutely divine. Most of the cakes/biscuits were way too chocolatey for my liking but I did manage a little morsel that was essentially a vanilla cake with a bit of white chocolate in it and rasberry chips on the top. Nice!

So I could rave on and on about the whole Sydney thing but I wont bore you all with the details. I have spent the morning catching up on everyone's blogs which is a daily "must do task". Lia, thanks so much for posting your "Honesty is the Best Policy" blog entry. I really needed to read about your struggles with this whole dieting thing. Its comforting to know that I dont struggle alone. I swear I have this Jeckyl andf Hyde thing happening. I can rack up several days or even weeks of being right on track and doing all the right things and then out of the blue I transform into a sloth and I eat crap and dont train at all. Years ago my WH bought me a birthday card with a little badge on it that reads "sin now, pray later" and it so sums me up.

OK now thatI've got all that off my chest I will just have to Jeckyl back into "Magda, Figure Competitor" and get back on with the task of dieting, cardioing, weight training and positively reinforcing that I can do this, I will do this and I will succeed.

I'm on my way already. I did my classes last night, did a 30 minute steady state jog this morning AND took the stairs up to my office which is on LEVEL 11. Needless to say, my legs are screaming after the break from training and then to be hit like this in 12 or so hours.

Have a great day all


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