Thursday, February 22, 2007


What started as a high for being able to get my skinny skirt on, zipped up and buttoned up ended in a major stranglement by the end of my work day.

Note to self: A skirt that is snug (polite term) at the start of the day will, without doubt, get snugger as the day progresses. All that food and water takes up space which is forced to squeeze into the snug skirt. If one doesnt want to be strangled by one's skirt, one should only wear skirts that have a little more room than zero.

Needless to say, today I have a very stylish black dress on that has no waistband. It has a DKNY label and looks fantastic, making me feel that way too.

I had another night of bad sleep, despite being very tired from having slept badly every night since last Sunday. I woke up somewhere between 1 and 1.30 despite trying so hard to not wake up. I had a little bite on my left arm and ended up scratching it which then really had me awake and imagining spiders crawling around in my bedroom and biting me in my sleep. I know I was awake for at least 2 hours so am struggling a bit this morning.

Last night's classes were just awesome again. I had incredible energy and really put it out there. Trained back and abs too which was another good session. Although I have no posing ability whatsoever (yet!) I'm trying to check my progress with my muscle development but I swear I have no lats and this is of some concern. Must bring it up with Josh at next set of photos. And even though I was dead tired this morning, I got up and did another sprint session and then took the 200+ stairs at work.

Have a good one guys, til tomorrow



LizN said...

Magda, when you learn to pose properly there are techniques you can use to show the lats off to your advantage. Just keep pasting them!

Liz; )

Magda said...

Thanks Liz,

I'm also a bit worried that as my weights have crept up, my technique has suffered a bit. Might have to get my PT girlfriend to check my form to make sure its on the mark.