Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm now starting to see what everyone is talking about when they experience the "post-comp-blues". Except I dont actually feel blue but I'm finding it harder and harder to get focussed on healthier eating and be consistent with it.

I'm letting too many treats pass these lips and I'm having some struggles with portion control. There are times when I could just eat and eat and eat.

So I'm trying some strategies to get myself on the path I want to travel and then stay on it. But if anybody has some words of wisdom from their experience that could help me I'M ALL EARS.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My BS dressed up in his Pirates of the Carribean outfit after a day at the Royal Show.

Today my BS was diagnosed with a condition that will affect him for the rest of his life. He is not seriously ill, in fact he's not "ill" at all but this condition will throw some considerable challenges our way. The diagnosis did not surprise me as there have been things which have caused me to wonder "could he have/be etc?" and now I know.

So how do I feel? Well when speaking with his specialist today I felt ok but now as I research it on the net and learn more about what it is and what it can mean long term I'm starting to feel a little frightened about what the future might bring.

You may notice that I'm using lots of "maybe" terms as there are no guarantees that he will suffer the negative aspects of this condition but as a parent I guess its normal to have concerns. Now, more than ever I believe its important to look at this as the glass half full. There are SO many things that I can give thanks for and I will make it a daily goal to do just that.

I guess one thing its made me realise is just how trivial and insignificant some of my own issues are and its time I was a little less self-absorbed. Right now I need to be more patient, more supportive and more guiding to help him reach his full potential so that he lives a rich, balanced and happy life.


Monday, October 29, 2007


Hi all,

yes I must confess that I've had a couple of days where my number 1 goal for October (you know the one with that horrible "B" word in it) has not been achieved. Hmm how did this happen? Well I had an awesome week last week. I felt great and was right on top of my eating and exercising as I had planned. On Friday I weighed myself and was just OVER THE MOON with where my weight was at. I thought it would have been higher so seeing the numbers a little over my comp weight had me on cloud nine.

So Saturday starts of great. I go for a 53 minute jog and eat sensibly but enjoy some things I wouldnt normally have during the week. Then on Saturday night we eat out and I have a big meal but I plan to do a run Sunday morning and get back on track. Except the weather is crap and I laze around in bed, have toast (as planned) for breakfast but then lunch is a bit indulgent too and its all downhill from there.

Well enough of that and whats done is done. Now I just have to move forward from here. I believe I have it in me to get past this and continue to work at getting this part of my life under control. I just think that it'll be a work in progress, something that I have to be aware of daily, especially when triggers present themselves. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh opportunity to be the person I want to be, living my life as I want to live it.

I'm currently working on my training program which will start in November. I'm going to be training myself for a while at least so it'll be interesting to see how I fare when I'm not accountable to anyone but moi. First step is to list my training priorities/goals and then program accordingly. Its quite exciting planning out something which is so important if I'm going to compete again and do so in much better condition than I was this year.

I have lots of research to do so on that note I'm going to sign off and get back to it. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow where I kick those bad old habits right up their ar*e and send them on their way :-)

Cheers all


Sunday, October 28, 2007


This pic is from the Adelaide show. Its the start of my routine. Aaaah what fond memories.

Well things have been busy since I last posted. The luxury of being able to hop on the net during my lunch break and catch up on blogs and update mine is a thing of the past :-(

I will keep following everyone's blog but I may not leave comments as often as I'd like to. I'm hoping to keep blogging as regularly as possible though.

October is nearly over and I have some goals/plans brewing for November. I will share them with you over the next few days. I'll also report in on how I went with my October goals (some good and some could have been better!!).

Tonight I've had some fun updating the look of my blog but have not changed my template as most of the standard templates are so boring anyway. At least my blurbs are up to date and relevant now. And I'm really enjoying reading about how other competitors are doing now that the comps are over. Thats another challenge in itself.

Well I should try to get some sleep as its very late now but my body thinks its still that hour earlier. G'night all.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Figure Masters both short and tall are still together. We were split into 2 later.

Figure Masters Tall. The lady 2nd from left came first. I think the lady on the far right came 2nd. The lady in the red on the left was 3rd and of course I took out last place LOL!!

Figure Novice Tall rear double biceps. I'm 2nd from the left. The girl on the far left (gold bikini came first and 3rd from the right came 2nd).

Figure Novice Tall 2 middle girls were 2nd and 1st respectively. I was pretty happy with my 4th placing.

Before the comps rolled around I had given some thought to what I’d do when they were over. I was well aware that some competitors had some major struggles with food/body image etc after the comps were over and I could well see myself having problems in this area too.

So I devised a plan in my head and set myself some little goals around what I wanted to achieve just in the short term. I’d like to share these with you now.

The most important goal that I had for the month of October was to NOT BINGE. Now leading up to the 2 comps this was easy as I wouldn’t dream of sabotaging all my hard work with something so stupid, so close to the big day. But afterwards was another matter. I could very easily have lapsed back into the habit of letting that mindless, secretive, out of control eating creep back in. I’m trying to stay strong on this one.

Whilst on holidays I knew I would eat foods that I wouldn’t normally eat (treats/indulgences) and I’d eat them in quantities greater than normal. I’m ok with that. This behaviour does not constitute a binge so its all good (for a short period).

My post comp meal would be totally indulgent and decadent with NO consideration for whats good for me. Its all about what I ultimately want and will enjoy WITH NO GUILT WHATSOEVER.

Then as life went back to “normal” I’d establish an eating style that was fairly clean and moderate in calories during the week , enabling me relax a little on weekends and enjoy the “sometimes” foods (or treats) in moderation.

October would see me continuing moderate intensity cardio at 3-5 times /week (depending on how I felt and how it fitted in).

No weight training for the rest of this month.

So that was my plan and I’m pleased to report that I’m holding strong on number 1, number 2 went as planned as did number 3 (evidenced by my last post). Number 4 is a work in progress. Its early days and its working well so far. Numbers 5 and 6 are my “rest period” activities. Although I must confess that I did an upper body circuit workout in the gym in Noosa just coz it was such a great gym.

I’ve put some weight back on (yes I did indulge in Noosa) but I needed to as ribs poking out are not very sexy. I’ll check my weight towards the end of the week but it feels ok. I have a goal weight in mind and if I’m on/near it (which I think I am) then I’ll be real happy. And I’ll stay happy if I can stay on/near it too. That’ll be an even bigger challenge.

So there are my thoughts for managing this aspect of life after comps. I feel good knowing that I have this plan in place.

Cheers all


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The end result of the fettucine boscaiola. I was proud of that achievement too LOL!!

Garlic bread, fettucine boscaiola with bacon, mushrooms and cream, a ton of parmy cheese, 2 glasses of red, a cappuccino and a Mars Bar cheesecake = post comp feed. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven :-)

Cut to the “post-comp drinks” with my WH. Its time to relax with a few drinks and just reconnect. We talk heaps – honestly about what this has meant for each of us as individuals and as a couple. I acknowledge that there is some work to be done to restore balance, to reconnect, to focus on “us” now. That’s not to say I wont keep training (I definitely will) and watching what I eat but not to the extent that I have of late. We will then see what the future brings. Will I compete again? Well let me just say that I have well and truly fallen in love with this sport BUT I need to give consideration to those things I’ve mentioned earlier. If all that is brought back to a happy and positive place then LOOK OUT FOR ME IN 2008. I’ll be a woman on another mission LOL!!

My post comp dinner was just superb. We went back to the awful café with no atmosphere and just ignored that they had no bottled red wine, that we were rushed through our meal, that it was completely empty and they were keen to get us out and close up. I NEEDED pasta and I had it and life was good.

Just briefly I’ll say that we had a superb time in Brissie and Noosa where our accommodation was luxurious to say the least. I ate too much, drank too much, lazed by the pool, shopped, used the hotel gym and went for the best morning walks/runs. Pure bliss until by Friday night I was well and truly over all the food and drink and reined it back in for a healthier more sustainable lifestyle.

In my next post I’ll include some pics from the APCs. I don’t have many good ones but I’ll share the best of what I have.

Cheers all

Monday, October 22, 2007


I wrote most of this on the Monday morning after show and have edited it into a shorter, more readable version to share with you. I’ll do my best to remember details.

On Friday night I have another bout of sleeplessness so I’m up tidying things up and finishing things off from that day. WH wakes up early and therefore so do I and the day is underway. I have never travelled with a plethora of zip lock bags with food for 2 days. Its quite funny actually. The flight is uneventful and its followed up by a train ride to Liverpool where we are staying at a Best Western motel due to this weekend being low budget. Here’s where things go haywire. At Glenfield Station, waiting for our train to take us to Warwick Farm (Liverpool) we find our train is delayed due to some (unclear) problems. The delay turns out to be quite lengthy so we eventually call for a taxi so I can get to Mt Pritchard for 2pm (its already close to that time). The taxi takes ages. WH rings several times and we sit and wait outside the train station. At least its sunny and I’m warm as I’ve been quite cold up til then. Across the road are a chicken/fish & chip shop and a bakery. They look inviting and I have thoughts of hoeing into a decent feed. I’m starting to feel fed up and a bit down but I’m trying to not let it overtake me.

OK cut to the competitors meeting where we are lined up to divide the Novice category into height groups. I line up with the Novice girls and I’m checking out their bods as best I can seeing we are all dressed. Yep. Pretty good from what I can see. For a moment I feel insecure standing in that line – the “fat Magda” from before has crept back and I don’t feel “good enough” to be there. Then I quickly remind myself that now I AM good enough. I have made it to the Championships – WOOHOO. There is no line-up for the Masters so I cant see the competition there.

WH and I see a movie to kill time and have a very sombre meal at a café with no atmosphere. We cut the evening short and head back to our motel for a night sleeping in the lumpiest hardest most uncomfortable mattress I have ever encountered. I’m cold during the night and use a pillow for extra warmth. Things are feeling pretty grim and ordinary.

Cut to Sunday 14th October: SHOW DAY

After a bout of sleeplessness last night I manage to sleep til about 7am which is good. Breakfast is chicken and rice (yummo, carbs are back today) and I get ready. Its DT (Dream Tan) time. This is what figure comp is all about and I LOVE IT. Standing at the front of our motel waiting for a taxi WH says “If we ever do this again, we’ll do it different next time” OMG I JUST ABOUT FAINT. I try not to get my hopes up too high but I’m as excited as.

OK at the venue WH is suitably impressed with the Mounties Club as its really excellent. There are bars, pokies, gym, cafes, gift shops and nice outdoor areas. The day wont be so bad for him. Things are looking up . (Yes my WH has NO interest in this sport whatsoever!!)

The show is late to start and seems to be running slowly at times. I spend quite a bit of time watching it, eating, cheering on Tabitha from Adelaide in the Women’s Lightweight Bodybuilding (she takes 2nd place and earns her pro-card). The backstage area is really crowded and cramped and getting ready is quite a challenge as WH has to finish my 2nd coat of DT. Its all good though and I’m doing what I need to do with my pumping up/posing routine. I talk to lots of other competitors and the atmosphere is friendly and girls readily help each other. There are some AWESOME physiques but I’m not fazed. Here is my assessment of how I came up on the day:
Calves: good (they’ve always been there – just buried under too much fat)
Quads: really good – lean, muscles showing through
Hammies: I think they’re ok but I’m told they need work – I have a bit of podge on my outer thighs
Glutes: none, nil, zilch. I think they’re a smidge better than last week but its still basically “pancake butt with skin”.
Abs: still no development but leaner and tighter than last week.
Chest: WOW I’m seeing some muscle here. I’m happy.
Shoulders/Bis: AWESOME – my strengths
Tris: are there but not great.
I’ve lost an extra kilo since last week. I think I’ve come up just a little better. Happy! Happy!!

OK its just about stage time. We are milling about backstage and I meet Deb and Fern (also from PE) which I’ve been looking forward to all day. Deb looks awesome and I know she’ll do well. I have a lovely chat with Fern and its time to go on. WOOHOO here we go. Smile, lift up and give it my best shot. The stage time is a bit of a blur. I think I pose ok. Fern is cheering and coaching from the front of the audience. What a godsend. She gives me the extra confidence I so need. We get moved around a bit so I know the judging is serious and probably close. All over, off stage and its routines. I stuff mine up (should have practiced more in the last week) but don’t let it faze me and keep going. Then it’s the Masters line-up and there are several of us and we are divided into short/tall and Grand Masters. This round is gruelling to say the least. We are front of stage, back of stage, off stage accidentally, back on feeling lost/bewildered. I’m exhausted but push on giving it my best.

Its award time and in Figure Novice tall I’m announced as the 6th (last) place getter. I keep smiling but I feel disappointed. Then WTF they announce that they have made an error and the girl next to me is announced in 6th place. I feel sad for her but I’m secretly delighted. I win 4th place in an awesome line up. In the Masters Tall category I place 4th out of 4. I haven’t been able to check out the other ladies but have noticed some things that cause me to raise my eyebrows. But no bad feelings. I’m given some very truthful feedback that is both positive and encouraging whilst telling me what my problem area is (yes its glutes – or lack of!!)

I watch Deb compete and cheer her on but then its time to get cleaned up and changed and hit the bar with my WH. PHEW its over. I have stood on the WNBF Asia Pacific Championship stage and I have placed 4th in 2 categories. What an absolutely AWESOME experience, achievement and journey. I set my goals at the start of this journey and I exceeded them beyond my wildest dreams/expectations. I feel like a winner on so many counts.

I have some quite funny things to share about “after-show” but will save them for my next post. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears with this epic saga. If you’re still reading then I say thanks for listening and taking interest in my experience.

Cheers all


Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi all,

today we are back in Brissie with the ILs after a superb stay in Noosa. I have managed to nab a bit of computer time before dinner but it will be brief.

So how did I go at the Asia Pacific Championships? 4th place Figure Novice Tall (6 in the line-up) and 4th place Figure Masters Tall (4 in the line-up). How do I feel about that? Pretty damn good. I must admit that I would have given my right arm for a 3rd placing but the standard was awesomely high (especially in the Novice category where some of the girls were also competing in the Open category) and after seeing some very poor quality pics of the show I concede that I did have one body part that really let me down. But hey I still chalked up an amazing achievement to even get there in my first year so I'm still feeling like an absolute winner.

I will keep this very brief but look out for when I get home and give you the full blow by (boring) blow account of the event. Now I just need some pics to show off as well as sadly I dont have many that are of good quality.

Cheers all and stay posted for my write up some time after Sunday.



Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm sitting at my computer eating lean protein + veges for breakfast. I dont even flinch at it any more. Its 2 days to the championships and as a figure competitor we do what we have to do. This morning's training was gruelling to say the least. With very little fuel in the tank I did ok with my weights circuit but the sprints were just murder. Never mind they're done and dusted now.

I have a busy day today with lots of things to take care of before we fly out tomorrow morning. I have a list so I feel in control. How else do I feel? Really good. I have a strategy for Sunday and I feel good about it. A lot of things are going through my mind and I will share these...but not now.

At the championships I'm competing in both Figure Novice and Figure Masters. The novice category will be divided into heights which is great. I'm quite tall anyway (171cms) so add the 6 inch heels and I'm a bit Amazonian and I like that.

Once again I say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me along the way
by reading my blog and being interested in my journey,
by leaving comments of support and encouragement when I felt like I was failing,
by giving me some really good advice when I didnt understand things and needed to be "set right"and
by extending your friendships, albeit through cyberspace (and some on a personal level).

I will try to give a quick update next week but I'll be heading straight off on holidays so if it doesnt happen that week I'll definitely do it when I'm back the week after.

Cheers all and wish me luck on the big day: Sunday 14th October.

Magda :-)

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Charlotte: Noosa is one of our favourite (Australian) holiday spots and I'm hanging out for walks along the beach with my husband too. I wont be missing my exercise siree :-)

Stacy: You know what, I will take you up on that!! Sounds divine. And it'd be great to meet you. The book I'm reading is The Secret (not sure who the author is) and there are some very true and powerful messages in it.

Just got off the phone from Danny Chau giving me feedback on my performance at the WNB show last Saturday. Feel great as one of my "problem areas" I can fix quite easily (I think) and the other ... well ... it'll come down to clever posing. After losing very close to 20kgs to compete there are going to be some body parts that just arent going to look 100%. I'm ok with that though :-)




The freedom to eat what I want. Going out to eat and being able to choose what I fancy and enjoy a wine or 2. Just having “normal food”.

I’m really looking forward to eating bread (in various forms) and enjoying a cappuccino with my WH on our way to work. Pasta is another favourite which I plan to enjoy….sometimes. Oh and deserts/sweets….again sometimes.

Light cardio where I don’t feel pressured to burn as much fat as I can manage.

A short rest from weight training. Then some circuit style training til I hit it hard again next year. It’ll be nice to NOT be pushing to the limits with every workout.

A balanced life. Comp pressure is off and I can relax and enjoy activities that I just don’t have time for now like: lazy days spent at the Bay with my family, sitting around on a Friday night and sharing a bottle of wine and a leisurely dinner with my WH, doing fun things with my BS and just being more carefree and laid back.

Not HAVING to get up at 5am. Funnily enough I’ll probably keep doing it but not every workday and it’ll be by choice and not a case of “I have no choice”.

And last but by no means least I’m really hangin out for our holiday in Brissie/Noosa straight after the Sydney comp. A well earned and deserved break when I can enjoy good food, wine and RELAX.

So these are the things I’m looking forward to right now. Pretty normal I suppose.

I felt very flat and tired yesterday. The lack of sleep was magnifying the usual level of tiredness that comes with this hard final week of comp prep. My saving grace was that I received a sample of my professional pics by email when I got home and I was lifted up again when I saw how good they were. I don’t know where it came from but I managed a short sprint session last night, quite amazing myself. So building on this I set out for another one this morning but cut it short due to some persistent rain. I did it on my exercise bike instead which is a poor (but adequate) substitute.

So I’m hanging on and hanging in there with 3 days to go.

Cheers all


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Reality is creeping back into life (as it always does) and the diet and training regime is starting to feel gruelling again. Last night I found myself feeling ever so slightly “over it all” and contemplating some destructive behaviours.

But I’ve been (secretly) working on some new strategies to turn things around for myself when I start to feel this way and I’m pleased to say that all is good. Woohoo that’s a win I’ll have a private little gloat over.

My sleeping is really suffering which is pretty normal when I’m hyped / have a lot going on / need to do a lot of (personal) organising etc. I was awake around 2am and got up a bit after 3am as I knew that I wouldn’t get back to sleep quickly, if at all. I decided to put the time to good use and I updated my Training Journal with a big write up of my short and medium term goals for “post-comp”. They need some work to be written up in the correct format but just getting them down on paper was a great feeling.

At 4.30am I had my pre-workout shake and 15 minutes later I was doing my (light) shoulders/bis/calves weights session. I followed this up with 45 minutes on my exercise bike, just riding at a steady state but pushing a bit harder than some of my other recent sessions. I was also reading a great book, one I’m using to help me out of the situations I mentioned above.

So come 6am and I’ve done: my weights for the day, a decent cardio session and finished off my book. I’m feeling like a million bucks and ready to take on the day with a positive outlook and a determination to succeed.

4 days to WNBF Asia Pacific Championships.
2 days left to work.
Its so close now…the smell of Dream Tan is wafting once again.

Cheers all


Monday, October 08, 2007


My SIL sent this pic through. Its better than some of mine (but still not great). Thats the lovely Kerry (another Physique Essentials client) next to me.
Ok so here's my blow by blow of the day. Hope this doesnt bore you :-)
The night before the comp I slept like an absolute log which was amazing considering how many nights of really bad sleep I'd had leading up to it. I was woken by my alarm at 6am and after a quick trip to the loo I hopped on the scales :-)) Happy with the numbers. Day is off to a good start.
Breakfast was chicken and brown rice. After a week of eating lean protein + veges for breakfast this is a treat indeed. I enjoy every mouthful. The tastebuds are singing "carbs glorious carbs". Then its shower time and finally I have my first encounter with the famed Dream Tan. I reach into the jar feeling excited that I'll no longer be a Dream Tan virgin. I have truly "arrived" as a Figure Competitor LOL.
WH tans my back and my BS comments "mummy its good we can see your face so we know who you are". I'm darker than they could ever imagine. I finish packing my bag and my boys wish me good luck and we have a group hug and they tell me how proud they are of me. My heart is bursting with love, happiness and excitement. I'm not at all nervous. I'm itching to get into the day.
WH drops me at the Convention Centre and its pretty low key as competitors trickle in. Kerry is there (YAY) and we hang out together for most of the day. I meet the beautiful Miss Jaime-Lee (for the 2nd time) and our friendship moves to the next level as she watches me pee into a cup for the WNBF drug test. Then we lounge around, chat with the officials and just kick back. Its all pretty cruisy and I'm eating that chicken and rice regularly (happy happy).
There is a competitors meeting around 12 (well its a bit late actually as some of the girls are already getting ready and we wait for them to be free) and Danny Chau President of WNBF Asia Pacific Region (one of the nicest and most genuine guys you could meet) speaks to us about the WNBF and their philosophy on drug testing and their commitment to making their federation truly "drug free".
After this meeting its time to mosey over and start getting ready. As girls we know this task will not be over quickly so why we give ourselves plenty of time. Make-up, stuffing around with hair, extra coat of Dream Tan, getting the bikini on (which is an art form in itself). My SIL is my helper and she is totally amazed by what happens backstage at a show. Its fun and the atmosphere is good. There is no bitchiness or cattiness but we are a small group of female competitors this year.
As part of my stage prep I get to enjoy a packet of Smiths Crisps (DIRTY FOOD!!!! Yummo!!) and other not so delightful things. I spend ages pumping, posing and carbing up although I dont really know what I'm doing but it feels right so I keep at it.
There is a moment where I'm on my own, in my bikini, half pumped and carbed up and I reflect once again on what I've achieved. This ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye as I'm overwhelmed by a rush of emotions. Powerful stuff!!
Cut to the "curtain call". We are lined up ready to take the stage and I feel great. No nerves. Let me out there. I place a huge smile on my face, lift myself taller and even prouder (if thats possible) and I'm heading out there to shine. And I do. I love every minute I'm there. I pose my heart out never taking my eyes off a judge or letting the smile leave my face. I'm in my element. All those months of blood, sweat and tears are now being rewarded and I'm relishing the moment.
My routine is OK (I make a small booboo but press on regardless) and I'm really pleased that my WH has heard the special thank you I wrote to him. It has great meaning to us. After all the routines are over we all file back on for the awards. As I was the only competitor in Figure Novice...VOILA...First Place. I'm not disappointed that I didnt beat a big field of other competitors (if nobody else was prepared to put in the work and give it a go, or if they put in the work but dropped out) then I deserve that win. In Figure Masters its between Kerry and myself and when she is announced in 2nd place I'm deliriously happy, shocked, and extatic as I'm awarded first place.
Words cannot describe how happy I am not just for winning but for making it through. Knowing that I refused to give up no matter how many times I fell over and fell off the diet wagon. Knowing that I had the strength to see it through.
Wrapping up I'll just say that the post comp celebration with my friends was fantastic. With Josh's blessing I had a free meal and chose a salt and pepper squid with chips, salad with dressing, a bit of garlic bread and I made sure I had desert and a cappucino. Everything tasted superb and I knew that come Sunday I'd be back into the diet and training for Sydney.
I'm still on a high. If you're looking for cloud nine...its under my feet and I aint stepping off it just yet.
Good night all

Sunday, October 07, 2007


These are the only 2 stage shots that I have at this stage (most pics too blurry). Hopefully friends had more success in getting some good pics and if not then I know the prefessional ones look fantastic and I just have to wait for them.

Some more prep pics that were taken by my SIL (aka backstage b*tch). She was pretty well blown away by what happens in the backstage of a bodybuilding show.

So I promised more pics and this is the best I can do for now. I have SOOOOOO much to write but right now my priority is to get in today's training session in preparation for the WNBF Asia Pacific Titles in Sydney next weekend.

Thanks for all your congratulations and I'll be back soon with my (yawn!!) account of the day.

Magda :-)

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Sorry about the angle. What a pump though.

Kerry and I getting ready. Lovin' those smiths crisps :-)

Well I am just over the moon. The WNBF show was a small one with not a lot of competitors. I was the only competitor in Figure Novice so VOILA...First place :-)

There were 2 of us in Masters and I came first so I'm just over the moon. A big congrats to Kerry too. She looked fantastic and I'm so glad we did our first shows together.

Blogger wont let me put up more pics. Its taking ages and is spitting the dummy. Also many of the stage pics my WH took didnt turn out. But I'll be back tomorrow with more when I have more time.

Cheers all


Friday, October 05, 2007


Thank you to everyone who has left the most wonderful and touching messages today and all along the way. There is but one sleep to go :-)

I had a busy day today and its gone very quickly. As I was driving to one of my appointments I reflected on how far I'd come and some of the more significant events from the last 10 months. I must confess that I became a little teary....through sheer joy and amazement that this massive goal has all but been achieved.

Then I pulled myself together before I caused an accident and landed myself in hospital. LOL

I'm keeping this very brief tonight. There isnt a lot more that I want to say but I will hop on tomorrow night (no matter how late) and let you know how I go. I owe that to everyone who has been so wonderfully supportive and helpful along the way.

To the other competitors (Charlotte, Kerry (who doesnt blog), Kie (I think) and anyone else I've missed out because I'm tired and HUNGRY) I also wish you all the best.

Good night all




Lesson 1: The key to success is held in your mind.

Its one thing to have the training programs, the nutrition plans, the supplement advice etc but the TRUE key to success is your mind and your belief in yourself. There were so many times that I fell off my nutrition plan and ate really badly but each and every time I picked myself up and got back on track and moved forward again. On many nights I went to sleep meditating and affirming to myself that I could do this. That I would succeed. I had decades of bad eating habits haunting me and they're very hard to shake but I proved that if you stick with something long enough and with a quiet determination to achieve then you will.

Lesson 2: I love the "structure" of this sport.

Being an "ex-aerobics-instructor" I've enjoyed exercise since my mid 20s but I've really enjoyed taking it to the next level where each and every weights session really mattered and cardio had a specific purpose and therefore had to be tailored accordingly.

As hard as the nutrition plan was at times, there were just as many times when I knew that the way I was eating was contributing by more than 50% to my success. Just recently I was talking to one of my work colleagues about this last phase of the prep and I said "Comp standard bodies dont happen from a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and a nice lasagne for dinner". He well understood where I was coming from.

Lesson 3: Getting the right information and support is very important.

This is my thank you to Josh Dickinson from Physique Essentials.

When I was becoming interested in competing I started quietly looking around at options for trainers. For me, an on-line trainer was ideal as I knew I'd find it impossible to commit regular blocks of time to face-to-face sessions.

I was really impressed with the results Josh had achieved with previous clients like Deb, Alicia and Lia (and these were just a few). When we spoke on the phone he was friendly, genuine and understanding of my situation (work full-time, family commitments, need to train at home etc) and I could tell that he'd tailor everything to suit me instead of making me suit "his approach".

And he delivered!!! We massaged my plans over and over so they worked for me but were still going to get the required results. There were many times when he was really tough (and I sooked about it LOL) but he needed to be and for that I'm grateful. Having said that he always gave praise when it was due and that often lifted me up and kept me going.

He taught me so much about this sport, how people perceive it, what it means to commit to it etc and I continue to admire his passion for it. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge and he's really happy to share it. What more could you ask for??

Josh, you took a 40 years + working wife and mother with an incredibly busy and full life but with weight/eating issues galore and turned her into a figure competitor.



Will post more later guys.

Thursday, October 04, 2007



Lesson 1: Not everybody who says they're supporting you, does so.

People are funny. I'm sure that everyone feels "obliged" to indicate their support so they come across as nice people but the reality is that this is such a wierd and full-on (yet wonderful) sport that very few people understand it. So they dont cope with it very well. There were many times that I sensed that those close to me felt very uncomfortable with what I was doing. Yes I wasnt partying along with heaps of alcohol or snacky type foods, even though I was still enjoying myself with a Diet Coke and the food I had prepared. I'm sure this didnt sit well with some. Then there were the little jabs and comments about what I was and wasnt eating...never said with malice but more a sense of just having a dig.

Having said all that though, many of my friends were very supportive and encouraging and that was really nice. I guess it boils down to how you feel about yourself. If your own self esteem is not very high then seeing someone else achieve great things can be hard to handle so natural response is to "attack". But if you're happy in yourself then its easier to celebrate others' successes too.

Lesson 2: You cant have too many lists when you're so busy.

I'm a list girl. Always have been. Always will be. How else can one remember the squillion (do you like that word? Its the world's biggest number) things that need to be done. I make lists all the time or I swear that very little would get done through sheer forgetfulness...and we all know how rife that is as we go through a comp prep. I've had so many blonde moments lately that I'm bordering on albino LOL. Carbs were meant to be eaten so that our brains function correctly.

Lesson 3: Dont underestimate the magnitude of the final week of prep.

You are almost there and the smell of dream tan is starting to waft. Diet gets stricter. Training a little lighter, but still tough. New requirements have to be implemented so the routine changes slightly. You feel pressure to push out as much decent cardio as you can but energy levels are low. Posing and routine practice cannot be put off any longer. You must make the time for these.
There is running around and organising still to do. 24 hours in a day just arent enough.

Stop fretting. Take stock of the big picture. Where have you come from and how did you get here? What does comp day mean to you and what will you make of it?

To be continued...

Good night all


2 sleeps to go :-)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Lesson 1: Early morning runs ROCK.

From day 1 of training for this comp my main form of cardio has been running and I prefer to do it first thing in the morning. What an exhilarating feeling it is to get home by 6am with the run finished, the feel-good hormones racing and a readiness to embrace the day.

I also proved that good habits established early are easily maintained. When I was running through summer and then autumn I used to worry about how I’d cope through winter when it was cold and maybe wet. Well I coped just fine. Yes I added some extra layers and gloves and I just kept going. In fact I rarely (if ever) missed a cardio session because “I didn’t feel like it”. Of that I’m very proud.

I also learnt that if you want to seriously burn fat and slim your legs down then sprinting was the best thing for me. Very hard to do at first but well worth persisting with.

Lesson 2: Weighted lunges NEVER get easier.

I have a real love/hate relationship with lunges. I love what they do for my legs but I hate picking up those 15 kg+ dumbbells every week to make the lunges effective. At one stage Josh had me trying to lunge with 17.5 kgs+ which was just a nightmare. I told him I wouldn’t have good symmetry with my knuckles dragging on the floor LOL. So its been 15kgs and every week they felt just as hard as the week before.

In this last week leading up to the comp my weights have been lightened up to compensate for the stricter diet. I lunged with 10kgs and it was still really hard.

Lesson 3: There is enormous strength within you. You just need to know how to tap into it.

I did all my weight training alone and most of it at home without a spotter. I quickly learnt to listen to my body and know just how far I could safely push to my limit without risking injury to myself. There were times when despite my head being 100% convinced that I’d lift a weight, I couldn’t do it. There were other times when I was so tired and flat that I had no confidence in my ability to lift. Then whammo, from somewhere this surge of energy would come and I’d make the required reps at the required weight.

Like cardio, knowing you’ve completed a really demanding weights session is just the most uplifting feeling.

TRIVIA: My favourite exercises are barbell upright rows and plie squats. My most hated are rear delt raises and barbell bicep curls.


This last week is really tough. I’m hungry a lot and there are virtually no carbs now. I’m freezing cold and its very cold and blustery here again. I’m really tired from lack of sleep and just trying to train with so little fuel in the tank……but after today there are only 2 more days to get through. I will do it. I will make it. I have no doubts about that. Cant wait to slap on the dream tan, slip into my bikini and relish my time on stage.

Cheers all


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I’ve decided to devote this week’s blog posts to the topic above. I’m sure everyone is sick of reading about diet, training, prep blah blah blah (I know I am LOL!!) so here goes with some revelations about myself and what this incredible journey has meant to me. I hope I don’t lose you as a reader.


Lesson 1: I like brussel sprouts LOL :-)

My WH detests them so we never had them but in a moment of “I just need something different” I bought some and “stir fried” them in a bit of chicken stock. Well “yummo” I say. After munching my way through a cupful, I felt like I’d actually eaten something substantial and they tasted ok. In my book they’ve been a winner.

Lesson 2: It will be quite some time before I eat plain tuna again.

I see many people at work having tuna for lunch and I always ask them why they’re eating it if they don’t have to LOL. Its not that I don’t like tuna (its ok) but I’m getting well and truly sick of it and have it only for its convenience factor and for some variety.

Having said that I recently bought 2 tins of Sole Mare tuna with beans. Now this is to die for as it has some kidney (I think) beans in it and is packed in oil. Mix it (oops after draining most of the oil off) with some rice and cooked veges and you have a tasty tuna meal….after the comps are over.

Lesson 3: Alcohol isn’t the be all and end all.

In my previous life I was the true party girl. Sin now, pray later. If it tastes good eat it and worry about the weight tomorrow. In a social setting I’d ALWAYS have a drink in my hand, as evidenced by 99% of photos that I’m in.

Since deciding to compete I’ve had very few alcoholic indulgences. Yes I splurged on holidays and at my birthday dinner but at other times I’ve easily and happily had very little or none at all. And I’ve been ok with that. Whats interesting though is how AWKWARD and UNEASY this makes others feel. Funny society, aren’t we??!!

Lesson 4: I still have a lot of work to do to improve my relationship with food after the comps are over.

I’ve had food issues for most of my life. I don’t know how/when/why I became a binge eater but I know I’ve struggled with it for most of my life. My triggers are many and varied, some physical and some emotional, making it all the more challenging to take control of.

As my diet became stricter throughout my comp prep I found it harder and harder to control my binges which suggests that too much restriction = disaster for me. I’ve dealt with it the best that I could, falling over often but not staying down. I remind myself daily that for me this is a “winning situation” rather than “oh I’ve stuffed it all up so I’ll quit”. Previously I would have thrown in the towel and just eaten til I reached the 70 kg + mark (over time) and then had to start all over again.

So what will (food) life bring for me after the comps? I’ve been giving this some thought and am starting to formulate plans / mini goals / strategies for how I want to live (and eat) when I have the freedom to choose. More on this later but right now I just know that I don’t want to throw away all the hard work I’ve put in to get where I am with my weight and body fat. I fully accept that I have to put some weight back on but for me the biggest challenge will be controlling how much.

School’s out for today. Cheers all.


Monday, October 01, 2007


Its all good and back on track.
I have picked myself up and am getting on with it....YET AGAIN!! :-)
Have had a busy long-weekend.
Will post lots more tomorrow.
I have posing and routine practice beckoning before bedtime tonight.

Cheers folks