Thursday, October 11, 2007


The freedom to eat what I want. Going out to eat and being able to choose what I fancy and enjoy a wine or 2. Just having “normal food”.

I’m really looking forward to eating bread (in various forms) and enjoying a cappuccino with my WH on our way to work. Pasta is another favourite which I plan to enjoy….sometimes. Oh and deserts/sweets….again sometimes.

Light cardio where I don’t feel pressured to burn as much fat as I can manage.

A short rest from weight training. Then some circuit style training til I hit it hard again next year. It’ll be nice to NOT be pushing to the limits with every workout.

A balanced life. Comp pressure is off and I can relax and enjoy activities that I just don’t have time for now like: lazy days spent at the Bay with my family, sitting around on a Friday night and sharing a bottle of wine and a leisurely dinner with my WH, doing fun things with my BS and just being more carefree and laid back.

Not HAVING to get up at 5am. Funnily enough I’ll probably keep doing it but not every workday and it’ll be by choice and not a case of “I have no choice”.

And last but by no means least I’m really hangin out for our holiday in Brissie/Noosa straight after the Sydney comp. A well earned and deserved break when I can enjoy good food, wine and RELAX.

So these are the things I’m looking forward to right now. Pretty normal I suppose.

I felt very flat and tired yesterday. The lack of sleep was magnifying the usual level of tiredness that comes with this hard final week of comp prep. My saving grace was that I received a sample of my professional pics by email when I got home and I was lifted up again when I saw how good they were. I don’t know where it came from but I managed a short sprint session last night, quite amazing myself. So building on this I set out for another one this morning but cut it short due to some persistent rain. I did it on my exercise bike instead which is a poor (but adequate) substitute.

So I’m hanging on and hanging in there with 3 days to go.

Cheers all



Charlotte Orr said...

Good work Magda! I must say I'm enjoying going for leisurely walks with my husband and our dog instead of pushing myself to the limit on a piece of cardio equipment. Hope you enjoy your holiday. Noosa is great. Cheers, Charlotte

stacytoby said...

tell you what Magda - when you're back in Adelaide, I'll buy you a nice tall Skinny Hot Choc, one of my fave cheats!!!!!

you've more than earned it! :)