Thursday, October 11, 2007


Charlotte: Noosa is one of our favourite (Australian) holiday spots and I'm hanging out for walks along the beach with my husband too. I wont be missing my exercise siree :-)

Stacy: You know what, I will take you up on that!! Sounds divine. And it'd be great to meet you. The book I'm reading is The Secret (not sure who the author is) and there are some very true and powerful messages in it.

Just got off the phone from Danny Chau giving me feedback on my performance at the WNB show last Saturday. Feel great as one of my "problem areas" I can fix quite easily (I think) and the other ... well ... it'll come down to clever posing. After losing very close to 20kgs to compete there are going to be some body parts that just arent going to look 100%. I'm ok with that though :-)




Splice said...

I saw "the secret" it is amazing!
Are you doing the master's? And isn't Danny a nice guy?
Not long now...i'm getting all excited lol.

RaeC said...

I have loved reading over your last few posts... especially the one about your comp day... it didn't bore me in the slightest!! In fact it got my heart pumping!! Good luck with the comp sweetie... have a ball!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Magda- SO CONGRATS hon!!!! I am so proud of you- I remember your first few posts when you just began the journey.. and to now - what a feat. Good on you babe, I can only grin for you with envy :o) Enjoy the process as much as you can and make sure you keep blogging in the future! Can't wait to hear what you will get up to next. Love Shells xoo

Hilary said...

Noosa is an absolutely gorgeous spot Magda, you will have a wonderful time. (Also the weather has been unseasonably hot up here, so make sure you bring your bikini!)

All the best for the next couple of days, good luck at comp!

Hilary xx