Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Reality is creeping back into life (as it always does) and the diet and training regime is starting to feel gruelling again. Last night I found myself feeling ever so slightly “over it all” and contemplating some destructive behaviours.

But I’ve been (secretly) working on some new strategies to turn things around for myself when I start to feel this way and I’m pleased to say that all is good. Woohoo that’s a win I’ll have a private little gloat over.

My sleeping is really suffering which is pretty normal when I’m hyped / have a lot going on / need to do a lot of (personal) organising etc. I was awake around 2am and got up a bit after 3am as I knew that I wouldn’t get back to sleep quickly, if at all. I decided to put the time to good use and I updated my Training Journal with a big write up of my short and medium term goals for “post-comp”. They need some work to be written up in the correct format but just getting them down on paper was a great feeling.

At 4.30am I had my pre-workout shake and 15 minutes later I was doing my (light) shoulders/bis/calves weights session. I followed this up with 45 minutes on my exercise bike, just riding at a steady state but pushing a bit harder than some of my other recent sessions. I was also reading a great book, one I’m using to help me out of the situations I mentioned above.

So come 6am and I’ve done: my weights for the day, a decent cardio session and finished off my book. I’m feeling like a million bucks and ready to take on the day with a positive outlook and a determination to succeed.

4 days to WNBF Asia Pacific Championships.
2 days left to work.
Its so close now…the smell of Dream Tan is wafting once again.

Cheers all



Charlotte Orr said...

Good on you Magda. It's great you've worked out some strategies to deal with those behaviours. Enjoy the rest of your week. Then you can have a BIG rest! Cheers, Charlotte

Anonymous said...

LOL you sound like me, except I am not training for anything in particular (having things done my 6am that is!!)

Glad you are getting things under control with the demons, we need strategies and we need to put them into place when we are feeling slightly weak. You have done so well Magda, be proud of your achievements, I know we all are.


stacytoby said...

What book are you reading? I'd love to know!!

Alicia said...

Have a BLAST on Saturday :) The second time is always easier

Ali said...

I'm looking forward to a few of those things myself ;)

have a wonderful day on Sunday Magda, not long now!!