Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Figure Masters both short and tall are still together. We were split into 2 later.

Figure Masters Tall. The lady 2nd from left came first. I think the lady on the far right came 2nd. The lady in the red on the left was 3rd and of course I took out last place LOL!!

Figure Novice Tall rear double biceps. I'm 2nd from the left. The girl on the far left (gold bikini came first and 3rd from the right came 2nd).

Figure Novice Tall 2 middle girls were 2nd and 1st respectively. I was pretty happy with my 4th placing.

Before the comps rolled around I had given some thought to what I’d do when they were over. I was well aware that some competitors had some major struggles with food/body image etc after the comps were over and I could well see myself having problems in this area too.

So I devised a plan in my head and set myself some little goals around what I wanted to achieve just in the short term. I’d like to share these with you now.

The most important goal that I had for the month of October was to NOT BINGE. Now leading up to the 2 comps this was easy as I wouldn’t dream of sabotaging all my hard work with something so stupid, so close to the big day. But afterwards was another matter. I could very easily have lapsed back into the habit of letting that mindless, secretive, out of control eating creep back in. I’m trying to stay strong on this one.

Whilst on holidays I knew I would eat foods that I wouldn’t normally eat (treats/indulgences) and I’d eat them in quantities greater than normal. I’m ok with that. This behaviour does not constitute a binge so its all good (for a short period).

My post comp meal would be totally indulgent and decadent with NO consideration for whats good for me. Its all about what I ultimately want and will enjoy WITH NO GUILT WHATSOEVER.

Then as life went back to “normal” I’d establish an eating style that was fairly clean and moderate in calories during the week , enabling me relax a little on weekends and enjoy the “sometimes” foods (or treats) in moderation.

October would see me continuing moderate intensity cardio at 3-5 times /week (depending on how I felt and how it fitted in).

No weight training for the rest of this month.

So that was my plan and I’m pleased to report that I’m holding strong on number 1, number 2 went as planned as did number 3 (evidenced by my last post). Number 4 is a work in progress. Its early days and its working well so far. Numbers 5 and 6 are my “rest period” activities. Although I must confess that I did an upper body circuit workout in the gym in Noosa just coz it was such a great gym.

I’ve put some weight back on (yes I did indulge in Noosa) but I needed to as ribs poking out are not very sexy. I’ll check my weight towards the end of the week but it feels ok. I have a goal weight in mind and if I’m on/near it (which I think I am) then I’ll be real happy. And I’ll stay happy if I can stay on/near it too. That’ll be an even bigger challenge.

So there are my thoughts for managing this aspect of life after comps. I feel good knowing that I have this plan in place.

Cheers all



Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, I also competed against that woman in the gold bikini. We both did the Figure Novice class at the INBA Victorian champs. She placed second there and I placed fourth.

It's great that you planned a post-comp strategy and that it's all going well so far. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Hey magda,

Good girl for having goals in place. stay focused.


Ali said...

Great to hear all about your comp and see some pics ;). Must agree that meal after comp is heaven!

Goals are a great tool, wonderful that you have some in place, enjoy your rest time

Ali xxx

RaeC said...

Congratulations on all your life and comp achievements this year Magda... especially having plans in place for after comp. My Saturday before comp was spent cooking up my work lunches for when I got back so they were in the freezer ready and waiting for me. Staying ontrack during the week means that when I am with family I too can have a treat here and there. The trick is moderation, which I think we are all learning!! Awesome work with all your comps... you should be very proud of yourself xxx

Anonymous said...

hi magda,

Just checking in on you to see how you are doing?