Monday, October 22, 2007


I wrote most of this on the Monday morning after show and have edited it into a shorter, more readable version to share with you. I’ll do my best to remember details.

On Friday night I have another bout of sleeplessness so I’m up tidying things up and finishing things off from that day. WH wakes up early and therefore so do I and the day is underway. I have never travelled with a plethora of zip lock bags with food for 2 days. Its quite funny actually. The flight is uneventful and its followed up by a train ride to Liverpool where we are staying at a Best Western motel due to this weekend being low budget. Here’s where things go haywire. At Glenfield Station, waiting for our train to take us to Warwick Farm (Liverpool) we find our train is delayed due to some (unclear) problems. The delay turns out to be quite lengthy so we eventually call for a taxi so I can get to Mt Pritchard for 2pm (its already close to that time). The taxi takes ages. WH rings several times and we sit and wait outside the train station. At least its sunny and I’m warm as I’ve been quite cold up til then. Across the road are a chicken/fish & chip shop and a bakery. They look inviting and I have thoughts of hoeing into a decent feed. I’m starting to feel fed up and a bit down but I’m trying to not let it overtake me.

OK cut to the competitors meeting where we are lined up to divide the Novice category into height groups. I line up with the Novice girls and I’m checking out their bods as best I can seeing we are all dressed. Yep. Pretty good from what I can see. For a moment I feel insecure standing in that line – the “fat Magda” from before has crept back and I don’t feel “good enough” to be there. Then I quickly remind myself that now I AM good enough. I have made it to the Championships – WOOHOO. There is no line-up for the Masters so I cant see the competition there.

WH and I see a movie to kill time and have a very sombre meal at a café with no atmosphere. We cut the evening short and head back to our motel for a night sleeping in the lumpiest hardest most uncomfortable mattress I have ever encountered. I’m cold during the night and use a pillow for extra warmth. Things are feeling pretty grim and ordinary.

Cut to Sunday 14th October: SHOW DAY

After a bout of sleeplessness last night I manage to sleep til about 7am which is good. Breakfast is chicken and rice (yummo, carbs are back today) and I get ready. Its DT (Dream Tan) time. This is what figure comp is all about and I LOVE IT. Standing at the front of our motel waiting for a taxi WH says “If we ever do this again, we’ll do it different next time” OMG I JUST ABOUT FAINT. I try not to get my hopes up too high but I’m as excited as.

OK at the venue WH is suitably impressed with the Mounties Club as its really excellent. There are bars, pokies, gym, cafes, gift shops and nice outdoor areas. The day wont be so bad for him. Things are looking up . (Yes my WH has NO interest in this sport whatsoever!!)

The show is late to start and seems to be running slowly at times. I spend quite a bit of time watching it, eating, cheering on Tabitha from Adelaide in the Women’s Lightweight Bodybuilding (she takes 2nd place and earns her pro-card). The backstage area is really crowded and cramped and getting ready is quite a challenge as WH has to finish my 2nd coat of DT. Its all good though and I’m doing what I need to do with my pumping up/posing routine. I talk to lots of other competitors and the atmosphere is friendly and girls readily help each other. There are some AWESOME physiques but I’m not fazed. Here is my assessment of how I came up on the day:
Calves: good (they’ve always been there – just buried under too much fat)
Quads: really good – lean, muscles showing through
Hammies: I think they’re ok but I’m told they need work – I have a bit of podge on my outer thighs
Glutes: none, nil, zilch. I think they’re a smidge better than last week but its still basically “pancake butt with skin”.
Abs: still no development but leaner and tighter than last week.
Chest: WOW I’m seeing some muscle here. I’m happy.
Shoulders/Bis: AWESOME – my strengths
Tris: are there but not great.
I’ve lost an extra kilo since last week. I think I’ve come up just a little better. Happy! Happy!!

OK its just about stage time. We are milling about backstage and I meet Deb and Fern (also from PE) which I’ve been looking forward to all day. Deb looks awesome and I know she’ll do well. I have a lovely chat with Fern and its time to go on. WOOHOO here we go. Smile, lift up and give it my best shot. The stage time is a bit of a blur. I think I pose ok. Fern is cheering and coaching from the front of the audience. What a godsend. She gives me the extra confidence I so need. We get moved around a bit so I know the judging is serious and probably close. All over, off stage and its routines. I stuff mine up (should have practiced more in the last week) but don’t let it faze me and keep going. Then it’s the Masters line-up and there are several of us and we are divided into short/tall and Grand Masters. This round is gruelling to say the least. We are front of stage, back of stage, off stage accidentally, back on feeling lost/bewildered. I’m exhausted but push on giving it my best.

Its award time and in Figure Novice tall I’m announced as the 6th (last) place getter. I keep smiling but I feel disappointed. Then WTF they announce that they have made an error and the girl next to me is announced in 6th place. I feel sad for her but I’m secretly delighted. I win 4th place in an awesome line up. In the Masters Tall category I place 4th out of 4. I haven’t been able to check out the other ladies but have noticed some things that cause me to raise my eyebrows. But no bad feelings. I’m given some very truthful feedback that is both positive and encouraging whilst telling me what my problem area is (yes its glutes – or lack of!!)

I watch Deb compete and cheer her on but then its time to get cleaned up and changed and hit the bar with my WH. PHEW its over. I have stood on the WNBF Asia Pacific Championship stage and I have placed 4th in 2 categories. What an absolutely AWESOME experience, achievement and journey. I set my goals at the start of this journey and I exceeded them beyond my wildest dreams/expectations. I feel like a winner on so many counts.

I have some quite funny things to share about “after-show” but will save them for my next post. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears with this epic saga. If you’re still reading then I say thanks for listening and taking interest in my experience.

Cheers all



Splice said...

Hi Mags!
It was great to read your version of the very long day.
I can't believe I didn't see you for the entire day up until stage time lol.
You should be very proud of yourself, I'm so proud of you :-)
You looked awesome.
This being your first comp you will find things to improve on for your next comp, in fact, we always find things that need improving. I know I'm working on my areas already lol.
Thanks for the awesome review of the day.

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Magda, great review! Good idea about assessing how you came up on the day. Look forward to reading about your post-comp experiences. Cheers, Charlotte

LizN said...

Congratulations Magda, does this mean you are going to compete again? Awesome


Hilary said...

Wow Magda, what an amazing experience! Thanks for giving us your review, I love reading all about it!

You deserve to be so very proud of yourself, you have done a fantastic job!

Hilary xx

Ali said...

Great read Magda! Hope your holiday was awesome, glad your safely home

Ali xxx

Claudine said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I almost could live it with you. I can't wait to write my own experience... you gave me a good boost tonight. Thank you so much! xxx