Monday, October 08, 2007


My SIL sent this pic through. Its better than some of mine (but still not great). Thats the lovely Kerry (another Physique Essentials client) next to me.
Ok so here's my blow by blow of the day. Hope this doesnt bore you :-)
The night before the comp I slept like an absolute log which was amazing considering how many nights of really bad sleep I'd had leading up to it. I was woken by my alarm at 6am and after a quick trip to the loo I hopped on the scales :-)) Happy with the numbers. Day is off to a good start.
Breakfast was chicken and brown rice. After a week of eating lean protein + veges for breakfast this is a treat indeed. I enjoy every mouthful. The tastebuds are singing "carbs glorious carbs". Then its shower time and finally I have my first encounter with the famed Dream Tan. I reach into the jar feeling excited that I'll no longer be a Dream Tan virgin. I have truly "arrived" as a Figure Competitor LOL.
WH tans my back and my BS comments "mummy its good we can see your face so we know who you are". I'm darker than they could ever imagine. I finish packing my bag and my boys wish me good luck and we have a group hug and they tell me how proud they are of me. My heart is bursting with love, happiness and excitement. I'm not at all nervous. I'm itching to get into the day.
WH drops me at the Convention Centre and its pretty low key as competitors trickle in. Kerry is there (YAY) and we hang out together for most of the day. I meet the beautiful Miss Jaime-Lee (for the 2nd time) and our friendship moves to the next level as she watches me pee into a cup for the WNBF drug test. Then we lounge around, chat with the officials and just kick back. Its all pretty cruisy and I'm eating that chicken and rice regularly (happy happy).
There is a competitors meeting around 12 (well its a bit late actually as some of the girls are already getting ready and we wait for them to be free) and Danny Chau President of WNBF Asia Pacific Region (one of the nicest and most genuine guys you could meet) speaks to us about the WNBF and their philosophy on drug testing and their commitment to making their federation truly "drug free".
After this meeting its time to mosey over and start getting ready. As girls we know this task will not be over quickly so why we give ourselves plenty of time. Make-up, stuffing around with hair, extra coat of Dream Tan, getting the bikini on (which is an art form in itself). My SIL is my helper and she is totally amazed by what happens backstage at a show. Its fun and the atmosphere is good. There is no bitchiness or cattiness but we are a small group of female competitors this year.
As part of my stage prep I get to enjoy a packet of Smiths Crisps (DIRTY FOOD!!!! Yummo!!) and other not so delightful things. I spend ages pumping, posing and carbing up although I dont really know what I'm doing but it feels right so I keep at it.
There is a moment where I'm on my own, in my bikini, half pumped and carbed up and I reflect once again on what I've achieved. This ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye as I'm overwhelmed by a rush of emotions. Powerful stuff!!
Cut to the "curtain call". We are lined up ready to take the stage and I feel great. No nerves. Let me out there. I place a huge smile on my face, lift myself taller and even prouder (if thats possible) and I'm heading out there to shine. And I do. I love every minute I'm there. I pose my heart out never taking my eyes off a judge or letting the smile leave my face. I'm in my element. All those months of blood, sweat and tears are now being rewarded and I'm relishing the moment.
My routine is OK (I make a small booboo but press on regardless) and I'm really pleased that my WH has heard the special thank you I wrote to him. It has great meaning to us. After all the routines are over we all file back on for the awards. As I was the only competitor in Figure Novice...VOILA...First Place. I'm not disappointed that I didnt beat a big field of other competitors (if nobody else was prepared to put in the work and give it a go, or if they put in the work but dropped out) then I deserve that win. In Figure Masters its between Kerry and myself and when she is announced in 2nd place I'm deliriously happy, shocked, and extatic as I'm awarded first place.
Words cannot describe how happy I am not just for winning but for making it through. Knowing that I refused to give up no matter how many times I fell over and fell off the diet wagon. Knowing that I had the strength to see it through.
Wrapping up I'll just say that the post comp celebration with my friends was fantastic. With Josh's blessing I had a free meal and chose a salt and pepper squid with chips, salad with dressing, a bit of garlic bread and I made sure I had desert and a cappucino. Everything tasted superb and I knew that come Sunday I'd be back into the diet and training for Sydney.
I'm still on a high. If you're looking for cloud nine...its under my feet and I aint stepping off it just yet.
Good night all


Kie said...

Hi Magda,
You sound so happy and I am so happy for you. You are so right about winning you're the one that got up there. All the very best for Sydney.
Kie xx

Ali said...

Ow Magda!! that must be one of the best posts I have ever read, gave me goose bumps and a lump in my throat towards the end. My goodness, you described your experience so well, AWESOME!!! train hard for Sydney, less than a week now, thanks for posting this!!


Anonymous said...

Nice one Magda, I can feel your tears of joy honey buney! Can't wait to hear more! Love Shells xxo

Shar said...

Tears in my eyes and I can truly feel your joy!!
ENjoy it all again this weekend you deserve it!
Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
Shar x

Kristy said...

I loved the post Magda. You are very happy as you should be. You have come such a long way and it's shows what you can achieve if you never give up.

Well done Magda

stacytoby said...

Thanks so much for that Magda, it sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear about your experience at the Asia-Pacifics!!!

Di Broeren said...

CONGRATULATIONS MAGDA! I am so pleased for you! All of the pain of preparation is gone in an instant when you step out on that have me reminiscing : )

Best of Luck for your next comp.

Splice said...

Sounds like an awesome day, and now your going to do it all again :-)
Will see you in a few days, I look forward to meeting you too.