Monday, April 30, 2007

I AM .....

  • a wife
  • a mother
  • a daughter
  • a close friend
  • a good friend
  • a sister-in-law
  • an aspiring figure competitor
  • a cousin
  • a god-mother
  • a project manager
  • a group fitness instructor
  • a qualified PT
  • a Cancerian
  • a good cook
  • a morning person
  • an extrovert
  • an ex-wife
  • a blogger
  • a summer person
  • a Dancing With the Stars fan
  • a worrier
  • a cat lover
  • ME

So who are you?


Sunday, April 29, 2007


On Saturday 28 April the skinny jeans finally fitted. Albeit a little tight on the thighs but beautiful on the hips and no problems with getting them done up. I was strutting all day :-) I was walking on cloud 9!!

In the last 10 days I've dropped 2.1kgs and about 1.5% body fat (according to my not-always-accurate Tanitas). I'm really noticing the changes now which is very motivating. I guess the slightly stricter diet is paying off as there hasnt been any major change in my training.

Since I started training with Josh in December last year I've lost almost 10kgs. It didnt drop off quickly as sometimes I wish it had but I did have several occassions where I didnt follow my plan so I shouldnt expect miracles.

My strength has increased significantly and aerobically I'm noticeably fitter. Walking rarely gets my heart rate up any more, unless of course the pace is super fast, at which point I might as well run :-). I no longer dread running (unless my legs are mega tired) as I've gotten so much better at it.

So there's my boring brag for today. And on that note I'll toddle off and read the Sunday paper til everybody else wakes up.

Have a great day all


Friday, April 27, 2007


Wishing you all the best of luck for your comps this weekend. May you have the fun and enjoyment you desire and the success you deserve. As I've said before, irrespective of whether or not you place or win, the very fact that you have made it to the stage and/or have improved from your last appearance, means you are winners. Please, please, please post results and pictures quickly for those of us in far away places.

All is good with me. My eating is going well and I'm not really tempted to stray off plan. On Sunday night we are going SIL's for dinner and that'll be a bit of a challenge as I'm sure there will be some pressure to "indulge". But the way I'm seeing things now is that with my training being cranked up and my nutrition a bit tighter too, I'll be buggered if I throw away a week of good hard work just to keep others happy. I know I wont stick to my plan 100% but I will be aiming for minimal damage.

Today's cardio was on the exercise bike as we are enjoying some wonderful rain right now. I did sprints and I went hard. 50 revs of sprint followed by 50 revs of slow recovery cycling repeated 12 times. 22 minutes in total. Then it was 5 sets of GLEs today - not sure why Josh has reduced the volume. I asked him if he was feeling ok lol.

I have noticed that I've been quite hungry the last few days. My hardest time is leading up to lunch where my stomach rumbles like a mac truck. I have a morning snack but its pretty small and therefore doesnt last long. Lunch is a very welcome and much enjoyed meal. Maybe the hunger means my metabolism is working in top can only wish :-)

So life goes on. From tomorrow I have 22 weeks to the WNBF comp but I'm considering doing the NABBA comp as well as its a week earlier. Not sure if doing 2 back to back in my first ever attempt is a good thing. If anybody wants to throw some advice my way on this I would be grateful.

Cheers all


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yes there is no rest for these legs any more. This morning I did my 5km run and followed it up with my GLEs (gruelling leg exercises). The whole session took close to an hour which meant I was up earlier than usual but that was to allow the extra time for the longer run. I had to finish the session at home as the rain had started (hooray! we need it!). I was buggered when it was all over but gee I felt good.

I had a fantastic Anzac Day starting with a sleep in til just after 7am (laughable hey? but thats a sleep in for me!). After breakfast I went to the gym to do my back/abs/heavy legs session. My gym was closed so I trained elsewhere and was just overcome with excitement at the wonderful range of equipment they had. (In actual fact they just had most of the standard stuff but my gym has next to nothing and what they have is such crappy quality that I'm constantly frustrated by it all). So instead of doing lat pulldowns I hopped on the assisted chin machine and really went for it. I only made low reps but gee they were hard. I actually have a bit of DOMS in my lats today and I NEVER get it there. Leg training was good too. Then it was onto the X Trianer for cardio. Now that I hate!! BORING!! Give me an outdoor run anyday.

BS and I made Anzac biscuits but none of them passed my lips, no siree!! I invited SIL and her fiancee over to help eat them so all were happy. I had my herbal tea and my rice cake/cottage cheese when it was time for that. Josh has set up an "accountability" area in my training diary. Basically I'll be weighing and measuring quite regularly now with the expectation that the kilos and cms will be dropping off at a steady rate. They really need to if I'm ever going to be lean enough by the end of September. Mentally I'm ready to crank things up as I'm really hungry for a serious drop in body fat.

So today its back at work but I'm feeling good knowing all my weights are done for this week. Cardio is good too even with the lack of classes last night. Eats are well on track. My head is in a good place. I have it all together and I will succeed.

Have a great end of week


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Josh has upped my leg training to include some quite gruelling exercises after my morning cardio. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it in my training journal last night. It scared me at first and then I just thought "bring it on". So this morning I did my oval sprint session and worked at around 8/10 which I'm happy with. Then it was straight into the new exercises. Yes it hurt at times but I just kept picturing my legs looking lean and toned on comp day and there was no question about pushing out the 10 sets.

Training was looking shaky last night. WH was having drinks out with his boss and I eventaully joined them (Diet Coke only for me though) and then provided the taxi service home. It was quite a late home-time and I had planned to train so was in a bit of a dilemma. Anyway I made the decision to train as plannned. Yes it meant that I missed my dinner (not good I know!!) but I made sure I had my PWO shake + a piece of fruit so I was nourished after the training. I had such a good head-set last night that I was increasing my reps all over the place. I tell you, I approached the session with a real fire in my belly, determined that I would not be beaten. If I planned to make a ceratin number of reps then I was going to make them. I havent always been this focussed and I liked feeling this powerful and in control.

Bring on the Anzac Day holiday. I need the extra sleep. I have set myself a goal to be in bed between 9.30 and 10pm so that I can handle the early starts. I'm planning to train at a different gym tomorrow as mine is closed. Should be interesting. Then I'm going to do some baking as its my turn to bring something for morning tea on Friday. The rest of the day will be spent pottering around and catching up on the never-ending list of domestic chores. Oh and I should do another set of update pics for Josh.

Cheers all


Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm just blown away by the fantastic results achieved by the other PE girls in Queensland this weekend. Irrespective of placings, the achievements of Tracey, Alicia and Deb are just awesome and impressive and make me want to work even harder to do well myself.

Although I had a few wobbles on Sunday I went to bed knowing that today's effort would be 100%. Good strong cardio, eating on plan and really focussing on my weight training tonight. If I'm going to be serious about this then DH (Desperate Housewives) has to take a back seat. I'm prepared to make the commitment.

Last night WH and I negotiated a new schedule which takes into account his new job and some new routines that we need to implement. Although my training times arent going to be EXACTLY when I want them, at least I'll have the peace of mind knowing that when I am training, its in my agreed time. I must stop feeling guilty about taking time to myself to train. After all, guilt is a wasted emotion.

WH and I also spoke about our long term goals - or rather, MY long term goals. I'm not ready to go public with them yet but I will say that he (WH) was very impressed by mine. I did say that I reserved my right to change my mind after doing the September comp, but I have been quietly dreaming about achieving certain things.

And on that note, I'm going to dream about logging off and heading home for dinner, chest/shoulders/tris training and an early night. Just what every body builder needs.

Cheers all


Saturday, April 21, 2007


So whats good?

Last night's dinner out. Yummo. I had some delicious sardines for entree and goat shanks for mains (I like to have stuff I wouldnt normally have at home when I go out somewhere special). I didnt fancy desert but had some petitfours which were just the right amount of "treat". We had a wonderful night.

Leg training today. Josh has bumped the reps up as Saturday is my "volume day". I so did not want to lunge 3 sets of 20 reps with 15kg dumbells today but then I so want my legs to look good in September so I just did it. It hurt but I was happy when the last rep was completed.

So whats bad?

Not eating on plan today. We were invited to a friend's place for a lunchitme BBQ with an 11.30 start :-( I trained bis and legs, did my cardio, had my shake and fruit and got ready to go out. Well we werent fed until 2.15!! I had no option but to have the "nibbles" as I was famished around 1pm and needed food. Needless to say that after the nibbles my motivation was down and I had some BBQ stuff I wouldnt normally have so eats today havent been on track.

Today I had no strength in my biceps. Dont know what happened or where it went, but it just wasnt there. My reps were way down and the increase Josh wanted me to make - well I managed 4 reps lol. How pathetic is that.

So whats beautiful?

My friend Ronnie. I caught up with her this evening and told her for the first time about my ambition to compete and what I'm doing to get there. She was just wonderful with so much encouragement and respect and admiration for me. It was quite humbling. I havent had such a positive reaction from some others so it was a very nice situation to be in.

To finish tonight I'll just say that even though I got off track with my food today, I havent continued to binge or eat badly since then. It would have been soooo easy to do but I dont want to fall back into that depressing and negative place again. So on that note I'm signing off, having my diet yogurt (I'm quite hungry) and hitting the sack.

G'night all


Friday, April 20, 2007


I have a pair of size 10 black pants from Events, a very generous size 10 - you know the sort that makes you feel good because they are a size 10 but deep down you know the sizing isnt quite standard on them. Well they have reached the "hanging beyond acceptable" stage. I have folded them up and put them away not to be worn until .... ?? Who knows? I'm not yet confident that I'll never need them again. I'd like to be but my track record suggests otherwise.

Whether I do or dont need them again is not concerning me now. I'm feeling really good right now. My weight loss is noticable and its giving me extra motivation. Tonight WH and I are going out to celebrate his new job. We have chosen a new up-market Italian restaurant with drinks first at one of our favourite pubs. I'm really looking forward to it all. Josh has said "Enjoy the night. There's no point in looking like a hottie if you're not enjoying it". So I will but I know I wont go overboard. Also, when I know I'm going to have a "night off", I usually start to over-eat or choose some bad foods earlier that day too. I mean why not really blow it. But not today. Its all under control and thats making me even happier.

I realised this morning that I havent treated myself as a reward for staying alcohol free and mostly on track food wise last weekend. So I'm going to take myself over to GJs and have a large very vanilla chiller and a piece of German apple cheesecake ..... LOL!!! ....joke joke!!! No I'm hoping to get a bit of time today to pop out and buy a nice evening top for tonight.

We were invited to my parents' house for dinner last night as it was my MIL's last day with us before flying back to Brissie. I asked mum to bake my chicken breast in the oven and to make some steamed veges. The rest of the family was having chicken schnitzels (which my mum makes superbly!!). As it turned out, I worked a bit late so they had eaten by the time I got there and I could just devour my meal without pining for theirs. I thought that was a really good strategy for staying on track. Oh and the double bonus was that I could save 1/2 the chicken for lunch today and also have the left over veges. Perfect!!

I skipped my cardio today so I could sleep and hopefully not be dead tired today.. It was only going to be a powerwalk as my legs are sore and tired and I have another leg session tomorrow. So no training today but I know I have a big session tomorrow morning.

Well I better wrap it up there as work beckons. Have a great weekend all, especially all the ladies competing. I'll be hanging out for all your pics and results.



Thursday, April 19, 2007


...but for all the wrong reasons!

I couldnt believe how many things went wrong or bad last night.

  • I didnt finish my leg training as I couldnt adjust the knob on the leg curl machine to re-position the pad that sits on the back of your leg. I was furious that my gym had such sub-standard equipment. I'll stop there before I say things I may regret later.
  • Last night was the most tired and flattest I've felt for some time. My legs were tired and heavy and after the leg curl machine, my head was in a bad place. I'm ashamed to say that I taught my classes with little energy and enthusiasm and that really goes against my usual standard.
  • WH set a world record for coughing in both volume and intensity. Any ideas about getting even an adequate (let alone good) night's sleep went out the window as he was unable to stop coughing just as I went to bed. Then there was an encore performance at 3am just to put the final nail in the proverbial coffin.

I'm smiling as I write all this now but it was a BAD night.

However things looked up this morning after I weighed again. What a difference a day can make if your system is not regular. I'm now closer to 60kgs than 70kgs and this is fantastic.

After I felt so tired last night, I emailed Josh to say that I would not do any cardio today so that I could recover. He suggested maybe just do something different like a power-walk so I set my alarm with the intention of walking 3.7kms. When I set off I actually felt better than expected so I started a slow jog. After the 1km mark I did feel like I just wanted to walk but I set myself little mini-targets like "jog to the shopping centre, then walk". When I got to the shopping centre it was "just go to the end of the shopping centre, then walk". Anyway this went on for about 4 or 5 mini targets and then I actually got into the zone and was enjoying the jog (still not fast though) and just kept going without any mini-targets. I started thinking that I may do 5kms and before I knew it I had, without thinking, jogged past my 3.7km turn off. As I came to the end of the 5kms I even considered going further but time had run out and I had to stop. I had jogged for 38 minutes at a moderate pace and it had felt really good. Legs are tired today though.

Well I'm in a good place right now. Eating well, training hard and counting down my 22 weeks. Sounds like ages but I know its not, for what I have to achieve to feel ok about getting on stage.

To all the ladies competing this or the next weekend I want to send my best wishes that you have great comps. I've followed your journeys with interest and each and every one of you is an inspiration and you're all winners in my eyes.


Cheers from Magda

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As I'm really interested to see what effect the change in diet has had, I weighed and measured this morning - even though I said I wouldnt. Well after all it is an addiction for me and giving it up is mighty hard.

So how does one measure succes? All of my upper body measurements were up ???!!! (I dont measure arms regularly) My hips and legs were down very slightly :-) Weight down .4kgs. Now I dont necessarily pay a lot of attention to the kgs but I do expect my measurements to be dropping ... and they're not. Very wierd!! I still have boobs (and plenty of them) and quite a bit of fat around my waist. I've always lost it quickly and easily there. Maybe this is the effect of being over 40? Who knows.

But I can honestly say that:
  1. I'm not upset about it
  2. I'm not worried about it
  3. I just wish I understood it

Last night I did my 2nd weights session for the week (I do 3) and managed to catch most of DWTS. It was Chest/Shoulders/Tris and thats about the order of how much I enjoy training each muscle group. I managed some good weights/reps etc but not on all exercises. Overall I was really happy with the session though as I gave it everything so what more can one ask? I was so buggered when it was finally done.

I was up early again today for my fix of "red-brick-fever". This is my 5km ss run which again took 32 mins. I reckon I can better that time but I need to do it with fresh legs ... and great music.

Calories were up a bit yesterday due to PWO shake + fruit but thats to be expected. At least they werent up because I went out for lunch and had garlic bread, creamy pasta and 1/2 bottle of wine l0l Aaaaah, one can but dream!!

Cheers all


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yesterday we received some really great news. WH has won a new job. Considering how unhappy he is in his current position and the benefits of the new job, this is almost equivalent to a lottery win for us. Words cannot describe how happy I am for him (and for us). For me, its one (big) thing less to worry about while I'm doing my comp prep. Today I feel better both physically and mentally and I'm sure this news has a lot to do with that.

I think the other thing making me feel better today is my increased calorie intake yesterday ... oops!! I had a very small glass of champagne to celebrate the good news and roast beef for dinner which really bumped the cals up even though my serve was quite small. Oh well, all the food I ate was clean so I'm not concerned.

With MIL still with us and the last of BS's birthday celebrations last night (it was his birthday yesterday after all) getting my weight training done is proving to be difficult. I'm hoping tonight is a quiet night at home as planned and I can get my 2nd session done. Then its only my gym session tomorrow and I'm done. Cardio has been good. Sprints yesterday and today + taking the stairs at work is giving my legs a good workout :-) God knows they need it. I wore a short skirt yesterday and in black stockings I thought my legs looked ok. My arse is definitely smaller too.

I'm intending to put in a big effort this week with my nutrition and training and then on Friday night WH and I are going out to dinner to celebrate his new job. I plan to enjoy a couple of drinks but will choose the healthiest meal I can so I dont feel as though I'm blowing all my previous hard work. Anyway after some days of quite low cals, I believe its not harmful (in fact its actually beneficial) to have a day where intake is a bit higher. The trick is to get right back on track the next day. That'll be the challenge.

Cheers all


Monday, April 16, 2007


Well yesterday's family BBQ at SIL's was definitely the hardest to get through staying focussed and on track. I was focussed but I was really struggling with tiredness (not enough sleep and just go go go), feeling cold (despite it being quite a mild/warm day) and feeling hungry. My willpower and determination were really tested and whilst I wasnt perfect, I actually think I did really well under the circumstances.

I wish I could have enjoyed the day more though. It was our first meeting with my SIL's fiancee's family and I was pretty quiet and not my usually outgoing friendly self. I guess deep down I was feeling a bit miserable being surrounded by so much lovely food and drinks but not being able to enjoy any of it. But its my decision to compete and in order to do so there are things I must do.

When the food was (FINALLY) served I tried to make the best choices without looking too obsessive about what I was eating but really holding back on what I would normally have eaten. Deep down I couldnt wait for it all to be over so I could just go home, warm up and take care of my domestic things before having to return to work today.

I also missed my weights session yesterday which added another negative aspect to the day. The day didnt go as planned and I had no choice but to entertain my BS at the only time I had to do my weights. Never mind, the session can be rescheduled for another time in the week.

So I really feel as though things are getting harder. My new nutrition plan hasnt been stitched down but my calories have been cut and its proving to be a bit of a challenge. Both Josh and I need to work on it to get it right and to a level I can maintain for 23 weeks. Makes life interesting to say the least.

Well although I have heaps more to post I'm going to sign off there as other duties beckon.

Cheers all


Saturday, April 14, 2007


Yes the party is over. It was great. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, especially our BS and it was worth all the hard work. I'm very tired now and I'm also hungry and sober. Thats right, no alcohol, no junk food, just chicken and salad for dinner and gallons of soda water with fresh lime.

Its time to devour that diet yogurt and hit the sack. Will post more next time.

G'night all



Yesterday was day 1 of a few very challenging days. I'm really pleased to say that despite some feelings of "oh I should be in party mode", I stuck to my plan and ate about 95% clean. Now considering how much I ate out, thats excellent for me. It wasnt easy at times, especially when the garlic bread got passed around at dinner, the wine was offered, and I had 3 encounters with a platter full of cakes/sweets (my biggest weakness) but I stuck to my resolve.

This weekend is an important turning point for me. I feel that if I dont make it through on track then I'll seriously doubt my ability to be strong enough to make it through to the comp in September. Plus I got my jeans on but I cant do them up yet :-)

Cardio yesterday was a very moderate intensity as I feel my head cold has worsened a little and I cant afford to get sick this weekend. So it was a power walk for me (what a cruise after some of my other sessions).

I have a big day ahead today with a family party for BS's birthday and I'll be drawing on all my strength to get through on track.

Wish me luck


Thursday, April 12, 2007


With BS's birthday happening this weekend he and I had a hugely busy day today. I spent the afternoon cooking which I absolutely love. I made WH a lamb korma and curried veges for dinner, chocolate crackles with BS for Saturday's party and a big dish of lasagne. Man that beef sauce looked and smelt good but I had one lick of a spoon for a taste test and then no more. I have 2 freezers which are groaning with frozen meals made over the last couple of weeks for WH. This is a huge help for me as I wont have to cook separate meals now for us on weeknights.

Although I had lunch in a cafe today I ordered the warm chook salad and asked for no dressing. Was careful with how much I ate and took the rest of the chook home for dinner. It was a good eating day but I was hungrier than usual. I guess thats my metabolism firing and working in over-drive....I WISH!!!! :-) Just one lot of cardio today but I worked hard and thats the main thing.

Well tomorrow the socialising starts so I'm going to take time to refocus regularly and remind myself of my goals and of how detrimental another "who cares I'll eat what I want" session will be. I have some personal mini goals this weekend and if I achieve them I'm going to give myself a small treat next week.

Well my tummy is rumbling so its time to down my diet yogurt and hit the sack for what I think may be another night of quite poor sleep. There's so much happening this weekend that I find it very hard to switch off.

G'night all


Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yes I chalked up another good day. No real challenges today though. Ate well, did 2 lots of cardio both at good intensities and a good solid weights session - although first legs session in the gym (I normally train at home) was not as heavy as it will be soon.

My new diet needs quite some fine tuning as it'll only work if I'm not working (yes I would love that but its not about to be). So not ready to make changes just yet but I'm sure they're not far off.

Today BS and I went to the pool and had a wonderful time with lots of water activity (he doesnt really swim) and a healthy packed lunch. I didnt go near the kiosk - why tempy fate - and stayed well on track. Not much else to write about except that the real challenge will present itself on Friday to Sunday when the in-laws are here for BS's birthday. But I'm working on keeping this strong and positive mindset and all will be right.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, thanks to all the lovely, experienced and helpful ladies who regularly send words of support and encouragement. They really do help me immensely.

G'night all


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


When I think back over the last 2-3 months I see a definite pattern of training hard/eating well/being focussed followed by bouts of "party time"/"bugger the training"/"I deserve this break". Yes in simple terms its INCONSISTENCY.

Well I now have another chance to break this cycle. I've clocked up another good day (2 lots of cardio and a big weights session) and the motivation is high. Now I just need to add one more, then one more again and so on and so on. This is my goal for tomorrow: just put in another day of clean eating, good solid weight training and some intense cardio. Simple really :-)

My BS is on holidays already and I have this week off. My I could really get used to this lifestyle! Up at 6.40 (what a luxury from my usual 5.10) and out for a run (sprints today) before WH went to work. Then went and got my nails done and then took my mum and BS for a little shopping expedition and lunch out. I ordered the warm chook salad (actually craved it instead of pasta or something else I shouldnt be having) and ate about the right amount of chicken with salad and scraped off dressing wherever possible so all up it was a pretty clean meal. Oh and I had Diet Coke instead of the usual couple of glasses of wine. Over lunch I told mum of my goal to compete this year. I dont think she has any idea what it involves other than "exercise and watching what I eat". Never mind, its a world she knows nothing about...yet!!

In the afternoon BS had a sleep (he's been a bit off colour lately) and I did my weights session and followed it up with round 2 of cardio on my exercise bike (inspired by Di!!!!) Then BS and I hung out playing and cooking dinner for daddy (while mummy had tuna and salad).

What a fantastic day all up. Oh and the weather is absolutely glorious, 33 today and tomorrow. I'm planning a day at the pool tomorrow. Lovin' this lifestyle :-)

Cheers all


Monday, April 09, 2007


After some interesting exchanges with Josh via my on-line training journal, its been decided that my diet will get stricter this week. I think it'll be very much a comp prep diet and I have just under 24 weeks to go. This is both exciting and scary and I'm feeling lots of different emotions around this.

I worry about sticking to a strict diet for that long. How will I handle social occassions, missing some of the foods I love and other's reactions/expectations? I dont even think my WH realises what the next 24 weeks will be like. I suspect he wont handle it well.

But I'm also excited by the prospect of finally seeing some noticeable improvements. Yes I know I have to put the effort in and put it in consistently day after day, week after week to achieve this but I'm working on my mindset being in totally the right place to enable me to stop stuffing around and ACHIEVE.

The time has really come to say good-bye to the "Sin Now - Pray Later" party girl and just get on with it.


Sunday, April 08, 2007


For as long as I can remember I have lived by this motto: "SIN NOW - PRAY LATER". Some years ago my WH even bought me a birthday card that had a badge with this saying on it. I rememeber thinking "how apt" as I poured myself another glass of bubbly and had another mouthful of cheese and crackers. The diet can start on Monday.

In December 2006 I started training with Josh so that I would reach my goal of competing in figure in 2007. I knew it would be a long and hard journey with its fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows. I wasnt wrong and I'm only about 1/2 way there.

My progress has been sporadic. Sometimes two steps forward, one step back, sometimes one step forward, one back. The last few weeks especially have been all over the place. I dont feel as though I've moved forward much at all.

And I know what my problem is. Consistency!! Most of my setbacks have been a result of my lack of consistency. If I'm to get my body in the best shape ever (and not embarass myself on stage in September) then its time to buckle down and "just do it ... AND DO IT EVERY DAY".

Stay tuned for the next instalment (which is scaring me a little and I dont even know all the details).


Saturday, April 07, 2007


  • Waking up with a sore throat (yet again) and seeking comfort food for breakfast

  • Hot cross buns straight from the griller with melted butter swimming on them

  • Mum's home made scones sitting on the bench top when I'm hungry for my morning snack

  • Lunch out at a cafe: pizza, pasta, garlic bread ... the bad options are endless and tempting

  • Housewarming at a friend's new place: party food/junk food, alcohol everywhere

Oh and lets not forget the chocolate

Was I actually looking forward to Easter??!!


Friday, April 06, 2007


Well by the time BS was settled and asleep, I didnt have such an early night after all. I woke during the night a couple of times and my throat was raging. This morning it was still dry and sore but no worse than last night.

So today is a big rest day and I'm trying hard to not get down and depressed over this. No cardio :-( no weights :-( and trying really really hard to not go too far off track with my food. Thank Lisa, Shar and Hilary for your comments and advice on dealing with this minor set-back.

We have a family dinner at my parents' place tonight and I know that crumbed fish and prawns will be on the menu. I'm planning to keep my portions well under control and I hope mum has made a nice salad as she usually does. As of tomorrow I have 24 weeks to my comp. Aaaahh so close and yet so far.

Enjoy Easter everyone!


Thursday, April 05, 2007


Early this afternoon I felt my throat getting sore and its now very dry and sore and I have a headache to match.

I'm dosing up on Vit C + zinc, have had extra garlic in my soup for dinner, will be gargling to kill the throat germs and have shelved the training so I can have an early night. Please please please dont let me get sick over Easter. WH has had it and even though I've kept right away from him, it looks like I'm getting it too.

And to make matters even worse, I'm now craving comfort foods BIG TIME!! Toast, soups and anything carby. God give me strength to stay on track, or to only veer slightly.

:-( Magda


Bring on Easter I say. Time off to spend with family, catch up with friends, get ahead with domestic chores (grrrr!!) and time to train. I'm actually planning to get a little ahead with my training instead of being behind like I am right now. Now for the extra bonus and that is that I'm having the week after Easter off. YIPPEEEEEEE

I had an embarassing thing happen yesterday. I forgot to set my alarm for my morning cardio (insert blush!!) I had so much on my mind the night before that it totally slipped my mind. Funny thing was that I lay in bed planning what my cardio would be for the rest of the week and then I totally missed that session. Up to now, my training and meal planning have been so foremost in my mind that I'm really surprised that this happened. So to make up for this, I really belted it out in my classes last night. Also did back and abs at the gym before my classes and now only have shoulders/tris to do tonight. A little behind but things looking ok for the weights session tonight.

Eating has been good. Not totally as prescribed but no junk, just a bit of fruit I wouldnt normally have and coffee with milk that I dont know if its skim/low/full fat. If thats the worse of it then I'm cool with that :-)

Still debating whether to "indulge" in a hot X bun over Easter. I can take or leave the chocolate (and I usually leave it unless its got something delectable inside it) but a warm toasted hot X bun with butter ....hmmm mmmm...yummo!! Thats to die for :-)

Cheers all. Have a great Easter.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


To all the mums who have successfully prepared for competition and made it to the stage, I admire and salute you.

Although I am motivated to eat well and train hard and have my heart set on my goal to compete this year, I am facing some personal struggles that are making this journey even more challenging and difficult.

Our children are undoubtedly one of, if not THE most important thing in our lives. We all try to to be the best parents we can be and we hope we influence them in positive ways. If they need extra attention or help with their development then its our responsibility to make sure we give it to them.

This is my struggle and I face it daily. When life is full of work (both full-time and casual), home duties and the demands of comp prep the hours left in a day are few and far between. Many of my training sessions have been shrouded in guilt as I spend the time on myself instead of my BS.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Firstly thanks to the lovely ladies who left comments of well wishes for me yesterday. The gastro lasted about 24 hours and after dinner I had no more problems which is a big relief. On the up side of all this is the feeling of losing the bloat of last week's bad eating. That is to be celebrated!

This morning I did my first run since falling over 2 weeks ago. My knee is still a little sore but I can work with this level of discomfort. I just did 3.7kms to ease back into it and it took me 24 mins. I cant remember how this compares to the last time I ran that distance. I felt good running again.

Despite having the gastro, yesterday I did another ride on my exercise bike which was a good cardio session and I was close to a toilet so that was double bonus :-) Luckily I didnt have weights scheduled and although I thought of slipping a session in, I decided against it as I knew my strength would not have been good.

So all is good again. I'm eating well, back into the cardio and am on track with my weight training this week. Lets bottle this moment for those future challenging times :-)

Cheers all


Monday, April 02, 2007


I'm home today with a bout of gastro that has me on the toilet at very frequent intervals. It started yesterday arvo and hasnt eased up. I was up during the night with it and 10 minutes after having my protein shake and hot lemon drink prior to my early morning run, I was back on the toilet again. So no early run today. Will see how the day pans out as to whether I can still slip some training in.

On Saturday I had a blinder of a headache which didnt respond to pain-killers. At first I thought I might have been a little hung-over from the wine we had on Friday night but it got worse as the day went on. We were home watching a DVD on Saturday night (yes we are the last of the real ragers...NOT!!) and it was BAD. I popped a couple of panadols and they made no difference whatsoever. Then I realised that I must have been going through a bit of a detox. Last week I really did eat badly and when I got back on track on Saturday my body was detoxing, hence the killer headache. Well I guess you pay the price in some way or other if you teat your body badly.

Having said all that I am well into the swing of things again with real determination to eat well and train hard. Saturday was legs and moderate cardio. My lower back was restricting me a bit with my leg session but I modified it and still gave it the best I could. Yesterday was chest and bis and I reached some new PBs with reps on what are very heavy weights for me. I was rapt with that session. Then I hopped on the ex bike and pushed out 15mins at 8-8.5/10 after which I was totally stuffed. That was the 2nd lot of cardio for the day.

Well fingers crossed that this gastro disappears quickly and I can get stuck into some more training and not fall behind again.

Cheers all