Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Firstly thanks to the lovely ladies who left comments of well wishes for me yesterday. The gastro lasted about 24 hours and after dinner I had no more problems which is a big relief. On the up side of all this is the feeling of losing the bloat of last week's bad eating. That is to be celebrated!

This morning I did my first run since falling over 2 weeks ago. My knee is still a little sore but I can work with this level of discomfort. I just did 3.7kms to ease back into it and it took me 24 mins. I cant remember how this compares to the last time I ran that distance. I felt good running again.

Despite having the gastro, yesterday I did another ride on my exercise bike which was a good cardio session and I was close to a toilet so that was double bonus :-) Luckily I didnt have weights scheduled and although I thought of slipping a session in, I decided against it as I knew my strength would not have been good.

So all is good again. I'm eating well, back into the cardio and am on track with my weight training this week. Lets bottle this moment for those future challenging times :-)

Cheers all


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