Wednesday, April 18, 2007


As I'm really interested to see what effect the change in diet has had, I weighed and measured this morning - even though I said I wouldnt. Well after all it is an addiction for me and giving it up is mighty hard.

So how does one measure succes? All of my upper body measurements were up ???!!! (I dont measure arms regularly) My hips and legs were down very slightly :-) Weight down .4kgs. Now I dont necessarily pay a lot of attention to the kgs but I do expect my measurements to be dropping ... and they're not. Very wierd!! I still have boobs (and plenty of them) and quite a bit of fat around my waist. I've always lost it quickly and easily there. Maybe this is the effect of being over 40? Who knows.

But I can honestly say that:
  1. I'm not upset about it
  2. I'm not worried about it
  3. I just wish I understood it

Last night I did my 2nd weights session for the week (I do 3) and managed to catch most of DWTS. It was Chest/Shoulders/Tris and thats about the order of how much I enjoy training each muscle group. I managed some good weights/reps etc but not on all exercises. Overall I was really happy with the session though as I gave it everything so what more can one ask? I was so buggered when it was finally done.

I was up early again today for my fix of "red-brick-fever". This is my 5km ss run which again took 32 mins. I reckon I can better that time but I need to do it with fresh legs ... and great music.

Calories were up a bit yesterday due to PWO shake + fruit but thats to be expected. At least they werent up because I went out for lunch and had garlic bread, creamy pasta and 1/2 bottle of wine l0l Aaaaah, one can but dream!!

Cheers all



Hilary said...

Congrats on hubbys new job!!

I'd say you've just gotta keep doing what you're doing, maybe leave it a while before you measure? They say that things happen on the inside before you'll see a lot of changes on the outside...

Keep training hard! :)

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Hilary you're absolutely right. I just get impatient but I'm learning to deal with it.

Thanks Magda

Anonymous said...

Hi Magda! So long no speaky!! So nice to read what u have been up to... Its sounds like you have a good grasp on things and a good understanding of your body; I can learn from that.

I am back and training for comp this year too. A clean break of health, on a roll to tip top health. Keep in touch. Love Shellsxx

Magda said...

Hi Shelly,

what a surprise to hear from you again. Glad to hear that you're giving the comp a go this year. I'll check out how you're doing and wish you good luck .. or rather lots of hard work and effort (I dont think luck has much to do with it)

Cheers Magda