Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Josh has upped my leg training to include some quite gruelling exercises after my morning cardio. I nearly fell off my chair when I read it in my training journal last night. It scared me at first and then I just thought "bring it on". So this morning I did my oval sprint session and worked at around 8/10 which I'm happy with. Then it was straight into the new exercises. Yes it hurt at times but I just kept picturing my legs looking lean and toned on comp day and there was no question about pushing out the 10 sets.

Training was looking shaky last night. WH was having drinks out with his boss and I eventaully joined them (Diet Coke only for me though) and then provided the taxi service home. It was quite a late home-time and I had planned to train so was in a bit of a dilemma. Anyway I made the decision to train as plannned. Yes it meant that I missed my dinner (not good I know!!) but I made sure I had my PWO shake + a piece of fruit so I was nourished after the training. I had such a good head-set last night that I was increasing my reps all over the place. I tell you, I approached the session with a real fire in my belly, determined that I would not be beaten. If I planned to make a ceratin number of reps then I was going to make them. I havent always been this focussed and I liked feeling this powerful and in control.

Bring on the Anzac Day holiday. I need the extra sleep. I have set myself a goal to be in bed between 9.30 and 10pm so that I can handle the early starts. I'm planning to train at a different gym tomorrow as mine is closed. Should be interesting. Then I'm going to do some baking as its my turn to bring something for morning tea on Friday. The rest of the day will be spent pottering around and catching up on the never-ending list of domestic chores. Oh and I should do another set of update pics for Josh.

Cheers all



bev said...

Sounds like your well and truly fired up Magda.Good on you.
I know what you say about a sleep in tomorrow.I cant wait.Not that I will sleep in late but its nice not to wake to an alarm.Keep up the good work


Andj said...

Hi Magda - I'm glad you liked that post. I guess process goal are kind of like you saying to your self at the beginning of the training session - I am going to achieve x number of reps in this training session and focus on visualisation the whole time. Or I'm going to make x number of KG's on bench press for x reps this session. It lets you put all of your focus on the steps in the process - rather that worrying about whether or not the end point will ever happen. If you take each step in the process then there is no way you can fail. The Anthony robbins book - Unlimited Power is also good for this type of stuff.

jodie said...

Hello Magda
Sounds like you are well and truly heading towards your figure goal. Your training is sounding awesome!

Magda said...

Thanks guys,

I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Heads in a good place and not letting the small stuff throw me off balance. (Now to work out how to stay this way all the time lol)