Thursday, April 12, 2007


With BS's birthday happening this weekend he and I had a hugely busy day today. I spent the afternoon cooking which I absolutely love. I made WH a lamb korma and curried veges for dinner, chocolate crackles with BS for Saturday's party and a big dish of lasagne. Man that beef sauce looked and smelt good but I had one lick of a spoon for a taste test and then no more. I have 2 freezers which are groaning with frozen meals made over the last couple of weeks for WH. This is a huge help for me as I wont have to cook separate meals now for us on weeknights.

Although I had lunch in a cafe today I ordered the warm chook salad and asked for no dressing. Was careful with how much I ate and took the rest of the chook home for dinner. It was a good eating day but I was hungrier than usual. I guess thats my metabolism firing and working in over-drive....I WISH!!!! :-) Just one lot of cardio today but I worked hard and thats the main thing.

Well tomorrow the socialising starts so I'm going to take time to refocus regularly and remind myself of my goals and of how detrimental another "who cares I'll eat what I want" session will be. I have some personal mini goals this weekend and if I achieve them I'm going to give myself a small treat next week.

Well my tummy is rumbling so its time to down my diet yogurt and hit the sack for what I think may be another night of quite poor sleep. There's so much happening this weekend that I find it very hard to switch off.

G'night all



bev said...

You sound like wonder woman to me.How organized is that.Well done.Sounds like you have it all sorted.Good Luck for the weekend.Be strong.It will be worth it.I'm looking forward to your Monday blog telling us how easy it was.Go for it!!

Nicc said...

Hi Magda,
I've been reading your blog for a little while and you sound exactly like me before my first comp 2 years ago. For me the hardest thing was believing in myself that I could do it and I would get there. If you never give up and pick youself up after the inevitable slips you will be a winner. Over time I've got better, still not perfect (I envy those who can be) but better each year. You will get there. Stay strong & just be the best you you can be.