Thursday, April 05, 2007


Bring on Easter I say. Time off to spend with family, catch up with friends, get ahead with domestic chores (grrrr!!) and time to train. I'm actually planning to get a little ahead with my training instead of being behind like I am right now. Now for the extra bonus and that is that I'm having the week after Easter off. YIPPEEEEEEE

I had an embarassing thing happen yesterday. I forgot to set my alarm for my morning cardio (insert blush!!) I had so much on my mind the night before that it totally slipped my mind. Funny thing was that I lay in bed planning what my cardio would be for the rest of the week and then I totally missed that session. Up to now, my training and meal planning have been so foremost in my mind that I'm really surprised that this happened. So to make up for this, I really belted it out in my classes last night. Also did back and abs at the gym before my classes and now only have shoulders/tris to do tonight. A little behind but things looking ok for the weights session tonight.

Eating has been good. Not totally as prescribed but no junk, just a bit of fruit I wouldnt normally have and coffee with milk that I dont know if its skim/low/full fat. If thats the worse of it then I'm cool with that :-)

Still debating whether to "indulge" in a hot X bun over Easter. I can take or leave the chocolate (and I usually leave it unless its got something delectable inside it) but a warm toasted hot X bun with butter ....hmmm mmmm...yummo!! Thats to die for :-)

Cheers all. Have a great Easter.


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