Sunday, April 08, 2007


For as long as I can remember I have lived by this motto: "SIN NOW - PRAY LATER". Some years ago my WH even bought me a birthday card that had a badge with this saying on it. I rememeber thinking "how apt" as I poured myself another glass of bubbly and had another mouthful of cheese and crackers. The diet can start on Monday.

In December 2006 I started training with Josh so that I would reach my goal of competing in figure in 2007. I knew it would be a long and hard journey with its fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows. I wasnt wrong and I'm only about 1/2 way there.

My progress has been sporadic. Sometimes two steps forward, one step back, sometimes one step forward, one back. The last few weeks especially have been all over the place. I dont feel as though I've moved forward much at all.

And I know what my problem is. Consistency!! Most of my setbacks have been a result of my lack of consistency. If I'm to get my body in the best shape ever (and not embarass myself on stage in September) then its time to buckle down and "just do it ... AND DO IT EVERY DAY".

Stay tuned for the next instalment (which is scaring me a little and I dont even know all the details).



Ali said...

Good luck with it all Magda, I think it is learning curve and can get easier with time,

I think no matter what goals we all have we all have struggles with them at some stage or another, and it is the learning from our mistakes that makes the difference 'two steps forward one back' at least you are still going in the right direction... fwd!

You will get there just believe in yourself and be strong!!


Magda said...

Thanks Ali,

Yes I guess I'm inching forward, whereas I want to be leaping...but thats just human nature I guess. I'm just going to focus on one step at a time and hopefully I'll get to the finish line feeling happy with my result.



Hilary said...

Magda I can totally relate - consistency is my downfall at the moment!

You are undertaking a HUGE challenge, and I think you are doing fabulously. I have never competed in this way, but I do think that as your comp date gets closer and closer that you will become more focussed and find it easier. (I hope so anyway!)

Stay strong, and as Ali says, believe in yourself!

Hilary xx

Splice said...

I think you will find things really change as you get closer to the comp day.
Consistancy kicks in when you are weeks out :-).
You will be fine, your doing well.

Shar said...

Hey Magda
Great post and Thanks for sharing how you are feeling.
I felt the same way for most of last year!! I felt I had literally wasted a whole 9 months starting on Monday!, having just one more....., etc etc. Then I made the choice, a decision to change, then I did it, planned, commited, focus and you saw on my blog what I acheived before i went back to the UK.
I had 11 weeks of consistent training and eating, THAT was what made that time different to the others, 2 weeks here, 3 weeks there.
If you can just get the oommpphhhh to get at least 3 -4 weeks consistently you will see amazing changes and then there is no stopping you.
Stay focussed on your end goal BUT don't let that take your focus away from what you really need to do now and that is start the ball rolling and keep it rolling! not stopping coz the road takes a turn. Please feel free to e mail me if you want.
SORRY For the long blabby comment just you hit a nerve, fighting myself last year was so horrid for me and if I can help in any way.
Shar x

Lisa said...

Hi magda,

Yes, you do need to be consistant forever. Good luck.

Magda said...

Thanks guys for your support and words of encouragement once again. Sometimes I think I need to remind myself daily if not a couple of times a day as to what I want to achieve and what I have to do to get there. Losing my focus is happening all too easily but I'm NOT giving in or giving up.