Friday, April 27, 2007


Wishing you all the best of luck for your comps this weekend. May you have the fun and enjoyment you desire and the success you deserve. As I've said before, irrespective of whether or not you place or win, the very fact that you have made it to the stage and/or have improved from your last appearance, means you are winners. Please, please, please post results and pictures quickly for those of us in far away places.

All is good with me. My eating is going well and I'm not really tempted to stray off plan. On Sunday night we are going SIL's for dinner and that'll be a bit of a challenge as I'm sure there will be some pressure to "indulge". But the way I'm seeing things now is that with my training being cranked up and my nutrition a bit tighter too, I'll be buggered if I throw away a week of good hard work just to keep others happy. I know I wont stick to my plan 100% but I will be aiming for minimal damage.

Today's cardio was on the exercise bike as we are enjoying some wonderful rain right now. I did sprints and I went hard. 50 revs of sprint followed by 50 revs of slow recovery cycling repeated 12 times. 22 minutes in total. Then it was 5 sets of GLEs today - not sure why Josh has reduced the volume. I asked him if he was feeling ok lol.

I have noticed that I've been quite hungry the last few days. My hardest time is leading up to lunch where my stomach rumbles like a mac truck. I have a morning snack but its pretty small and therefore doesnt last long. Lunch is a very welcome and much enjoyed meal. Maybe the hunger means my metabolism is working in top can only wish :-)

So life goes on. From tomorrow I have 22 weeks to the WNBF comp but I'm considering doing the NABBA comp as well as its a week earlier. Not sure if doing 2 back to back in my first ever attempt is a good thing. If anybody wants to throw some advice my way on this I would be grateful.

Cheers all



Hilary said...

Great attitiude about the food Magda, no need to eat off plan just because others want you to!

Sounds like your training is going great! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hilary xx

Tracey said...

Wow thanks a lot for that Magda we had such a great time at the comp on the weekend, we all had a great time. It will be good though to have a week to recover & then who knows how tough JD is goin to make our programs next week. I do think things will step up a little.

Splice said...

Magda you provide great support and a great attidute towards your comp prep, your going to be great.
Also you have picked a great fed to compete in, the WNBF is outstanding and you will see this for yourself.
All the best and I will be following your progress as always :-)