Monday, April 16, 2007


Well yesterday's family BBQ at SIL's was definitely the hardest to get through staying focussed and on track. I was focussed but I was really struggling with tiredness (not enough sleep and just go go go), feeling cold (despite it being quite a mild/warm day) and feeling hungry. My willpower and determination were really tested and whilst I wasnt perfect, I actually think I did really well under the circumstances.

I wish I could have enjoyed the day more though. It was our first meeting with my SIL's fiancee's family and I was pretty quiet and not my usually outgoing friendly self. I guess deep down I was feeling a bit miserable being surrounded by so much lovely food and drinks but not being able to enjoy any of it. But its my decision to compete and in order to do so there are things I must do.

When the food was (FINALLY) served I tried to make the best choices without looking too obsessive about what I was eating but really holding back on what I would normally have eaten. Deep down I couldnt wait for it all to be over so I could just go home, warm up and take care of my domestic things before having to return to work today.

I also missed my weights session yesterday which added another negative aspect to the day. The day didnt go as planned and I had no choice but to entertain my BS at the only time I had to do my weights. Never mind, the session can be rescheduled for another time in the week.

So I really feel as though things are getting harder. My new nutrition plan hasnt been stitched down but my calories have been cut and its proving to be a bit of a challenge. Both Josh and I need to work on it to get it right and to a level I can maintain for 23 weeks. Makes life interesting to say the least.

Well although I have heaps more to post I'm going to sign off there as other duties beckon.

Cheers all


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