Monday, April 02, 2007


I'm home today with a bout of gastro that has me on the toilet at very frequent intervals. It started yesterday arvo and hasnt eased up. I was up during the night with it and 10 minutes after having my protein shake and hot lemon drink prior to my early morning run, I was back on the toilet again. So no early run today. Will see how the day pans out as to whether I can still slip some training in.

On Saturday I had a blinder of a headache which didnt respond to pain-killers. At first I thought I might have been a little hung-over from the wine we had on Friday night but it got worse as the day went on. We were home watching a DVD on Saturday night (yes we are the last of the real ragers...NOT!!) and it was BAD. I popped a couple of panadols and they made no difference whatsoever. Then I realised that I must have been going through a bit of a detox. Last week I really did eat badly and when I got back on track on Saturday my body was detoxing, hence the killer headache. Well I guess you pay the price in some way or other if you teat your body badly.

Having said all that I am well into the swing of things again with real determination to eat well and train hard. Saturday was legs and moderate cardio. My lower back was restricting me a bit with my leg session but I modified it and still gave it the best I could. Yesterday was chest and bis and I reached some new PBs with reps on what are very heavy weights for me. I was rapt with that session. Then I hopped on the ex bike and pushed out 15mins at 8-8.5/10 after which I was totally stuffed. That was the 2nd lot of cardio for the day.

Well fingers crossed that this gastro disappears quickly and I can get stuck into some more training and not fall behind again.

Cheers all



Alicia said...

hope you feel better soon magda xo

Splice said...

Keep your fluids up and I hope it passes very quickly for you.

LizN said...

feel better Magda :)

Liz ;0