Friday, March 30, 2007


... and watch me shine!!

I have been floundering around as a Miss CBB Sloth since getting back from Sydney. I know what I have to do but I just cant flick the switch back to doing it.

I posted my next mini-goal to Josh and it was to fit into a pair of size 11 skinny jeans that I bought a few years ago. I was about 62kgs when I bought them (I think) and they dont fit over the tops of my legs now, let alone my bum :-( So that was my goal to fit into them by the end of April.

Then Josh upped the ante on me and suggested I go for sub 60!! After I had a mini nervous breakdown, heart attack and fit of terror I picked myself up from the floor, pulled myself back together and decided to take it on. In all fairness the timeframe was extended by 2 weeks which keeps it challenging but makes it achievable (otherwise I'd be aiming for 5+ kgs in less than 5 weeks).

So today is my last "day off" and I've told WH that we will share a bottle of wine tonight so he's a very happy chappy. But look out tomorrow as I'll be training, eating and living like a woman with a purpose and a goal.

Thanks Josh, This is just the boost I needed to kick my butt back into gear.

Cheers all



Andj said...

HI Magda
I can identify with you so much - especially your last post. that is me to a tea.
Keep at it and you will fit into those skinny jeans.

Magda said...

Hi Andrea,

yes sometimes we just need someone else to push us out of our comfort zone so we can achieve more. I must confess I'm quite guilty of choosing goals I pretty much know I can achieve which isnt really pushing myself hard.

Keep up your great work too and congrats on the new job,