Thursday, March 01, 2007


I have 22 days to achieve Operation 65/74. The pressure is on. I'm finding myself getting really anxious about the rate at which my weight is coming down. Here are my concerns:

  • Tomorrow is weigh/measure day (as long as my system is on track too) and I just feel like nothing has happened these 8 days - or dare I say that my weight has crept back up a bit.

  • My diet has been very good with only a bit of wine Saturday night and a slightly larger steak than my usual serve of 100g.

  • Although I didnt teach on Sunday, I added an extra sprint session on Tuesday morning and have now done my 4 planned stair climbs at work. So training wise, there has been no slacking off either.

  • I'm taking a fat-burner now and have been for about 2 weeks. Whilst I dont expect the weight loss to be rapid from these, I do expect it to be constant. I dont think thats asking too much.

So if I can honestly say that I've been doing all the right things then I have a right to expect a decent result. Tomorrow morning will tell but I'm bracing myself for disappointment.

I was a bit flat last night and was therefore mentally dragging myself through my step class. Fortunately this is quite rare. I didnt register that wonderful cardio high you get when you belt into "the zone". The aerobic class was better though and this is a nice change as its usually my less energetic class. I did a ss run this morning with tired, heavy legs. The distance is just 3.7kms and it took me 26mins. I'd love to do 5kms but need to work out a route that keeps me close to home. I also need to set out a bit earlier as it'll take longer than 30mins which is usually my max time in the mornings.

Well I'm going to sign off this (depressing) post right there and pray for the best tomorrow. Stay tuned for my result - good or bad.

Cheers all


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Hilary said...

Hi Magda, thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

How exciting that you are taking the step of competing this year, best wishes on your journey - I'd love to read along as you go (I might just take the plunge myself one day!)

Good luck for your weigh in/measurements day!

Hilary xx