Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Firstly thanks to Deb and Liz for leaving words of encouragement after my last post. I'm finding this week particularly hard both physically and mentally, hence this feeling of "wobbling along".

I didnt realise how important my routine has become to me. I rely on it to get everything done in my busy week, with the least amount of pressure and stress. Well this week that routine has gone right out the window. Too much socialising on the weekend, a day off yesterday as WH was having a minor surgery and just falling right behind with training and running our house.

The other thing that is vital to my success is getting enough rest. Strike 2!! After feeling like absolute cr*p on Monday I skipped my early morning cardio yesterday in order to get some much needed sleep. Yes I did feel better yesterday but am still not firing at 100% as I usually do.

Which brings me to strike 3. My digestive system is giving me trouble and I'm starting to fret about it. So I've decided to see my naturopath again as I havent been for some time. Even before the weekend indulgence I was noticing things not working properly so its time for some professional help, I believe.

So how's comp prep going?? I feel like I'm hanging on by the skin of my teeth.
Nutrition: 5/10 - should be much better, has previously been much worse
Cardio: 9/10 - still powering along
Weights: 8/10 - juggling like mad to get it all done
Mental state: 5/10 - plenty of room for improvement here - battling thoughts of self-doubt, lack of motivation to eat right, frustrated by slow progress...oh I better stop there.

On the bright side, I have 29 weeks to go so I'm not in the critical phase of prep. I guess I just have to ride out this trough, knowing a peak is on the other side.


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Splice said...

Actually looking at your scores you are doing better then you think ;-).
9/10 for cardio and 8/10 for training is still very good.
Nutrition is something you know you "will" improve on asap.
Still having many weeks til your comp means that you haven't failed. But look at this as a practise run and try to get back on track, you will feel better.
You will do great!