Tuesday, March 20, 2007


OMG just 3 sleeps to go and soooo much to do before then. Work is busy, busy right now and even more so when I take time off to help BS. I've planned a training schedule which sees me doing all my weight training either early before I go or after I get back. If I manage all sessions I'll consider it a big win. Cardio will suffer a bit but its only for a short time. I plan to enjoy my food and drink while I'm away but deep down I know I'm not going to go crazy this time. Stay tuned for my report back early next week.

I figured out why my measurements were up last Friday even though I was feeling slimmer. 2 days later it was TTOM so I must have been a bit bloated. Funny! I didnt feel it. I dont suffer from PMT at all (I have moods but they're not related to my cycle at all) and I didnt think that I did the bloat/fluid retention thing but obviously I do. Even after all this time I'm still learning things about my body and especially since my training has been so different (eg consistent LOL)!!

Now I better not forget about my little training brag today. 5km ss run in 31 mins - shaved another 2 mins off my last time!! Conditions far from ideal this morning as it was still warm and I was in 3/4 pants (expecting it to have been cooler), battling a strong northerly headwind and light rain at the 2.5-3km mark. However what peeved me the most was that I was sweating so hard that I kept losing my earpieces. I felt so good when it was done. Yesterday was sprints and I've been taking the stairs at work quite a bit too. Legs are improving but still have such a long way to go. I'll be doing weights every night now til I leave on Friday so there is no resting for the wicked.

Better get back to work and talk more tomorrow. Cheers


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