Saturday, March 10, 2007


Ok the mini-meltdown is over. Yes I lost the plot and just ate like crazy and missed some workouts. I felt really down and couldnt find my way back up. Or so I thought. But a chat with Josh and some time thinking about this journey and realising how much I want to succeed has put me back on the right path.

Last night was the finale to the bad week. On getting home and talking about what we would have for dinner, WH jokingly suggested a pizza from our simply devine local pizza place. Well he just about fainted when I agreed. He asked me at least 3 times if I was sure I wanted it and I said yes (my week had been so bad that a pizza dinner was neither here nor there by then). So we had pizza and red wine and sat and had a really relaxing chat. WH kept telling me what a great night it was with the "old Magda" back. He was loving it. I just told him to enjoy it now as this wouldnt happen again before Sep 29th :-)

So today the negativity is gone and all is back on track. Luckily I hit rock bottom and have bounced back with more determination to keep going and not give up on my dream. I have thought things through and am changing my focus from here on. Up to now I have been really frustrated by my seemingly slow progress in getting weight off (and there is plenty to get off, trust me!!). I weigh/measure weekly but if the number on the scales isnt good enough well...I just lose it and thats what just happened. So despite being totaly addicted to the sacles, I'm vowing to stay away from them. I will check to see if I reach my "Operation 65/74" target but after this week I think its unlikely that I will. So from here on my focus will be:

  • Am I eating to plan? On weekends I can relax a little and this should be done without guilt as I still have 28 weeks to go and my diet doesnt have to be 110% strict yet.
  • Is my cardio training effective with the right balance of high/moderate intensity work?

  • Am I working hard enough when training with weights?
  • (and most importantly) Do I feel good about myself because I'm taking positive steps towards my long term goal?
If I can honestly answer yes to these questions then I AM SUCCEEDING!! Bugger the number on the scales.

Looking forward to dealing with things differently (and better) from now on.



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