Friday, March 02, 2007


After weeks of training with no music, yesterday I treated myself to a new iPOD and WH spent hours last night loading some of my fave tracks onto it. So this morning I was out there with Billy (Its a Nice Day For a White Wedding) Idol, Robbie/Kylie belting out Kids and Bon Jovi's Living On a Prayer...which is what I'm doing right now...praying that my weight loss kicks into gear or me and my rolls of fat will be waddling onto that stage, come September lol!!

My instincts were right and my loss this week was .1 of a kg. I did lose some centimetres and yes I do know about muscle weighing more than fat blah, blah, blah but unless this fat starts shifting I'm gonna be fretting big time as September 29 draws nearer.

And thats all I'll say about that coz I dont want this whole post to be doom and gloom, woe is me.

I had a fun evening with BS last night making choc chip biscuits for morning tea at work today. You see I love baking but rarely bake for us at home. WH doesnt need the extra calories or fat and BS can/will only eat so much and as for me well why torture myself. I'm told that they are delicious.

Cardio today was the 3.7 km run route but I did it in intervals of running fast/jogging slow. No set distances or times for the intervals, I just went with what felt hard. It took 24 mins (cut 2 mins off my ss time) and so I added a jog lap around 2 blocks for an extra 8 mins to take my total time juts over 30 mins. Having music to run with was a huge motivator today as my mood was down and depressed after the weigh in.

I have a big social weekend ahead with friends coming for dinner on Saturday night. I'm planning to do a baked fish with BBQ "roasted" veges. Quite healthy really and WH will be doing most of the cooking (double bonus!!). Then on Sunday BS and I are meeting up with a friend and her BS for a day out with our boys. A ride on Popeye on the Torrens is planned. I'm still hoping to fit in my usual weekend training sessions around the social ones.

Have a good one everyone. Cheers


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Andj said...

HI magda!
Sounds like you are going great!
Friends make it so hard don't they with inviting us to things etc. Mine are all pretty supportive though and actually make it a bit easier. it helps that they are also all pretty sporty and one of the girls is trying to trim down for her wedding.
If only I could convince her to eat properly and do some weights instead of 1.5 hours of cardio every day! It's hard to convince her that she doesn't need to work so hard and she could actually eat more that she does! LOL - we all learn eventually!