Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I fell over on my run this morning :-( Like a ton (or probably 67kgs) of bricks down I went as I tripped on some paving. I had only just left home and was about 1 or 2 mins into a jog. After I composed myself, I continued on at a walk/jog for 1 lap of my block but my right leg was very sore so I went home and tried to ride the ex bike instead. 10 mins later I gave up and did some ironing instead.

My right knee has a decent graze. My palms are visually ok but the heel of my right hand is very sore and so is my wrist and shoulder. My right leg is aching like mad and I have a very obvious limp and am not getting around too well.

Hopefully this will all settle down quickly and I'll be right back into training again but I think today will have to be a rest and recover day. I hope the gym finds someone to fill in my classes but there is a good chance I will have to teach tonight - even if I'm hobbling around.

What a bugger this is. It really stuffs up my plans to keep up all my training leading up to Sydney. Fingers crossed that the pain goes quickly and I'm back firing on all cylinders quickly.



Alicia said...

Oh Magda that's no good! I hope you heal up quickly! xo

Splice said...

Sorry about your fall hun. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. I also hope they find a fill in for today so you can rest up.