Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It doesnt get more orange than this :-) I grabbed Tony's carrot juice and got WH to eternalise the "orange moment".

Anniversary dinner with WH at Oyster Bar in Circular Quay. This is before it got cold and the drizzle set in and we all huddled under an umbrella eating our seafood dinner.

The lovely lady in the blue/brown shirt is my best friend Eva with her WH. Before I started to grow my hair back (it was short like hers not too long ago) we were often mistaken for sisters.

Friday night out for drinks at the Cargo Bar. The place was absolutely jumping and our WHs were admiring the scenery....20something waitresses in tiny white shorts...insert eye roll!! I may not be 20something anymore but by September I'll be able to wear shorts like that if I wanted :-)

I chose the title for today's blog as yesterday was nothing like I had planned.

Nutrition: missed my morning snack as I wasnt at all hungry. Tuna and veges for lunch were replaced by lunch out with my SIL. Although I chose well, I ate way too much and then stayed in "eating way too much mode" for the rest of the day. This is a common problem after "time off" and I should remember how hard it actually is to switch back into "comp prep" mode.

Training: when I set my training goals for the day I completely overlooked the fact that I was way behind with domestic duties. With no food pre-prepared, dinner had to be cooked. The laundry basket was overflowing with clothes washed before the holiday, not to mention the ironing basket. The list of chores seemed never ending and the leg training didnt happen.

Mind-set: yes its confession time here too in that I am not yet back into the positive, focussed, moving-forwards-in-comp-prep mode. I know I'll get there but silly me thought I'd just flick that switch and **poof** be right back there.

I caught up with lots of blogs yesterday and found Rae's story of her birthday celebrations very interesting. She talked about people's perceptions of "treating themselves" and what this means to people. I envy her position on this as she has reached the point where she realises that eating crap food is not a treat. She is soooooo right yet its such a difficult mindset to change. I know I dont feel physically nearly as good now as I do when I'm eating good, clean, healthy food yet I viewed that time off as a treat. If a treat is supposed to make you feel good and happy and not just for 5 or 10 minutes, then working on changing that negative mindset should be a priority.

Finally, just a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who left messages of congrats and greetings (Hi Cherie!!) a couple of posts ago. Your interest and support is really appreciated.

Cheers all



Hilary said...

Wow it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Looks like orange is DEFINETELY your colour too!

I know what you mean about "treating yourself" - I still struggle sometimes with this concept! I think it takes years of hard work, dedication and clean eating to turn that mindset around. Its like I'm trying to overcome years of 'pre-programming' from my childhood where having something sweet was a 'treat/reward'.

Hope your week is back on track!

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Thanks Hilary,

I love orange. Its such a bright and happy colour and I will be wearing it a lot this winter.

I'm still working on the getting back on track issue, just finding it hard to establish the old routine again. Read that "just making excuses to avoid what has to be done" :-)