Tuesday, March 13, 2007


With SIL and her fiance now living in Adelaide and only a stone's throw from us, our social lives are about to kick up several notches. This means regular and frequent meals together and lots of alcohol at those occassions (they have very healthy appetites for a drink or several!!). So I have the added challenge of managing my eating plan under these new circumstances. Its going to take some discipline and self control to eat right and keep the alcohol to a minimum. They know I'm training for the September comp and they wont put unnecessary pressure on me which I really appreciate. But having said that, I dont want to be too strict and seem like a stick in the mud at 28 weeks out. There will be plenty of time for that at 16, 12 or 6 weeks out when the going will get tougher.

My motivation was really good over the weekend. I did enjoy a few wines or bubblies and a taste of some (not too bad) nibbles but meals were on track and I was in control. So after 3 days of good eating and solid training the post-binge-bloat is well and truly gone. The tummy is flat again (well as flat as it gets at this weight) and there is an ever so slight improvement in my legs. I havent gone near the scales as I want to enjoy this good, positive feeling.

So I was reflecting on how good I was feeling as I bounced into work this morning. It almost seems like the meltdown has catapulted me to a new high of being really driven to do my best. Its also given me a new lease of strength which I just didnt have last week. This feels so much better and I want to bottle this feeling so it can stay with me forever :-) OK enough rambling now as I'm starting to sound like a mad woman!!

As it was a public holiday yesterday, I did a 5km run (expecting it would take me quite some time to complete - say 40 or so minutes). Well I surprised myself by doing it in 34 minutes and working at a level 7 - 8 for the duration. Oh and I had really sore glutes after Saturday's leg session so the first part of the run was really hard and I (almost) considered not doing it. OK thats not true. I would have run it in some form no matter what. I was pretty focussed and sore glutes were not going to beat me. I also did chest/bis and abs and did a PB on the incline bench press which I was really pleased with.

This morning was sprint time. 20 x 50m sprints/50m recoveries. Then 1 x 200m sprint/100m recovery. I was going to do 2 more but there was a man out walking who was looking very intently at me (he wasnt close by but close enough to make a difference). I was wondering if he was just impressed by my athletic prowess (cough, splutter) or if he had other interests so I hotfooted it home and did 2 more sprints of about 200m in front of my house. As its still dark when I'm doing my morning cardio, I'm very safety conscious and my motto is "take no risks".

Well enough rambling from me today. Have a great day all and cheers for now.


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