Monday, March 19, 2007


....admiring the changes in my physique that I have to consciously restrain my outright admiration lol. The changes arent huge but they are happening and this is so encouraging.

Here's a quick recap of the last few days. On Friday I measured as I promised I wouldnt weigh. I was feeling slimmer/smaller yet in all areas my measurements were up. What the!!?? Being stuck for something casual to wear to a conference that day, I dragged out an older pair of size 10 cargo pants (these were definitely "skinny pants") and they fit. Ok they were a bit tight on the bum but they still looked ok so on they went for the day. On Friday night we are going out and its a bit cooler than I expected so I drag out my good skinny black evening pants to see how far off I am from being to able to wear them and ...THEY FIT TOO. Well I am just over the moon and literally strutting my stuff all night. Not to mention that I have a gorgeous evening top which has straps coming in close to the neck so it really shows off my shoulders. I was really feeling like I'm on my way to that stage :-) :-)

We had a massive social weekend with drinks out, a stand-up comedy show, dinner out, desert at SIL's, drinks + dinner at SIL's, family day at the Fringe and no plans for Sunday night dinner. Whilst I didnt eat on time always and I had a few drinks and food off plan, I still thought I handled it all really well. I want to be sociable but not go crazy and I achieved this. When I think of how bad I could have done I give myself a big pat on the back. One of the hardest times was Sunday evening after being out all afternoon and not having anything planned for dinner. It was so tempting to just say "oh bugger it, lets have take-away" but we were strong and I made meals at home including an omelette for myself. I think I was in such a positive headset after Friday's wins that I just didnt want to blow it by eating crap again.

Training wise I did well even though I chose not to do cardio on Friday morning as I'd slept really badly and was concerned about driving through winding hills roads to/from the conference. So I turned my alarm off at 4.30 and got a couple hours of sleep after being awake for over 2 hours during the night. Saturday was leg day and my lower back let me down a bit :-( Could not do some of the hamstring exercises and my squats werent as deep as I like them to be. Just did short intense cardio at the end of legs. Last night I had an awesome chest/bis and abs session. I was so in the zone and increasing reps and weights all over the place.

Well I better wrap it up there. Looking forward to another week of hard training, good eating and getting closer to my goal.



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