Thursday, March 15, 2007


Training has been going really well!! Did shoulders on Tuesday night and am now on a higher weight for the overhead presses. Next week we will increase on the lat raises too. I dont normally do cardio on Wednesday morning as I teach 2 cardio classes in the evening and I also like to give myself 1 morning off from getting up around 5am. But as we had the public holiday on Monday and cause I've just been feeling so good, I did an extra session yesterday morning. Oval sprints of 15 sec sprint/ 45 sec recovery jog x 20. Then finish the lap and jog home for a total of 30 mins. Felt great when it was done.

I had a maintenance visit to the chiro yesterday as my lower back has been quite sore again and there is always neck soreness too since lifting heavier weights. He knows I'm training for comp in September and always asks how I'm going. I was telling him how I get a bit frustrated by my slow weight loss to which he replied " Well what do you expect? You're slim already. You dont have a lot of weight to lose so its going to be harder than it is for someone who has lots of fat". So I pointed out the areas where I had lots of fat to lose and he poked my ribs and hips and said "Look!! Bones!!" I left it at that but I did feel a little happier after that nice compliment.

Later that morning I hit the gym for back and tris and knocked off another great session. I also bumped into my friend who took my before pics and I havent seen her since November last year. She said I was looking good too which lifted my spirits a little higher still.

Classes went well although by the 2nd one my tank was starting to run quite low. Some clever teaching to allow some short rest breaks enabled me to really power it through the higher intensity stuff for a strong finish. I couldnt wait to wolf my dinner down last night :-)

So I havent finished there!! This morning I was up early again and did a 5km ss run and cut 1 minute of Monday's time thanks to some great music on the IPod. I really couldnt have asked for a better couple of days.

Cheers all



little rene said...

Sounds like you are completely on track to compete Magda! Good for you pulling yourself out of the "black hole" of doubt!

If other people are noticing that you are making changes then you must be doing something right :)

Magda said...

Thanks Rene,

I was really deep in that black hole a little while ago but am back on track now.

Thanks for stopping by.



Shar said...

Good to here your back on track Magda.
Been a little bit up and down myself this last month and have related to some of your posts.

Keep pushing hard
Shar :)

jodie said...

Go Magda you are are on fire. Well done for hanging in there.
Congrats on the compliments, changes must be happening...

Splice said...

Isn't it great when you get complimented on your physique? All that hard work is paying off :-).
It also makes you strive even harder to better yourself even more.
Great post!
Have a wonderful weekend.

LizN said...

That is so great Magda :)

Liz; )