Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Its hard to believe that its already the end of February. Time is going so fast. Some time ago I had set myself a mini-goal of being a certain weight by the end of Feb which I havent achieved but I'm totally ok with that as I did have a very (sinful) week off for my Sydney trip. I have since reviewed that mini-goal and am doing my best to achieve it - Operation 65/74 by March 23rd. One thing Sydney did for me is to give my weight loss a bit of a jolt and break through a barrier thats always been hard to achieve. So no regrets about indulging that week.

So what will March bring?

  • Another trip to Sydney with friends this time, to celebrate our anniversaries. Thats happening on the 23rd.
  • My SIL and her fiancee are moving to Adelaide and will be living quite close to us. In one way this is great as we'll be able to see them quite often but it does mean that there will be so much more temptataion to slip off my nutrition plan when we socialise with them. That'll really test me.
  • A big effort to achieve my Operation 65/74. This means taking the stairs at work, adding more sprints to my cardio and making sure that my nutrition is 95% on track. When my mindset is positive (like it is now) this is all quite easy but should the tide turn (as it always does), I will be tested yet again.

With all my weights sessions done for this week, I was slothing it on the couch last night watching DWTS, guilt free. What an indulgent evening. Today's cardio is my evening classes so it was just one lot of stairs on the way in to work this morning. How cruisy!! But I'm planning to give my all tonight and really belt out 2 great classes for a fantastic cardio workout.

Cheers all


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Splice said...

You are on fire girl :-)