Friday, February 09, 2007


I dont know if its because I'm so tired, or if my system is out of whack after last weekend, or a myriad of other possibilities but I'm feeling down. I was really down in the dumps last night with no motivation to train. I forced myself to do chest/bis but my strength was down too and I dragged myself through the session. I couldnt wait to go to bed.

I slept ok but had another period of being awake after 3am. My alarm went off at 5.10 and I seriously didnt want to get up but I did. After having my shake, my hot lemon drink and dressing in my running gear, I lay on the sofa praying that I would fall back asleep and miss the cardio session. But that wasnt to be and I did the 20 x 20sec sprints/40sec recovery session. Cant say I felt much better when it was over.

I need to get out of this rut as tomorrow we leave for Sydney for 5 days. Its my wonderful sister-in-laws 40th birthday and its celebration time. I dont want to be moping around dragging down everyone's mood. And I dont want to feel depressed either. I want to be enjoying it all with her. Needless to say there will be a fair bit of eating off plan and enjoying a glass or several...and I dont mean water ..wink wink!!

Will be back to blog again middle of next week.



LizN said...

Magda, sometimes it is normal not to feel like training. If after about 10 minutes you are not feeling good, you should probably skip the session.

Rest is important in the whole fitness equation.

Liz N

Di Broeren said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip away and thoroughly enjoy the celebrations : )